You & me part 33

Thapki somehow managed to stand & rushed to get her disheveled state back to order…
She organised her appearance again wiping her gaumed lipstick…
Her lips were swollen the bite that time gave eternal plsr but now it hurted both physically & emotionally…
Thapki pinned her saree & retouched her make up once before going down.
She descended stairs and reached party hall where her husband was bizy gulping down shots with his face twisted in strong twinge.
Thapki sighed in helplessness , as driven by his actions she has to hurt him again though its for his well being only.
Thapki : ladies & gentlemen tysm that u all jjoined us on this propitious occasion…this means alot to us…hey bihaan here join up…
Bihaan dubiously climbed up and stood beside her ,
Thapki : This party was a great success & we really had a quality time with uu all….. we both r glad that u all spared some time from ur hectic schedule and came here…to bbless us
Right bihaan ?
Bihaan wore a spurious curve and with heavy eyes looked at everyone forcing the smile to reach his eyes.
Thapki : i request u all tto kindly hhave dinner as it’s served thank u so mmuch…again..
Thapki handed over mike to event organiser.
Thapki (to herself) : m sry..bihaan…
She tightened her lids caging the fluid secreted by her glands.
bihaan was abt to descend stairs.. thapki subtletly stepped over his shoe with her high trenchant heel making him loose his balance and fall over his face….thuddddddd…
Spectators found the site to b amusing and cudn’t cntrl tickling in their stomachs and had a great laugh…

Thapki knealt down and braced him with her palms..she cleared tiny dust particles from his blazer through her palms.
She in a  low pitch muffled voice muttered,
Thapki : iif…ever tried to ddegrade a women’s respect , self esteem or her character…u’ll ffall like this only nnd ppl mmocking u….wwhat u ssaid u almost yaa..r*ped me….i ttoo did the same.. not physically but socially . catch a glimpse of these smiling faces…u r a llaughing stock for everyone…ddnt u dare mmess with me…this thapki is no more fragile..Mr.pandey…
Nd yes nnever forget a woman’s llove will mmake u reach heaven but her hatred will make u rreach hell..
Bihaan glared her angrily,
Bihaan did not wanted to create a scene so he leashed his fury.
Bihaan was highly mortified…and stood up quickly rushing out from place with his bearded cheeks colored…
Sahir who was analysing each & every step taken by thapki quietly moved towards her ,
Thapki who was bizy goggeling at floor with her face neutral ,

Sahir : thapki..
Thapki turned around and warmly smiled at him ,
Thapki : hey..!! What a pleasent surprise…
She embraced him and soon her eyes broke all the barriers nd flooded freely in his succory enclasp.
Sahir (stroking her hair ) : thapki…hey its fine…m here..
Thapki : bbihaan…..sahir he hates me..
Sahir : no he doesn’t its just that he’s angry.
Thapki : m hurting hhim…
Piu : he merits that bhabhi dnt feel sorry for him..chill..
Sahir : piu..u better go & njoy urself..its not that we r here running
” Disgrace Bihaan “campaign so we dnt need any sort of participants…
Piu : listen Mr sahir m not darting him. He’s like that only so before throwing tantrums think twice..
He’s such a golem i just hate him..
I’ll never forget that he killed my dad..his own dad (weeping) he killed my brother…my KABIR bhai..that blo*dy murderer killed my bihaan bhai…idk who this man is but he’s not my bihaan bhai…he’s someone else if he was bihaan bhai then today my dad & bhai wud have been alive..nd my own mother dad’s wife kabir bhai’s ma is supporting that slaughterer agreed that he’s too her offspring but still…kabir bhai too was….

