Yudh 14th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yudh 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts wtih Yudhistir/Amitabh Bachan waking up from his sleep profusely sweating. He wiggles his fingers and checks if they are okay. He then wears his specs/glasses and starts walking, repeatedly looking at his feet. He looks at himself in a mirror. His wife informs him that she has kept almonds for him and to eat them for sure.

Yudh then gets ready and starts traveling in his car. Car stops at a signal. He looks at a building and calls commissioner. Commissioner asks him how did he remember him. Yudh says he saw Burhani flyover and remembered him. Commissioner asks till when flyover will last. Yudh says 10 years. Commissioner says let the next commisioner worry about it and invites him for a tea. A contract sitting with commissioner gets angry on Yudh and says why don’t he mind his own business. Commissioner says he is not worried about money, he is worried about people’s lives. If he is telling something, then there is something wrong in your work and warns that Yudh can judge thinks well. Another contractor asks what does he mean. First contractor says inspector is trying to protect himself, he took a lot of money when bridge was being built. Commissioner says if he was not worried about them, he would not have warned them and asks contractor not to bring his friend next time.

Yudh enters his office. His secretary informs that reporters have come to cover Burhani flyover’s story, but they need a structural engineer to prove your view. Yudh asks her to ask staff to write a news and hand it over to them. He enters his cabin, sees his close friend Anand sitting there and informs him that he called commissioner and informed about the irregularities in Burhani flyover and instead invited him for a tea. He says he even informed about his son’s alliance. Anand asks him to forget about bridge. Yudh says many people will die if it breaks in between traffic. Yudh says we already have many enemies and cannot afford more, we should try to build relationship with biggies than breaking. Yudh asks what to do then. Anand says boss/Yudh is free now, call next visitor.

Yudh’s wife/Nayantara sees Rishi playing videogame instead of eating and scolds him to have food first. Rishi says he cannot concentrate well. He says he is unable to pass above 10th level. Nayantara asks him to stop all this and says her parents were also like that and now they are suffering. She asks him to be like his father than his grandfather/nana. Rishi says nana also was like dad. Nayantara says her dad was still nostalgic about his lost kingdom and it ruined his life. Rishi says he knows how she felt when nana was in trouble. She says that is the reason she is telling to think practical and start working.

Yudh meets teacher and says because of him, he started construction business and is now rich because of it. Teacher says construction happens above land and minding happens under land, he will not know what problems he will get, says it will be difficult for him to work between politicians, NGO, etc. Yudh says he has hired people for that. Teacher says your experience, talent, etc, will not betray you any time, but people will.

Yudh comes back to his office and gets call from his wife Nayan. She informs him that Ranjan is releasing from jail and asks if he is coming to pick him up. He senses her tears and asks why is she crying. She says children splashed orange juice on her. He says he is busy today. She says she checked with his secretary and he has no appointments after 6. Yudh says he got sudden work and did not inform his secretary. He calls secretary and asks her to finish all pending work today itself. Secretary informs NGO are wiating to meet you and Dr. Mehra is bringing a specialist for you.

Ranjan gets released from jail. Rishi picks him and takes him home.

Anand and his secretary meet contractor and inform that Yudh is against illegal contruction. Contractor asks who is this Yudh. Secretary gets angry and says Yudh is your father’s father and to be aware of him.

Yudh calls Rishi and asks where is he. He says he picked up mama/Ranjan and is coming home. Yudh asks him to come to office soon and not to bring mama.

Ranjan meets someone and asks where is Jeetu. Person says jeetu is dead and what does he need. Ranjan says this property/dhaba belongs to him and he transferred into jeetu’s name he went to jail. Person says jeetu borrowed a few crores from him and lent this property, he has to give money if he needs property back. Person calls his goons to take mama from there.

Contractor asks Anand his assurance of not leaking news in media and asks what he needs in return. Anand says if a life is lost, he will take life in return. He gets a call from Rishi who informs that he and mama got into trouble. Anand reaches dhaba/hotel and gets goon arrested. Inspector asks who is this dhaba’s owner. Mama says it is his dhaba. Anand asks him to keep quiet as inspector is arrest dhaba owner. He requests inspector not to drag his family name in this issue.

