YRKKH Downfall – 2

All right guys now coming to part which has made me frustrated like hell well its none other cvs favourite and our very own irritation ki dukan kaira in keesh wedding yaar cvs it would have been better if you would have re-telecasted kaira wedding then spoiling naksh wedding like this I mean common guys was it necessary for you to spoil naksh wedding. You know what guys recently Summet vyas(permanent roommates) an Indian television story write wrote on his twitter id “ when only the protagonist and no other characters has dignity in a story-line or the show than the storyline or the show is flawed” this is the exact case with yrkkh no other character in the yrkkh has dignity or screen-space except kaira and now we all agree that yrkkh is flawed
Btw leave that lets come to the main point that is NAKSH SHINGHANIYA’S wedding . believe me guys when I say this , from the moment kirti bracelet got struck in naksh watch in kaira engagement till this moment I was waiting for keesh marriage like anything, whenever in kaira vivah dadi goenka use to show here tashan as groom side or use to insult shinghaniya’s for something I use to in my mind say that lets wait for naksh-and kirti wedding at that time things will be vice-versa then shinghaniya’s will have upper hand and it will fun to watch becoz with naksh wedding deserve to be grand and most memorable as naksh is the “only son” of shinghaniyas and in keesh weding shinghaniyas deserve to show some tashan. But then what was I served with ??? well cvs let me tell you one thing don’t tell me that you are portraying nayi soch by showing shinghaniyas like that , I mean common who fixed keesh wedding date well dadi goenka , all the rasam happened according to dadi goenka and not only that who showed tashan well dadi goenka everyone was going in flow as dadi goenka wanted , not only that there is a moment in show that shinghaniyas were scared of dadi goenka .and leave that not for once did shinghaniyas house look like wedding house and that too of their only son (instead it was more decorated on naira teej ).dear cvs have you ever went to a wedding of son and that to only son believe me guys whenever there is wedding of a son people don’t leave a single chance to show that they are from groom side and when it is matter of only son people go over the board. I am not saying that shinghaniyas should demand dowry or throw tantarum’s like dadi goenka did in kaira vivah, but still they could have shown little bit tashan of groom side, believe me it would have been fun .but no dear cvs you made it look like shinghaniyas are slaves of dadi goenka , and guess what dadi goenka didn’t thinked twice before saying that kaira vivah is going to happen in Bikaner and here bhabhimaa was thinking 100 times whether to say that kuldevi thing or not and then too who did that kuldevi thing well again dadi goenka . so dear cvs you have totally spoiled shinghaniya marriage , nothing for once gave me a feel that shinghaniyas are groom side all becoz you want to show kaira mahan
Anyways leave it if I am not wrong than the bride-to-be or groom –to-be are teased a lot well did anyone for once teased naksh no instead when everyone was going for engagement all the people were teasing karthik and naira seriously wtf ? they are already married why tease them ?? but no dear cvs you have to show that kaira love each other and are impatient to meet seriously ???? there is a groom-to-be sitting and bride to be sitting and everyone is singing kaira crap song WTF?
Guys I hate to comment on someone dressing but in engagement keerti was wearing simple lehenga simple earrings , simple maang tikka where as naira was wearing heavy lehenga heavy earring , heavy maang tikka and even a kamar bandh , even akshay kumar has to ask who is the bride ?? where the one who is getting married is always given heaviers things so that she can outshine everyone , even in sangeet keerti was wearing off-shoulder blouse and jewellarly and so was naira (heavier) even in mehendi whatever keerti was wearing inch by inch naira was wearing same thing what I mean to say is guys if I am not wrong that it is keerti wedding why the hell is naira getting ready as or similar to bride ?? and not only that you guys in sangeet and engagement showed naira getting ready seriously wth was that ? not a single scene in which keerti is getting ready for her function really????????? And I have already mention that how you cvs to show naira great you made her and dadi goenka both big hypocrite in sangeet ceremony I mean you guys clearly showed that naira didn’t like heavy jewellary and now you are only showing that naira’s world comes crashing down when she asked to wear simple jewellery in short you cvs in your quest to prove naira great you end up proving her as a big hypocrite.