Thapki received a thunderclap as soon as she heeded to piu…what does she mean bihaan a murderer ?  is she a wife of manslayer ? Thapki tried to keep her brain working bcz it was turning numb, but wait a min kabir what does she mean ? Is she talking abt her kabir ? Wait not her anymore she’s married she reminded herself…
Thapki worked hard to keep her head steady , again a thought popped up, though uninvited it was ,
(Thapki’s thinking)
This means piu , bihaan & kabir r siblings…this means her ex nd her husband r brothers…but then who’s Dhruv pandey ? He was brother of kabir now from where bihaan came….
Goddd this is all messed up..
But wait acc to her bihaan killed kabir ? Did bihaan really do that ? He killed her love ? But y will he do that ? Nd is dhruv innocent then ?
No, thapki u have to somehow unravel this mystery else u’ll die…
But , what will i do if bihaan is guilty ? This mean i’ll again loose my love….
(She fluttered at the thought…)
No , the…there’s some misunderstanding i have to make everything crystal clear..everything..
(By now a dilute saline liq. Stained her roseate cheeks , her chest motioning rapidly , her skin was cold & with a tinch of white exposing her fear )
Sahir glared at piu who was fuming , sahir grabbed her arm & threw her out…
Sahir : dnt u show me ur evil face u…r such a dime-store…
Piu was about to say something but by then he left…piu crossed her arms close to her chest & sobbed ,
Piu : why h..he’s like that ? H..he never ca..res for me..always running be..hind tha..pki bhabhi.. m crying.. m upset b..ut no thapki..thap…ki thap…ki… ( taking thapki’s name loudly )
Bihaan was passing from there & thapki’s name made him stop afterall it was his wife’s name so he cudn’t resist himself from checking that who it is taking her name…
He walked in only to find her sis in law chanting her name as if its beads on a rosery…
Bihaan looked at her with his eyebrows puckered , & confusingly…
Piu : why i ca…nt be important t..o him ? Why th..apki is so much imp..ortant for him ?
Bihaan looked on confusingly wondering that what is it ? That’s troubling his princess… so much..
He wished to ask her but his brain decided against it…but suggested something else…
Bihaan decided to change his voice and then talk…bcz if he’ll talk like he speaks then she’ll recognise him .
That’s what he use to do when they were kids…its habbit of her sister to murmur everytime whenever she’s upset….nd if someone asks her what happened she spits out everything in the heat of moment & he alway changed his voice and talked to her nd use to solve her problems…
Bihaan (changing voice) : what happened dear ?
Piu’s back facing bihaan ,
Piu : yr…s..ahir & tha..pki bhabhi y r they so cl..ose it..s not that i hate her in fact i her like anything but see her like tha…t with sahir..

Bihaan cud feel his hrt scared what does she mean ,
Bihaan : ji ?
Piu : are y…r i cn..t see them eac..h ot..her..huh !!
Piu turned around only to find her brother ,
Piu : u…ohhh so now u have started using ur cheap tricks on me too…u r really a blo*dy criminal…
Piu was speeking when bihaan
cudn’t controll & rushed upstairs…to thapki..


Thapki was traumatized by now her hrt throbbing & brain numb..
Sahir shaked her vigrously to bring her back to her senses,
Sahir : what ?
Thapki : sa..hir bi..haan & kabir bbrothers…bih..aan mmurderer..wh..ats this i…i..i ddnt knw wwhat to do…who is right who’s i….m dyng…sahir k…ill me (her voice breaking)
And she let her fall freely on his chest…& he gently rubbed her back…
Bihaan too reached up & stared them, fuming…

Bihaan (screaming) : sahirrrrr….
Sahir & thapki were hell scared and detached from each other with a jerk ,
Sahir : hashh !! Its u i was scared…
Thapki quickly wiped her face and smiled at him uncmfrtbly ,
Bihaan : why terrorstricken ? Were
U both doing something wrong ? (Sarcasm)
Sahir : scus me !! What do u mean ?
Thapki : leave hhim..sahir he’s crazy…ccome downstairs i’ll serve dinner to u & ppiu…come…
She held his hand and went past bihaan leaving him there deserted…
Bihaan punched the wall only to invite blood ,
He too went downstairs .

Thapki served sahir & piu dinner & arranged a plate for vasu & went to feed her…
Bihaan seeing her going towards her mother panicked that what if she again tries to kill her ?
Bihaan was standing behind her & was abt to stop her when thapki ate the first bite astounding him ,
Thapki : ik…that before giving her aanything i have to pprove my innocense…
It was a dagger disguised in words which split his heart into inumerous fragments…

Dining hall ,
Sahir continuosly peered at piu who overlooked his presence in there ,
This time she was extremely hurt
Piu who did so much for him & he always ignores her .
Sahir tried to initiate a conversation ,
Sahir : ahemmm..ahem…
Piu grasped a glass full of water upto brim and placed it in front of him ,
But din’t spoke a word ,
Sahir : who asked for water ?
Piu dint even looked up & kept eating with her face bowed down…
Sahir cud sense his heart aching . He again tried but this time raj appeared & his presence was unwelcomed by both of them..
Raj : hey gorgeous !!
Sahir : hiii…(a bit rudely)
Raj : lol !! I had a doubt from begining..
Sahir : what doubt ?
Raj : that u r not a man neither woman but a transgen…
Sahir interrupted furiously ,
Sahir : wtf !! Have u gone insane…m a complete man…physically & biologically…
Raj : so u r not gorgeous..that adjective is used for girls not boys…then y did u answered ?
Sahir : bcz flirty chaps like u have a habbit to only greet  well – favored girls…whom u r targeting…
Sahir did not realise that he actually complemented her unintentionally & his covetousness was visible…
Piu’s cheeks grew crimson & a small curl kissed her lips which wasn’t visible to the two machos present there ,
Raj : well let it be u r submurged in enviousness…
Piu : raj plz..people r gawking at us kindly dnt create a scene…
Sahir fumed seeing her pleading him nd not even asking him ,
He left his supper in between & hasted towards door .
Piu looked at his retreating fig with woebegoneness dispersed on her solemn face.
Raj : finally he’s not here he’e so narking..isn’t it ?
Piu : plz raj stop it…godddd..i guess i shud leave too… ( irked )
Raj : but..pi..u… god ise kya hua ? ( what happened to her ) well its better to conentrate on noodles let them die…

