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“How have you been beta?”

“Ooo mom i am fyn how r you and how is dad?

“We both are fine . Waiting for that day when you’ll be visiting us”

I sighed.My poor parents!!! They don’t even have slightest idea about what I have gotten myself into.And f**k my luck I couldn’t even tell them.Firstly because they will get tensed and try to make me free but I know Neil he won’t leave me.And secondly I don’t want them in any danger.I am not sure what he will do if I ran another time….yes …I was able to be free of his so called mansion but ….his men found me again….

“I know mom you both r missing me .I am missing you both and trust me I really do.But i can’t get a leave mom.You know it,right? I have told you multiple times mom still you don’t understand”

“Okay then we both are coming mumbai.”


“What sam? I give you 7 days.If you don’t get leave in 7 days then we will be coming there.And That’s Final.”

“Okay .I will try .”


“Okay got it i will come but after 7 days,promise”

“Better you don’t break your promise this time”

“I won’t ” Sighing I ended the call.

Mom is really serious this time…what to do now…how to convince him?….he will kill me if I even asked him about it let alone letting me go there and meet my parents.But I have to convince him anyhow …I just cant let my parents know about my kidnapping.

With that determination I walked back to our room…yes you heard it right….our room…me and neil are sharing a room from quite some time… actually I am living in his room…not that I have any option anyway…

I was standing outside our room thinking how to tell him so that he won’t be angry and will let me go. Though the second thing seems impossible but I will try my level best to convince him…Oh god plzzzz help me…Save me from his anger…

“Why are you standing there Sam ” his cold voice reach my ears and I knew he isn’t in good mood.. better not to tell him anything.

With a deep breath I enter the room and looked him searching for something.His back was facing me and…wait how did he come to know that I was standing outside when his back was facing me…He is Neil Malhotra Sam, I mentally slapped myself.

Turning towards me he raised his eyebrow.What now…What have I done….

“what?” I asked confused.

“I just asked you something”

“Ummmm yeah about that I was ummmm nothing important.”

He gave me look stating you’re unbelievable.Whatever…I get that look more often.

“I am assuming you’re hiding something from me”

“Nnnno….I ain’t….I didn’t lie….I..I..”

“Never mind . I will deal with it later. First tell me you saw any file here?”

“ was here only .. let me check it..” With that I started finding the file.Thank god he didn’t asked anything or I would have literally spilled it .

But as usual my happiness didn’t last longer as I could hear his footsteps coming towards me and within seconds I felt his arms on my waist and his head was buried in the crook of my neck…his breath falling on my skin making my scene go on fire….

“What are you hiding from me babe?”He asked in his s*xy voice.

“Nnnnothing …. I aaam nnnot hiding aaanything”

“Ohhh really then why are you stuttering babe”

He turned me around and made me look in his eyes.That devil!!! He knows how to get done everything .But I have to lie this time.

“I was just wondering if I could start working again.”
See it was so easy….. Without stutterring a single time .Hope he’ll buy my lie ….plzzzz plzzzz god.

“Don’t lie and tell me the truth NOW” I gasped at his tone.

It’s better not to pissed him more.So I decided to tell him truth.

“I want to visit my parents place” as soon as the words slipped from my mouth his hands on my waist tightened and his body stiffen.

“You aren’t going anywhere not now not in future.You get that?” He said holding me possessively in his arms .

I knew it.He wouldn’t let me go.Why this has to happen with me.WHY ME???

“Neil plzzzz this is the 1st time I am asking you something.Mom had given me 7days.If I didn’t go there in 7 days then my parents will come here.”

“Then let them come.”

“Neil…I couldn’t control my tears now and without any warning they started falling.

His eyes soften and his thumb gently wiped my tear.Letting out a groan he hugged me tightly.

“Fine you can go but on one condition.”

I looked at him and got lost in his black orbs.Without breaking eye contact his lips came in contact with my lips staying there for a while giving a lingering kiss and my knees started going weak.My knees were about to give up when he held me close to his chest.I could hear his heartbeat.My own heartbeat started racing.His eyes stared at my lips and stayed there for a while asking me for permission.I closed my eyes and after some time his lips meet mine in a kiss.The kiss wasn’t like other ones which we have it was more like it was a drug ….we both needed it…badly.

After breaking the kiss,his lips stayed on my lips for a while before saying something which made my breath stopped.

“Marry me”


So here it is guys….after quite a long time….. actually I wasn’t sure about continuing this story….but this story is personally my favorite so thought to give a try…I will decide whether to continue it or not based on you’re response…hope you’ll like it ….if you liked it don’t forget to drop a comment guys.

Good bye ….take care… love you loads❤❤❤

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  1. Wow radzie its just amazing and I just loved this episode. And Neil is just rocked, and please update the next one as soon as possible, love you lots and keep smiling

    1. Ridziee

      Thanks for commenting rads….will try to update soon… love u too dear

  2. Hey dear this story is amazing.pls continue this.if we readers r not able to comment then sorry but we all read pls post next one as soon as possible.

    1. Ridziee

      I am glad a new reader commented….I am assuming there are silent readers too…will post next part soon….hope I’ll get nice response this time

  3. Thanks dear and yes i was a silent reader but your story made me do comment.

    1. Ridziee

      Glad that you commented…. I hope you won’t be a silent reader anymore….take care dear

  4. yes pls….. continue, finally someone write abt my nesam…. RIDZEE pls yaar continue for me
    with love

  5. Ridziee

    Don’t worry abi…. I’ll surely continue it…

  6. Wow!!!…fantastic….plz update the next part as soon as possible….

    1. Ridziee

      Sure dear….

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