You will forever be mine (Part 4)


Hi everyone . Hope everyone is doing great .

This part begins with agastya and Pakhi going to the room after the chocolate scene

At that time Naveli sees them and taunt them saying that they were having a romantic drive during midnight

Agastya pulls naveli’s ears .

They go to their room

Agastya – Pakhi will you please wake me up at 7 tomorrow?

Pakhi – Yes Agastya

Agastya and pakhi laid on the bed talking with each other facing each other.

Song Pehla nasha plays ….

Agastya – You have brought a new positive energy in our house.

Pakhi – My life has changed totally.

Pakhi – mom and uncle agreed to this marriage.

Agastya – ?

Pakhi – Sorry I forgot to tell you . When I was 7 I lost my mother. My father had to shift to canada . He left me in an orphanage. Here 2 people adopted me . My father is alive that is why I call him uncle .

Agastya- I’m sorry o hear that but I’ll give you everything you deserve . You deserve happiness, love .

Pakhi shies away .

They sleep.

Hi please give some best suggestions for writing ff

  1. Jasminerahul

    Agakhi lying on the bed facing each other with pehla nasha bgm was romantic. Pakhi’s life story was shocking.who adopted pakhi?agastya saying that he will give her the deserved happiness was lovely.

  2. guys you are trying to make this show how it should actually be. But unfortunately the show is not going in that way. I like the work you are doing to show how a love track should be. so try something romantic and some epic ideas which shows the compatibility, trust, love on each other in the toughest situations. As you have mentioned that they are almost strangers to each other. So you may get more ideas in this context.
    All the best guys…………..

  3. Revu

    Agastya Pakhi scene was so beautiful as well as emotional too. Good one

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