Guys after capetown leap it was naira who was jealous of gayu for sharing her parents with her , it was naira who ran away from all relation for good 6 yrs , olrite I understand that she feared her mom doings but what abt her father who treated her like princess what abt all the family members who loved , olrite she came back but then too why so rude to akshara dear cvs for once give me scene or a track record of naira where she has joined some relation no she never joined instead she was responsible for almost breaking nakshara relation and know with 0 record of joining relation or even managing relation, you cvs except us to really buy your “humari naira ekdum akshara jaisi hai” stuff . seriously ??
Anyways now in my yrkkh downfall-1 article someone raised a point that kaira are best and proved it in link that kaira are trp gainers so makers should always focus on kaira (atleast this is what I got from point) . Firstly your trp dosent match with brac . Secondly dear have you ever wonder why kumkum bhagya is in top 3 despite it having silliest storyline ever ?? I think no, well let me tell you that is becoz ekta kapoor never plays with her base audience she knows what her base audience wants and she serves them with it for example take the case when bulbul (mrunal thakur) quit the show ekta didn’t bring any replacement against purab (ankit taneja) because she knew audience straight way would reject she knew audience are connected with bulbul (mrunal thakur) and if portrayed anyone else then her audience would revolt and show trp would go down so instead of playing with her base audience ekta for happy 2 yrs brought no one against purab well after ankit taneja quit as purab she brought new purab and his new love story and in short she maintained both trp and her base audience . well our yrkkh cvs are going wrong here only they are playing with their base audience and thus hampering their trp . the show yrkkh was popular for its “relatable” uniqueness . anyones who watches this show know that after nakshara it yrkkh showed naksh bonding with everyone and how naksh was able to join relation , after nakshara it is naksh who had his own background music I hope you remember “sabki aakho ka tara ye nanha raj dulara, deewana sabko banata, yeh rista kya kehlata” .Till akshara was there naksh was literally treated as prince even a scrath on naksh and everyone use to lose their cool , and now when naksh met with accident after hearing dadi words everyone was more worried about what will naira choose b/w her maykaa and sasural?? Seriously do you think that audience who are watching your show from last 8 yrs will buy this fact , anyways lets take a trip down the memory lane and revive some bonding I hope you guys remember naksh and bhabhimaa bonding I mean remember how bhabhimaa use to feel naksh (capetown return) , remember rajshri –vishambhar –naksh bonding , how rajshri would make besan ke ladoo for naksh , remember shuarya-varsha-naksh bond remember how shaurya with the help of varsha-ananya organized a whole football match on naksh 5th bday ,remember anshuman-jasmeet –naksh bonding how anshumann jasmeet orginzed treasure hunt for naksh becoz he couldn’t play due to diabetes , remember how karsima organized naksh bday party and how she messed up and then everyone was angry and then how naksh went to her so he could change his mood , remember how little naksh use to pack-up his bag whenever baisa decided to leave , muskan and naksh bonding is unmissable , mohit-naksh bonding is also unmissable .Now for 8 yrs cvs served us with naksh and everyone bonding now do you think that the base audience will accept the fact that right now no one is worried about naksh or no one is even talking to naksh, all they are doing is how will naira manage her mayka and sasural?? Do you really think that base audience will buy your “naira sabki ladli hai and everyone is worried abt her” stuff? .seriously for 8 years you serve us with naksh and his bonding with everyone and now out of blues naira is in the picture like no one can breathe without her (whereas everyone live without her for good 8 yrs) . I mean really how you except your base audience to forget those golden 8 yrs of yrkkh and naksh and accept naira out of blue ?? defiantly not and hence your trp are going down and more then trp your quality of show is going down

