YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 78)

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Guys I hope you all understood the past scenario.So now I’ll focus on the present.Still of you have any doubts then tell me and I’ll solve it.And keep commenting guys.

Link for previous episode: https://www.tellyupdates.com/yrkkh-ff-new-beginnings-episode-77/

episode 78
The present track starts of at night after the puja in Goenka villa the same day.
The episode starts with Karthik thinking all this.He sees Naira sleeping on his chest hugging him tightly.
Karthik:Why you did all this Karan?That too with Naira?I would have forgiven you if you just had misunderstood her?I would have forgiven you if you just had broken your relation with her in your misunderstanding but I’ll never forgive you for all those attacks and planning’s you did to harm my jaan.But see even after all this she is not ready to believe that her bro is wrong.
He kisses Naira’s forehead slightly without disturbing her sleep.
Karthik:You might have forgotten your relation Karan but I have not forgotten the promise I made to you during marriage that I’ll always protect Naira and keep her happy.I’ll always fulfil my promise even if I have to stand against you for that.
Karthik hugs Naira tightly and protectively and drifts to sleep.
Naira opens her eyes and sees Karthik.She has heard everything and tears form in her eyes.
Naira:I know Karthik both you and Ishaan hate bro…But once you know the truth everything will be alright.I hope we reach the truth soon.

Next morning in Singhania sadan.
Everyone is sitting downstairs after everyone.
Akshara:Bhabhimaa I think we should tell the truth regarding Gayu to Naira.Till when will we hide?
Naksh:But maa..wil Naira be able to bear it?I don;t think we should tell her the truth.
Akshara:But duggu she will get to know it sooner or later.And now it is becoming more difficult to hide it from her.Yesterday only she was asking about Gayu and we did not have any reply.It was good that Karthik’s call came and she had to go away but till when we’ll be saved?
Bhabhimaa:I think is bahu is saying right.W should tell her the truth.She’ll feel very bad if she gets to know from outside.
Naksh:Okay mumma if you all are telling then I think it might be right.But my heart does not agree to tell her about Rashmi bua,fufa and Gayu’s accident and…
They all turn around and are shocked to see Naira standing at the door along with Karthik,Ishaan,Emi and Vitki.Karthik signals Ishaan and he takes away Emi and Vitki with him along with Mishti to play.
Naira comes to them with teary eyed.
Naira:You all have hidden such a big thing from me?
Before anyone can tell anything Naksh interferes.
Naksh:Its not there mistake.They all wanted to tell you before only but I got afraid.I did not want to break your heart and make you sad just when we got you. I did not have the courage to see you broken.I’m sorry.(joins his hand)
Naira holds his hand:Its okay bhai.I understand.We sometimes lie to the person we love very much to keep them happy.Even if we have to fall in their eyes..we do not hesitate.I know this feeling bhai so I can understand it.
Everyone smiles seeing her unserstanding nature but Karthik looks at her confused.
Akshara:Naira beta you’re okay na..I know it is difficult for you but..
Naira(wipes her tears):I’m okay mumma.If a person goes through the same thing again and again they get habitual to it.They learn to handle themselves.I’ve also learned.
Now it was the turn of Singhania family to be confused but Karthik who knows they meaning of her words looks at her pained.
Akshara:What do you mean beta?
Naira:Nothing mumma.Its just like that..Achcha tell me what happened?
Akshara tells her about Gayu’s accident

In Mishti’s room
Mishti gives video games to Emi and Vitki and they engross themselves playing with it.
Mishti and Ishaan are sitting on either sides of her beds while Emi and Vitki are sitting on two chairs in front of the t.v.
Mishti:Don’t know how Naira do will react knowing the truth.Don’t know whether she will be able to control herself or not.
Ishaan:Don’t worry she’ll handle herself.She may not look like like it but moti is very strong.
Mishti:Achcha how do you know?
Ishaan:Because she..(Ishaan stops himself from revealing about the past)..I just know.And also of she herself is not able to control then I and bhai are always there…
Mishti:Ya ya I know jiju is there.He’ll do something..
Ishaan:Oh hello I’m also there okay..
Mishti:What will you do being there defect ki dukaan.I don’t think something good can happen with your hands.And if you’re there na you’ll only tease di more and and disturb her.
Ishaan:Our relation is like that only.And we both never get sad due to our fights.And even if one of us is sad na then this fight is only the thing that cheer us up.Understood you mannerless.
Mishti:Ya ya..Di is very good that she is tolerating you.If instead her your mother and father would have been there na..they would have done suicide..
Mishti tells jokingly but it hurts Ishaan.She looks at him smiling and notices that she hurt her.
Ishaan(fake smiles):Maybe that’s why they left me before i learned to talk and irritate someone like this.
Ishaan:i gotta go.Actually I forgot I had some important work…
He goes from there in a hurry and goes downstairs.
Naira sees him.
Naira:Ishaan..anything happened.
Everyone looks at him.
Ishaan(fake smiles):Is nothing moti.I just remember some important work.Its urgent so I’ve to go.
Ishaan leaves.Just then Mishti comes downstairs and see him leaving with guilty eyes.Naira notices it.
Naira takes Mishti to a side.
Naira:Mishti did anything happened?What you told Ishaan?
Mishti looks at Naira with guilt and tells her everything.
Mishti:I’m sorry di.I didn’t do it intentionally.I just said it in joke.I didn’t know that he’ll get hurt.Even he smiled away everything.
Naira:Ishaan is such..Even if he feels bad on someone’s words he’ll hide it with a smile but when it comes to his family then none is worse than him.(smiles)He is the best brother-in-law one can have.

Mishti:I’m sorry di…
Naira:Its okay Mishti.I know you didn’t do it intentionally.But please be careful next time.Let me tell you one thing..when Karthik and Ishaan’s parents died in car accident Karthik was 7yrs old and Ishaan was only 4 yrs old.He was so small that he doesn’t even remember his parents properly.Then also he never complained or talked about it to anyone.He never showed his grief and it is still inside him in some corner of his heart.
Mishti:Why doesn’t he share it with anyone.
Naira(smiles):Because he is waiting for his special someone to share his pain with.Btw if you really are feeling guilty about hurting him then why don’t you just go and apologise.You won’t have to feel guilty anymore this way.
Mishti:Ya but he went to office na…(pouts)
Naira:Arrey that toh he told because he wanted an excuse to be alone.I’m sure he might be off to his favourite place.
Mishti:His favourite place?What is it?
Naira(smiles):The place where he met someone very special..
Msihti suddenly feels a pang of jealousy in herself.
Mishti:Di why are you talking in riddles..Just tell me na..
Naira:That’s the thing sister..I gave you a riddle.Now its upto you to solve and find him out.
Naira turns to go.
Misht(irritatingly)i:Achcha at least tell me who is this special someone.
Naira looks at her and smiles:Who can know it better than you?
She turns and leaves while Mishti stands confused.

Recap:Kaira moments.Mishti hugs Ishaan.Is she falling for him?

Sorry for the late update guys.Actually I’m quite busy now a days with all the assignments and studies.I’ll try to post as soon as possible.

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      Thanks Hifza.Glad you liked it.And it was a typing error.Actually the goenkas were so on my head blaming Naira for everything that I mistakenly wrote Goenka villa.

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      Thanks Ipshita.Glad you liked it.And Ishaan and Mishti’s role is played by Shakti Kapoor and Radhika Madan from Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

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    1. Debarati

      Nauru actually the thing is there are many things that Naira knows but Karthik doesn’t even i haven’t revealed much.So stay tuned and I can guarantee that when everything comes to light you’ll clearly understand Naira’s words.

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