Young Love!!!!( New Life – Changes!!!!)

They knew for their luck, this news were known to their parents only after their farewell. Otherwise, they will have to struggle a lot more.

Sooraj uncle had helped them getting a part time job. He also pays off additional expenses, even though they pays it off, by giving their savings.

It was time for their exams, both were studying like loggerheads, even while at work. But their paper was hard. Both felt sad, but they have no choice.

They lost their hopes, but it was regained, by Sooraj uncle and Divya Aunty.

1 month passed, they worked hard to buy a flat. A small one – though. They thought of changing, but then due to persuasion of Sooraj uncle, they stayed back. They have decided to stay their only till their results are out.

2 months passed, it was the day when their results were released. They were nervous. They couldn’t afford losing. It was their self-respect which will go down. To add to their nervousness, the sites were jammed.

They were hell nervous.

 Anika was drinking her 6th glass of water!

Shivaay too was nervous enough to bite his nails off!

At last, the sites opened! First they were shocked, seeing their results, such that tears started filling their eyes.

What really happened, right?

S: Ani, we won!!!!!!!!!!

A: We won!!!!

They started jumping!!! Hearing their happy screams, Uncle rushed up.

So: You got your results?

S: Uncle, thank you so much!!!! If you weren’t there to support us that day, then we would have not been in this position!

So: What is your rank?

S: First, uncle!!!!!!! We both got first rank!!!!

Sooraj hugs him.  He also hugs her. They were happy.

So: So, we are going to give you food today. You both are not going to refuse us today.

S: Ok, uncle!

They had their lunch. Afterwards, they get a call from the company which has taken their interview through campus recruitment. They had to join the office the day after tomorrow.

Usually, it was Anika who used to stitch for Shivaay and for her. But usually, it will be some repairs. They knew it is time for them to buy some.

They decided to buy some the next day. That day, as Shivaay was arranging some papers for official purpose, he went to the other room to find Anika talking to a video camera. He was curious. That’s when he remembered how she tells him, about her friend Chandu, who once pushed her to him, during schooldays.

He started making fun of her by calling her kid. She stops recording and started chasing him. At last, they stopped being tired. She resumed her video camera chat and he, arranging the papers.

He had his dinner, but she didn’t because she felt her stomach was full, because of the heavy lunch.


She was taking out her dress, when she felt like she was loosing her balance. She felt like darkness capturing her. She controlled herself, but then suddenly she fell down. Shivaay, who finished his bath, came out of the bathroom.

He was shocked to see her unconscious on the floor.

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    wow they topped it together..congo shivika..awesome update..par last mein anudi ko kya hua?..will be waiting for the next to know it..Till then take care..

    1. Agga4102

      Nothing serious, di!!!!! She will be fine!

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

    1. Agga4102

      Thank You, dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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