Now coming to the scene which has resulted in my out-burst in thrusday episode naitik-naksh (kaira) scene guys that scene has made my respect for cvs of yrkkh come down to 0 .anyways b4 I start another out-burst I hope you guys have not forgotton naitik and naksh bonding I mean their bonding was actually like father-son bonding in real life it has its ups and it has its down naksh gifting Krishna to naitik , naitik –naksh bonding in nakshtara and I hope you guys have not forgotton naitik-naksh-football bonding and now after serving your base audience with these kind of lovable bond you except your audience to accept that naitik need naira (who once failed to understand to understand her own mother ) to handle naksh ?? seriously what the hell you thought b4 writing such scene ?? and if this is not enough than naitik is taking help of karthik (who failed to understand his own father ) to tell thing to naksh ??? seriously wtf ? I mean yrkkh me yeh he dekhna baccha tha . it is not that naksh is a child who is very difficult to handle or talk to like karthik , no naksh is understanding adjusting person than how cum naitik-naksh bond need some third person? And yes I don’t even need to explain akshara and her duggu bond it was what a mother-son bond is all about just heavenly . believe me when I see that bond I smile , I cry and I laugh becoz it was so real and now these cvs want me to accept that akshara wrote a letter for naira for her wedding but forget her duggu seriously ?? I mean how is it possible that akshara forget duugu and didn’t write anything for his wedding or didn’t planned anything for naksh wedding seriously guys to me it is just impossible . and if you cvs remember than she wrote a book and dedicated it to naksh what happen to that book ?? just to show your naira you messed up whole 8 yrs of relation
Anyways guys what angers me the most is that these cvs have spoiled every single bonding in yrkkh just to show kaira great
Rajshri-chiku bonding went for a toss because these cvs are busy showing rajshri-kaira bonding out of blue
Naitik –naksh bonding goes for a toss because these cvs are busy showing kaira mahan
Bhabhima-naksh bonding went for a toss due to jamaisaa-bhabhimaa bonding
Every single bond that these cvs made for last 8 yrs gone for a toss all because of cvs quest to show kaira mahan .
And now what I fear is that to show karthik as perfect jamaisa these cvs will show naksh as incapable as son, husband and what not and believe me it will be the last thing I would wish to see on Indian television (like they did with shaurya-kuhu the only moment in akshara time when I was angry with cvs )and yes these cvs have started doing it showing naksh taking inspiration from kaira for romance or saying that he dosent know to romance to keerti (mehendi function) guys do you really believe that your base audience will buy this I mean we all know know nakshtara and how romantic naksh was with tara so even if cvs give us hundered scene to tell us that naksh isn’t the romantic guy none of your audience will believe and then tell me what was that need to give keerti the dialog “ agar hum kaira ke standard ka 1% bhi pahuch paye toh humare liye kaafi hoga” seriously I am still not able to control my anger on that one sentence firstly kaira relation is not even 1 yr old how can you say that they are ideal couple believe me it took 8 yrs for nakshara to reach there and here kaira isn’t even 1 yr old and they are treated like they are perfect , they are praised at the drop of hat and secondly at all major instance they have failed to understand each other I mean how do you except you audience to even accept this ?? and the naksh saying “tum log vaise toh mujse chote ho magar jo rista nibhane ka standard tum logo ne set kiya hai na vahan tak toh me pahuch bhi nahi paunga” seriously I am unable to believe that naksh said that give me one instanc dear cvs where kaira has joined some relation or even for that give me one instance naira joined some relation or even karthik joined some relation believe karthik has failed as a son (well even after knowing his father innocence he was not sorry for all that rudeness instead he was sorry that he spoiled naira teej seriously ) even as a brother karthik has failed (he for I don’t know how many yrs didn’t saw keerti pain even when naira told him he didn’t believe it and now out of blue he is like ‘my sister my sister’ ) karthik has failed with relation and so is naira it was always naksh who is keeping up with relation be it when he was small or be it when he was in capetown remember he was the one who joined shinghaniya and mahewari relation naksh was the one who joined akshara and bhabhimaa relation he was the one who handle yash and ananya when these two suffered from heartbreak (unlike naira) it was, is and always be naksh who is keeping with relation so tell me how do you except your audience to except that kaira are ideal and naksh is following them seriously that was the last nail in coffin according to me . let me tell you guys from childhood till now naksh is only guy who can make anyone dance on his tunes be it baisa ,daddaji , dadi goenka anyone
Anyways I don’t know abt you but I seriously want one ‘only’ naksh and aditya face-off common yaar he insulted naksh like anything , and I do want naksh to throw a tantrum on dadi goenka common yaar the naksh on whom akshara would think twice before even shouting was slapped by dadi goenka( I literally crushed dadi for slapping naksh) he need to set the score equal but then this is just for fun becoz I know it is not gonna happen kaira mahan and all .
Seriously yaar cvs have made naksh wedding track like any other track on yrkkh and I am not able to accept it at any cost common yaar everything related to naksh was trendsetting be it his bday parties (ab nahi pata naksh ki bday party celebrate karenge bhi ya nahi ) be it his namkaran anything ab toh cvs ne sab bigad diya hai . I think cvs have forgotton that naksh is the only character for whom they have shown his complete life cycle not only naksh character it is people who have grown with this character. Tell you guys changed the actor playing naksh two times but people always accepted it why becoz people love the character naksh and not only the actor playing it try doing it with karthik or naira you will meet with serve backlash because ppl love actor and not character I hope you understand that . And guys the other thing that pinch me a lot is that in there quest to show kaira mahan they will show naksh and keerti who had a broken heart have struggle in their life to be where they are incapable of anything and everything and kaira who not for once in their life suffered for heart break or even pain who have not struggled for once as capable and this will be the nayi soch . how?? is my question . and guys prepare yourself to see divorcee (keerti) as negative and naira who is by now come as a spoil brat as problem solver for keesh (my foot to nayi soch star plus ). You know what star plus if you would have shown keerti as incapable b4 marriage and how after marriage she deals with the world along her in-laws and with support of her husband that would have be a true nayi soch but no star plus guys are hell bend to show those two rich spoiled brat as perfect seriously yrkkh was once progressive and now it is totally regressive . and guys you know what I always wish naksh and gayu to have a perfect love story because directly or indirectly life has been unfair to them but no these cvs made sure to put water on my dreams
Anyways guys I don’t know abt you but did anyone notice that the toys that naira surekha and keerti were using in hens party as luv-kush toys are actual same toys that naksh had when he was 5 yrs old I mean yaar kaam se kaam toys toh change kardo even the video game that karthik plays is same as naksh video game anyways just for fun I thought to tell
Guy in short what I want is naksh to get equal screen space (without interference) not becoz he is naira brother but becoz he is akshara’s first child (I know I am not going to get it so it wont take me long to say those two golden words “I quit”)
Anyways dear now coming back to the point that keesh or kaira are responsible for less trps well no they are not responsible it is cvs who are responsible for less trp becoz in their quest to proov kaira grt they have ended up playing with base audience so you see the result and now what do you think that yrkkh have survived for good 8 yrs becoz it had trps no it didn’t , it survived becoz of its base audience with whom cvs are playing now.