Yudh meets minister who says he knows even has filed a mining tender. Yudh says he has just filed tender but has not got yet. He says this mining is just a work, opening health science institute is his dream. Minister says think about your dream and forget about mining. Yudh says he has responsibility of 10,000 people and cannot leave work. Minister asks what he wants from him. Yudh asks if he wants him to belive as friend or not. Minister says in politics nobody is one’s friend and says he will finish is work. Yudh is shocked to see news about Burhani flyover’s irregularities. Contractor’s son angrily informs his dad/senior contractor that Yudh betrayed them, he wil teach him and his sons a lesson.

Anand scolds Mona/Yudh’s secretary for publishing the news. She says news channel was not ready to publish it, but they did not keep thier words. Anand asks her to excuse them and asks Yudh if he published this news. He says he did not. Anand says when you called commissioner, dharmenda and his son/contractors were present and now they will believe you leaked their news. He asks him to support them publically. Yudh says no. Anand says let us talk something else now and asks if he ever thought of sending Rishi abroad and asks him to send Rishi far away, else his nanihal/grandparent’s people will spoil him and tells him about the dhaba incident.

Yudh starts feeling severe pain and could not lift his hands. He picks call with great difficulty. Secretary informs that specialist has come with doctor Mehra. Yudh opens his cabin door and sees doctors standing with a girl behind them waiting for him. He excuses doctors for 10 minutes and asks his secretary to send that girl inside. Girl meets him and he gets emotional and cries. Girl asks if he is okay. He says yes and asks which hospital she is associated with now. She says municipal general hospital which he built. He asks how is mummy. She says she is fine, but coughs because of construction. He asks if she wants to eat something. She says no and asks if he needs something. He says he needs halwa from her mother. She says is it not possible now. She then informs that she has joined an NGO and needs help for poor people. Yudh asks howmuch money she needs. She says as much as he can, but she does not need huge money as people may doubt. He says he will send a lakh each in different names. She gets SMSes and says she has to go now to attend surgery. He asks when will she meet him again. She does not reply and leaves.

Doctor checks Yudh and informs him that he has Huntington disease/neuropsychological disorder and its symptoms. Yudh asks who got Huntington first, who named it or who invented it.

Doctor informs him that he is leaving anxiety pills for him. Yudh asks howmuch time he has. Doc says 3-5 years. Yudh says he has responsibility of 10,000 people and he does not want anyone to know about his illness. Doc says his worries is his bed for death.

Yudh starts thinking about his illness seriously. He is traveling his car towards home and sees a joker repeately asking for a lift. He reaches home door, but a man stops him and says municipal general hospital will fall down today, to save people there. Yudh asks who is he and how to believe him. Man says he does not have time to argue and asks him to go and check himself. Yudh asks driver to take him to the hospital, calls Anand and asks him to call emergency services to the hospital. He reaches hospital, gets into the operation theater where his daughter is performing surgery, and asks her to vacate hospital soon as it will fall down. She informs patients around also to vacate the place. He helps people out, but starts writhing in severe pain and stops. Anand does not find Yudh outside and calls him, but he does not pick his call. Yudh pleads for help, but comes, instead he sees the same roadside joker running around. Anand comes there. Yudh asks where is his daughter/Taruni. Anand says he does not know. He runs to save Taruni.

Precap: Yudh saves Taruni. His first wife Gauri thanks him for helping Taruni. Contractor informs that hospital did not fall by itself. Yudh says he does not want any black mark on him or his company. He holds doctor’s collar and says he wants to live.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Like bachchan acting

  3. We were surprised to see jokers. My husband saw same jokers three at a time when he got stroke in 2010. Its neuro problem. After treatment they disappeared. Suddenly he shouted oh my jokers. AB doing well. It never seems he is acting. he is so real.

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