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She comes inside the hospital and sees naira sitting there outside , and what happens next is very surprising . naira comes running to akshara and hugs her , she says mumma i am very happy today . akshara realises that the girl i naira , she says itne sal kahan ti beta , just then naira realises what she is doing, she moves away , she recalls everything that happened. she cries . she says u r not my mumma , u tried to send me to jail is it not . akshara is shocked . she says no naira what u r telling is totally wrong . how can a mother even think of sending her daughter to jail . how can u think that i will send u to jail beta . naira says then why did u bring police that day , when i called papa . akshara says naira remember the place u were there that day ,it was a very dangerous place naira . naira recalls the place . she recalls everything that happened that day . she says i cant beleive u . akshara says shall i call the police who was with me that day and calls . she says aap , acp ram bol rahe hai . ram says ya who is it . akshara says mein akshara , ram says akshara singhania . akshara says ram ji i have got my daughter back but she has some doubts can u help me . acp says sure madam , i want to close this case as soon as possible , i can help u . akshara says u tell me , why did i bring police to the place where naira was there . acp says because it was a dangerous place , we wanted to come wid u .

Akshara says thank u ram ji . naira says mumma and hugs her . she says naira , every time u would do anything , u would ask me and do it but the biggest decision ,u took on ur own , why beta , once u should have asked beta and cries . naira says sorry mumma and hugs her . then only akshara realises , she says aastha , and u , how r u here , r u the tina , aastha told . naira says han mumma , i was tina , and aastha bhabi fainted , when i was in shop . akshara gets tensed , she says voh teek to hai na and worries . naira says mumma aastha bhabi is pregnant , u r going to become dadi . that is why she fainted . akshara gets glad and hugs naira , she says sach . naira says han sach mein . mein bua banne vali hun and says yes … akshara smiles seeing naira , she says naira tum vaise ke vaise hi ho . akshara calls naitik , she says naitik naira mil gayi . naitik says really akshara and cries , he says u went to do pooja for naira , then how did u get her . akshara says however i got her . it is ok , we got our naira back and cries in happiness . naitik says akshara u got my princess really and cries . akshara says there is one more good news but i will not tell it now , after coming to udaipur , it is such a news that , it can be shared only wid family . naitik says i will get heartattack , by getting so many good news in one day . he calls everybody and gives the good news , he says akshara said she had one more good news but she will tell it after coming to udaipur , devyani says this is not fair . naitik says she is not telling the good news choti ma what shall i do .

At hospital , akshara is caressing aastha when naira comes there and hugs akshara from behind , akshara says i am still not able to beleive that i got my naira back . naira says u have to believe because i am really back . aastha gets consciousness , she sees akshara and naira and says ma , u got ur naira back is it not , akshara says han aastha and hugs her . aastha says why r u both seeing me like this . akshara says aastha u r going to become mother , aastha gets happy , she says wow ma i am so happy and hugs naira .

Naira and akshara with aastha return home , naira gets a grand welcome . naitik says my princess is back and hugs her , then naksh , then gayu . naira says are are , itna hugs , wait wait , u have to keep some hugs for some body else too , aastha blushes . naksha asks whom should we hug , u r back in our house that is why we r hugging u . naira breajks the news of aastha being pregnant . all get very happy , naksh says wow and hugs aastha , naira says mujhe bul gaye . naksh hugs naira and aastha , he says ek family selfie ho jaye they take a family selfie . naitik tells akshara u have become old now , akshara says so u r young is it . naitik laughs , he hugs akshara . he says u look so young akshara , i am imagining how it will be if somebody calls u dadi . akshara says very mean naitik . naitik says akshara i was right that day two good news in the same day wow and hugs akshara , he says because of u i got my naira back , i got a good bahu and everything i have in my life is because of u only love u akshara .

They lived happily ever after , a beautiful baby boy was born to nakshaastha . akshara and naitik’s love kept on increasing . naira had no grudges wid akshara , in fact she loved akshara even more .
The end

Thank u for all those who supported me through comments , sorry again, i promised 15 episodes but had to end it wid five . special thanks to jasmine rahul who gave this idea of writing an ff on yrkkh

  1. jasmine Rahul

    Seeing Akshara Naira ran towards her n hugged her n Akshara thus recognized her was so sweet.Eventho Naira was angry with akshara seeing her she hugged her.That is mother daughter relationship.Akshara cleared all mu n Akshara naira united.Naira’s union with Naitik n naksh was lovely.B4 u cud see my request of Naksh aastha romabtic scene u posted last part.But i’m relieved that there was a short naksh Aastha scene.Knowing her pregnancy he hugged Aastha.that was very sweet.Naitik Akshara scene was so cute.Naksh Aastha had a baby boy too.nice ending.

    plz start it’s season2 focusing on Naksh Aastha n Naira n her luv interest

  2. Awsome come back with season2

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