  1. Naira is a b*t*h

    1. Kaina1

      well i dont prefer to use that word it is just that they need to calm down the actress playing naira and tell her to act subtle and change naira character to 360 degrees

  2. Naira se zyada to kartik par gussa aata hai, dinbhar biwi se Romance karne ke liye tadapti rehta hai, inka cheap romance dekhkar irritation hota hai, they seriously need a honeymoon, inko kahin bhej do ya kisi kamre mein band karwa do, phir aaram se keesh wedding ka mazaa lein ham sab. Naira kaise har cheez mein keerti ka haq lene pahunch jaati hai, jo rasmein dulhan ke liye hain ,vo naira ji ko bhi karni hain , kyun bhai?
    Kahin ki raajkumari ho tum, lead ho tum phir bhi itni insecure,apne fans par trust nahin hai kya? Atleast keesh ki wedding mein zabardasti apne scenes mat dalwao, log hans rahe hain tum dono par. Atleast keesh wedding mein to keesh ko hi rehne do, unke hi scenes rehne do, unko dance karao,unko importance do, unki dresses best ho. Honeymoon mein to kaira ko to bhej hi rahe ho sath mein fevicol ki tarah jinka honeymoon kab se hi chal raha hai, show mein inka cheap romance ya fir naira ka dance,yahi chalta rehta hai, naira ek adarsh bahu banne ka natak kyun karti hai, harkaton to nahin hai uski aisi, kartik apne papa se sorry bolne ke bajay inke sath cheap romance kar raha hai…chiii….aur ye bada supportive banti hain, ek baar bhi ni boli ki kartik papa SS sorry bol do ,inhein to apne Romance se fursat nahin hai, 2 mahine hi hue hain shaadi hue aur har function mein ye log apni wedding hi celebrate karte hain. Karishma ki kitni acchi story ban sakti thi, gaayu ka track chala sakte the, yash-rose ka track bhi accha tha lekin nahin ,inhein to sirf kartik-naira ke cheap romance se matlab hai, bhabhimaa rose ki pregnancy par kitni khush hui thi lekin ab rose ke baare mein koi baat hi nahin karta ,9 months to ho hi gaye hongey ab to. Gaayu jo hamesha akshara ke sath rahi use bhi koi nahin yaad karta ab. Yrkkh hai ko chaupat karke rakha hai bilkul.
    Kaina sis you are absolutely right, this show has lost its charm.

    1. Kaina1

      exactly kavya the show has lost its charm

  3. I think in their quest to replace Akshara’s character they have completely ruined Naira’s character, as you have pointed out Naira’s character was always stubborn, immature & a bit reckless…. if there was any character similar to Akshara’s then it was Gayu.
    … Naksh as you pointed out was the laadla of the family, the apple of everyones eyes & you are right I think the viewers quite rightly expected Nash & Keerti’s wedding to be about them.But here we have kaira, Laura & more kaira… they want us to believe they are some fantastic couple but they either show them arguing (that too publicly) or showing major displays of public affection which makes us all cringe.

    In every show the leads sometimes have to take a back seat to allow other storylines to develop… no one is saying that kaira needs to disappear from our screens but STOP forcing them upon us… every episode does not need to revolve around them, there are other characters in the show.
    Cvs have made Naira the lead but it seems even they are confused with what to do with her character… one minute she’s the adharsh bahu the next she’s a little ‘sherni’ climbing up a tree….it’s just not convincing at all.
    Akshara’s character developed over so many years, she would use the help of rajshri, Bhabhi maa, Varsha & all her elders to deal with situations and gain respect- here there are showing Naira as some mahaan prodigal on a one women quest to be super hero with her side kick karthik in tow… Nairas character is so young& immature, yet there’s no guidance or support from anyone else (because that would involve someone else getting a bit of the limelight & acknowledgement)… Swarna’s character had so much potential, but they made her into a blubbering mess.
    All this talk of ‘mahaan’ Naira & how much she is like Akshara is only making the situation worse – cvs by doing this you are highlighting to us how much of a gaping hole Akshara has left in the show.
    Please Cvs if you want to save yrkkh give us a break from Kaira & allow Naksh & Keerti’s story to develop… they are far more mature characters & plenty of potential.

    1. Kaina1

      vahi toh meera cvs samajh nahi rahe hai they are spoiling every single track that has potential and nayi soch all due to kaira mahantaa factor

  4. Pragyashree

    This is all i want.
    That’s it

    1. Kaina1

      thanks pragya shree

  5. Aku

    I agree with each and every word said by you kaina.. they will go to any extend to show kaira mahan.. but it is not.. starting mei I used to love Karthik’s character.. but now I hate him.. I used to found him mature and sensible but in order to show him and naira mahan they have spoiler the character.. and how can someone be so damn insecure.. agar meri wedding mei mjhse zyda kisi aur Ko importance Milti.. for instance the mei th Suna hi deti usko.. like how can someone allow somebody to grab the centre stage on you special day.. you remember during Tara time when her brothers and naksh had a fight.. how concern Akshara and everybody was.. and now nobody gives a damn to him.. even the character Naitik has been spoiled.. Karan used to be the better Naitik and Vishal.. and yes.. gayi resembles much more to Akshara than naira.. naira is no where near her.. and a very good decision by all the 4 actors Hina Karan Rohan and Kanchi to leave the show.. but sadly CVs didn’t learn anything from their exit.. I hope CVs Ko kuch akal ajaye.. and they understand the story is supposed to go as it is.. not according to insecurity and jealousy of the actors like Shivangi and Mohsin.. isse better th they show hi end ho jaye rather than serving the scrap to us

    1. Kaina1

      pata hai aku i hate to comment on how actor and actresses are in real life based on the news that i hear but remember when kaira track was introduced then there were reports that hina khan is inseure and all that and at that time hina khan said that if she was insecure then the audience would only see her face in whole episode but no there are track going in serial that has no reference to her like kaira track and i believe her becoz she said it correctly that if she was insecure then only her face shld be visible but no we were getting kaira but in keesh wedding track when these insecurity rumours came abt mohsin and shivangi i was forsed to believe those rumours because all the time we were seeing kaira face on screen

  6. Kaina1

    Guys there are few things which i wrote but they eventually got cut due to my mistake as i wrote this article first in word and then cut it and paste it here but i forget to cut few points

    guys if i am not wrong then both shinghaniyas and goenkas are marwaris and believe me marwaris no matter how modern they are will always follow tradition word to word they are very particular abt it i know it becoz i myself is marwari so dear if i am not wrong then youngers sister is consider as daughters and elder sister is consider as next to mother (atleast that is what i am told ) then how cum in tikka rasam naira take place of naksh mother and hold pallu over his head even if naksh mother is not there then it is generally mausimaa (mothers sister) or someone elder it could be bhabhimaa or rajshri but just to show naira great these cvs played with rasam and let me explain you it is mothers pallu becoz a mother always keep their childeren protected under their pallu and when there son grow up and are abt to married the in tikka rasam (which is first rasam) mothers hold her pallu over sons head signifying that she will always protect his new relation from every evil eye and this is why mothers hold pallu over his son and now tell me in this tradition is you put younger sister the whole meaning of rasam will change as younger sister are ( consider as daughter ) and are protected ( i ignored it because gayu also did that but seriously this is not how things are done )and even in haldi you guys messed up with karthik doing haldi rasam dude let me tell you in marwaris haldi is always grinded by sister as it is consider as nek and believe me when it cums to rasam then marwaris are very particular about rasam been done by the girls , sisters because it is consider as ausipicious no matter what if a rasam is to be done by a boy then it will be done by a boy no matter what and same goes for girls and in haldi rasam you totally messed up with karthik doing it ohk i got it if you want to give gender equality msg (no need it is not a evil rasam) then yash was their and even if naira couldnt do it the ananya was their why karthik?? just to show kaira great you messed up whole rasam yrkkh “was” all abt keeping it up with tradition and yet being modern and yes whole marwari factor from yrkkh has just vanished i mean neither in their dresses or jewellary any kind of marwari feel is left nor in their rasam any marwari factor shows up
    and then tell me from which moment in yrkkh did bollywood song started being use in yrkkh funtion , you know what the beauty of yrkkh was that it has its own playlist for all the rasam be it sagai gangaur teej ,haldi , mehendi or bidai and know in naksh wedding instead of using your own playlist you are using bollywood song and that which song “aaj hai sagai sun ‘ladaki ke bhai’ ” seriously even if you want you could use any other bollywood song but nahi tum logo ko toh ladki (keerti) se zyada ladki ke bhai (karthik) me interest hai aur voh bhi ladki ke engagement ke din seriously ??? same goes for mehendi even if you want you could use “mehendi laga ke rakhna” song from ddlj magar nahi tum logo ke toh “banno ki saheli ” (naira ) me interest hai seriously you again went against your customs for 8 long years
    is it that kaira vivah happen a century ago?? no , they just got married 6 months b4 then why the hell are kaira repeating every ritual that are supposed to be done by bride and groom ??
    there are so many track with plenty of potential
    like karisma single mother track how she handle everything how shinghaniyas support her
    gayu heart break track
    yahs rose track
    and many more every single track got spoiled because cvs wanted to show kaira greatness
    and know just imagin shinghaniyas will be gone like maheswaris naksh will be treated as shaurya and imaging guys shinghaniyas praising karthik over naksh for keeping up with relation believe me it will be the horrible thing to watch naksh going wrong way like shaurya and karthik being ideal believe me that will be the last thing i would watch it on indian televisin

    1. Kaina1

      one more thing
      naksh tells his success new reaction showed is that of naira
      naitik scolds naksh and ask him to be happy reaction shown is that of naira
      bhai kaam se kam reaction toh un logo ke dekhao jinse related baate hain

      and guys i am sure 100% that there is some major changes in cvs department that yrkkh has went
      i mean i dont now how many of you notice but in sangeet ceremony karthik end up calling akshara “aunty” i mean if i am not wrong than it was supposed to be maa or maam same goes for bachelor party with mohit “uncle” i mean he was supposed to be fufaji

      and then their is no continuity in scene i mean in friday episode only naira was in one scene kaira were upset that naitik was unable to make it to naksh halid and in very next scene kaira were planning there aeroplane romance i mean how is it possible that one minute b4 you were sad and very next minute you are planning romance ????? HOW? sorry all these thing make kaira look more fake

      and the coming to kaira pda i mean common guys they literally romance in front of 20 ppl well that is what makes me feel cringy and not only that there pda at times come out so cheap i mean common in friday haldi episode only kaira were lip locking (atleast the pose) in aeroplane full of co passenger belive me guys my grandmother was also watching with me and at that seem i need to go to washroom even though i was in no mood or need

    2. Sis i m also marwari nd i also did not get that how can they insult our culture by showing thing like that…and about tilk or pallu rasm its done by mother or any other elder like bdi maa..masi…mami or bua…not by sis that tonb younger…….no bcz elder brother consider there younger sis as their beti in marwari culture..and doing rasam in Brothr marriage name of refereshing their memory its noy wrong they can do it but personly y somw ehat they can show it to…but they are showimg it comletly if they are getting married…u know that when my elder brother married was i also celebrated my six month of marrige …nd me nd my husbnd are also took part in my elder brother marrige my family give us attention like in marwari family they give to their daughter nd son in low but they never showed off…nd also we …we also refresh our memory but im personly not to show off….. Its a feelimh whitch only we to can feel not my family member so what the use to show it off…..some time situation make us do it but kaaira are doimh it intentnly……..i agrre they love each other but love is a feelimh not a thing which need to show off to everyone…..nd in marwari family sister daughtr or bahu their first jwrlry is therir shyneess their respect to elder…..but here this naira is too shmeless how can she do romance in front of elder brother that to openly…… How can she agree to her elder brother’ s to accompny to thm for honymonm or date……its shmeless thing ……we are marwari ..nd marwari are know by their tradition …..their value ……..but see this naira no one can respect our tradition…..kirti is also modern but she always respect ….our traditional value taught us to respect elder…..its doesnt say that we can not wear wedtorn outfit we can bjt with respect ….nd in this way which presemt our self with a desent manner not ill mannerd……

      And dear kaira lover dont think dat we hate kaira …we not but we are fedup or their doing how can they so insecure …..they have good story line they have to follow it ..but bcoz of their insecuirty sitution turing worst nd as its result they can shut the show so what will they (kaira) do…so think guy u can sit for sometime nd give chancr to other so that u can match uo good story line ….and if u can not do it so be ready to lost ur chance nd ur show for ever…..
      People demand good story not ur personl probln or insecurity……..so for u they can not chamge there test of dish ….wake up now otherwise its too late

    3. Kaina1

      vahi toh anjali there is no marwari feel left in yrkkh i mean kuch bhi dekhate hai kaira ko mahan dikhane ke liye naksh ki haldi ananya bhi grind kar sakti thi magar nahi in cvs ko toh kaira ko mahan dikhana hai uske chakkar mein puri rasam ki watt laga i

    4. Aarti32

      Hey, I’m also a Marwari girl..I totally agree dat d initial marwari feel of yrkkh has faded.. modernization has took place of traditionalism..ghagras hv been replaced by indo-westerns n cholis by off-shoulders..earlier there used to be colourful dresses but now it’s more of black or a single coloured dress..jadau jewellery hv been replaced by modern jewellery..I miss dat typical Marwari yrkkh!!

    5. Kaina1

      me too even now they are playing with rasam

  7. Sorry for typing mistak my phn has somr problm due to fallen in water ……

    1. Kaina1

      no prblm dear they are understandable

  8. Tvfan1


    1. Kaina1

      isliye tu pe gussa utar lete hai varna real life aisa nahi hone wala

  9. Kaina why are you taking these shows seriously. It seems that you are totally frustrated. Your each and every word makes me feel so. If u enjoy the show then watch it. Otherwise leave it. There are lots of other fruitful things in life to do. These tv shows are regressive and crap. Totally ruining every generation. They are making us fool and earning money. They are good as long as they entertain us. But why this anger and hatred. U need to stop watching this show for your good i feel. Rest is your choice

    1. Kaina1

      let me clear you neither i am frustated nor i hold hatered for anyone and i know that these are just “shows” it is just that i am bit hurt by cvs for spoling my fav serial that it bhai

  10. Kaina why are you so frustrated. If you dont like the show then dont watch it. The things you said were all the past. This is new season of the show.

    1. Kaina1

      i am not frustated just hurt and tell me what kind of intelligence is this that you spoiled old golden thing for new season and yes it isnt yrkkh season-2 it is yrkkhh only

    2. Kaina is a “Complaint Box”. Such badly written reviews. Yrkkh family please grow up, there’s more in life than a serial.

  11. Kashaf

    First of all I started to watch the show when kaira started, to be honest I loved their chemistry but after sometime I could not handle the sweetness of the show or so much celebration and drama. Till now I found karthik as perfect but today I thank you for showing me his flaws. I think you are very much hurt by the makers for spoiling ur favorite show. Now I don’t watch this show anymore I have kundali bhagya to watch . The trps are less because the directors almost forgot to show what they intended. I’m not attached to the show so much. I’m sad for all the people.

    1. Kaina1

      exactly i am too hurt to even mention and yes over sweetness is injurious to health till marriage karthik was perfect but after that his character is also spoiled even i am quitting it very soon

  12. Hi everyone! Well i would say if u hate yrkkh and kaira so much then stop watching. Simply u guys are saying many things to kaira but let me tell you they r main cast and they will be shown main. And yes this keesh came into being because of Kaira. Keerti won’t be introduced if there would be no kaira. So let me tell you kaira are very important. Well meh keesh ki respect karti hun lekin jis tarah aap log kaira ke baray meh keh rahay ho so plz check your keesh first. Keerti jisay haar baat par eik hi expression dena aata hai aur natural toh act kar hi nahi sakti. Us ka blush karna toba toba. And now coming to your beloved NAKSH SINGHANIA: he is very much pathetic. I don’t know ab kiya nazar aata hai us me. Wo hai hi overacting ki dukaan. And to be honest agar aap dekhe toh he should be sidelined as in capetown he was important and then taras chapter.
    Kher coming to people who say naira can never be like Akshara. Yes she cannot be that bad. Naira protrays a natural role not extra mahanta like akshara or over acting like keesh. Guys kaira ke aane se yrkkh eik naya sa(positive) aur acha ho gaya hai. I am watching this show since 12 jan 2009 and trust me from the time kaira came is shown meh eik nai jaan aa gayi. Everything became perfect aur new veiwers aaye. I started loving yrkkh again after this leap. Kaira are the best. Aur kaira ka romance ab wo aap logi ko nahi pasand. Trust me its mindblowing. Eik eik scene is just wow. Kya before marrige aur kiya after marring. Both are just remarkable ??….
    Guys i would say respect kaira and cvs and watch yrkkh. Aur agar simply Naksh ke fan ho ya keesh ke so its okay. Lekin u should digest kaira the main characters if yrkkh. And yes agar show itna hi bura lagta hai toh mat dekho lekin yeh sab mat kaho. Plz! And these downfalls and other things against yrkkh and cvs and love only for keesh shows u r a keesh fan not yrkkhs

    1. Who are you to decide who should watch the show.if you want to love and support just do it.dont advice us what to do.how many times you are saying stop watching the show.fed up you also.bcos of Hina the show has run for 9 years and you are critizing her.you don’t what is mahanta and over acting.how come lots of people are telling same thing like make up ki dukan, over acting,childish, unromantic romance,then there is something wrong.

      It doesn’t mean that if others criticize your fav.then you also unnecessarily criticize others.if you believe other are doing wrong don’t tell anything for your personal gain or satisfaction

      Most of the time couples got attention in YRKKH at the time of their marriage.akshara is really talented so never felt insecure like kaira.most of the marriages were unique and different but respect all the tradition.

    2. If you believe actors are not good then criticize them.but don’t criticize for your personal gain.

    3. Kaina1

      exactly anjana i agree to every single words of yours magar ye madam kaira ke fan hai unki tarah hi insecure childish honge you know like attracts like

    4. She’s just giving her opinion. When you go on about the same thing for ever expect others to comment on your opinions. Ease it kids ?

    5. Aarti32

      We hv no problem wid particularly Kaira, it’s abt d way CVS r portraying them..our problem is wid d CVS..n hv u heard abt Right To Expression!! Dats wat we r doing

    6. Kaina1

      exactly in the end i have clear written it is not due to kaira and keesh that trp are low it is due to cvs that yrkkh has lost its cham

    7. Aarti32

      Tumko akshara pasand nhi thi phir bhi 8 saal tak show dekha!! Very good ??

    8. Kaina1

      hypocrisy at its best

    9. Right Aaru di……How they watch serial if they don’t like Akshara….& i am agreeed from every word of yours Kaina….. I don’t watch this serial from starting but i don’t hate this…….now this is unbearable…..Cvs have show only Kaira romance for trp…Why they don’t mend relationship in goenika family…i don’t understand why they stretch every single track like chewing gum ….I don’t have any problem with Kaira… but want at least give their romance a break & show some keesh scenes.

    10. Kaina1

      @niyati even idont have probleam with kaira it is just that their over doing of kaira has got on my nerves

    11. Kaina1

      firstly kairalover you are no one to tell us what to do
      and yes you said it correctly kaira are the main cast and not the “only” cast and yes keerti was introduced becoz of kaira but naksh was and will always be part of yrkkh he is in yrkkh way before then your kaira and yes he is the intergal part of yrkkh just like nakshara dont you believe me go to hotstar and see there is whole one season of yrrkh dedicated to naksh-football-diabetes so naksh desrve screen space .jis tarah apko naksh nahi pasand aata theek vaise hi hume aapke kaira pasand nahi aate
      challo ye baat toh aap bhi maanti ho ki naira can never be like akshara then tell me why at every interval of 5 mins we are served with sentance “humari naira ekdum akshara jaisi hai”
      and yes you said you are watching yrkkh from 12 jan 2009 seem like liar liar pants on fire and on the top of that you idnt like akshara and guess what you claim you watch all the episode seriously yaar jooth toh aisa bolo ki vishwas ho sake , again liar liar pants on fire and yes kya kaira ka romance kuch bhi over the top you think that climbing trees and kissing in aeroplane full of co passenger is romantic believe me its cringworty
      and yes no one give you right to declare us as keesh fan and not yrkkh fan believe me i dont even need to explain how much i loved yrkkh

    12. Dont waste ur time to reply to that kairalover….he/she is just a frog of a well who dont know how much beautiful is world is …so let him prise kaira…but truth is that which we all know…

  13. Aarti32

    I agree wid your points totally!! Kaira as leads r downright unsuitable!!
    But now dat d damage is done, d least d CVS can do is-
    • give Kaira romance a limit!!
    • give equal screen space to Keesh who r d couple-to-be by the way!!
    • get Kaira out of their honeymoon period..it’s OVER!!
    • stop showing Kartik as a despo..he’s always like dying for love making, which looks cheap n irritating!!
    • mend d relationships in Goenka family!!
    • stop Naira’s dance..her dance is way too intense n fast..yesterday I was watching Keesh sangeet, Kaira’s dance was so absurd n messy, unnecessary jumping on slow music, I mean why?? Can’t u be li’l slow n gentle..u don’t hv to do tandava all d time
    • send Shivangi Joshi n Mohsin Khan to some acting workshops coz they badly need training!!

    1. Kaina1

      exactly i agree to every single suggestion you gave they need dto impliment it as soon as possible varna gaya show

  14. Aarti32

    I remember, during Nakshara time, they were also leads, they were also problem solvers, but audience were nvr so irritated..then y can’t d CVS handle it now..even Nakshara got married according to Catholic rituals after Naman Karishma wedding..during Ramayana play..after Capetown leap .but audience were nvr so irritated..I think it’s d TRP pressure which is turned d CVS mad!! N now they’re incapable of maintaining a balance!!

    1. Kaina1

      vahi toh during nakshara time none of us was irritated instead we njoy trp pressure had got cvs mad

    2. Aku

      I guess CVs have changed..as I mentioned earlier also I’m watching old golden episodes usmei the CVS were 2 girls..I don’t remember the name.. starting mei likha ata hai.. and now as far as I know there are boys.. and also you remember when kaira won the award in star parivaar wahan b Shivangi ki over acting shuru ho gyi .. other actors also won the show Divyanka karan for YHM but they never did over the top like kaira..

    3. Kaina1

      yaar over acting ki dukan aur kuch nahi kar sakti sivay over-acting ke anyways aaj ka episode dekha plz mat dekhna varna dimag k dahi ho jayega anyways mera comment padna aaj ke episode page me

  15. couldnt agree with you more. you have pen down my thoughts 100% same.. trust me they can’t take this 24×7 romance all the time.. CV will soon taste their own medicine reason ppl won’t tolerate this Sh*** they are hanging on top 10 coz of this naksh Kerti weeding.. as a viewer we are digesting this show for naksh keerti’s wedding .. when their wedding end soon show will go out of top 10 for sure… ppl are forced to watch this Kaira natak..

    1. Kaina1

      zak i know even i am frustated

  16. Fenil

    ?% agree with u sis.

    1. Kaina1

      thanks bro

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