Piu stood behind sahir who was bsy looking at sky with his arms fastened close to his chest.

Piu : ahem..ahem..

Sahir : i dnt have water here to give u…
Piu : i din’t asked for it..

Sahir din’t replied..

Piu : u look cute when u are angry..

Sahir flushed & started njoying her trying to convince him & decided to enact more.

Sahir still remained silent. (Smiling sneakingly )
Piu : oops !! Someone’s face swelled up with ire…but dnt wry ik how to burst such baloons..
Sahir almost laughed and a small sound reached her fox like eardrum

Piu : oh so u r njoying…my efforts hah?
Panik seized sahir coz he wanted this to last long & he helped himself ,
Sahir : i dnt wanna talk to u…go to ur raj…huh !!
Piu (to herself) : oh f**k !! I guess i hurted him…i need to do something but what ?
She rushed inside leaving sahir there alone…
Sahir (to himself) : what ? She din’t even tried more and went in is she sad or annoyed by my behaviour ? I guess i shudn’t have pretended it was me who should have tried to console her…afterall i was at fault not she…

Sahir was about to go behind her but then only she showed up…she held his hand & dragged him with her ,
Sahir : hey stop..what u doing ?
She pushed him in the car and positioned herself on driver ‘s seat.
Sahir : what u doing ?
She ignited the engine & drove away ,
Sahir kept speeking & piu dint answered any of his queries irked by his behaviour…stopped the car at a corner & stepped out of car locking him in & took out a rope & tape from her emergency  kit where she kept first aid , ropes etc if in case any problem pops up
She came in and almost climbed on him will fastening the rope…
Their eyes met & this closeness caused a tickling sensation within sahir..but soon he returned to reality..
Sahir : what r u planning ? R u gonna rape me ? Piu…ek akele ldke pr aise attack mat kro how will i save myself? Bhagwan k lie chod do mujhe…
Piu controlled her laughter & carried on with her job…
Sahir : dekho u r fueling my anger leave me…u jangli billi (wild cat)
Piu then applied tape on his mouth shutting it.
Sahir : hmmmm…hmmm.hmmm (struggling to speak)
She then again continued with driving..

Pn , Bihaan’s room,
Part was over and everyone went to their respective houses..
Thapki already prepared vasu ‘s bed & she was asleep by now.
Thapki was preparing a bed on floor engrossed in her mind palace..
Thapki was helpeless..she tried hard but wasn’t able to recover from the shock she just received.
The things she discovered today imprisoned her soul , heart & brain.
Kabir & bihaan occupied her thoughts though dominant was kabir.
Thapki soon turned towards her almirah to fetch her night dress only to find her wedding lehenga.
The sight of the red dress gave her an idea and she decided to go with it.
Thapki called for mary who arrived within secnds…
Mary : what happened madam ?
Thapki : i need roses & white lillies…& room freshners with fragrant candles hurry up…jldi & let bihaan come here for at least an hour…..& u come jldi..
Mary : but madam i ‘ll give u candels & freshner but roses and lillies m apprehensive abt it…and at this hour of night it’s 1 : 00 am already where i’ll get roses nd lillies..
Thapki : u r chuckleheaded…today we had a party right ?
Mary nodded,
Thapki : what we used for decoration?
Mary : workers..
Thapki : gosh mary they did the work..m asking things…
Mary : oh ha madam lights , candles , flowers..
Thapki : stop..ha flowers which one ?
Mary : roses nd lillies…(flashing her teeths )
Thapki : ha so…go..
Mary : but madam where will i get roses nd lillies ?
Thapki : mary…u r a big zero..huh !! Go straight to sstore room uk na where it is ?
Mary : ofcourse madam..
Thapki : ha..chlo kuch tto pta h so go there & u’ll see left out flowers roses & lillies..bring them to me ohk ?
Mary : ji..madam…
Thapki : soo…
Mary : what ?
Thapki : gooo…
Marry : oh haa…sry sry..

Thapki decorated the whole room
bed with flowers ,  sprayed room freshners and got ready again as a bride….
She looked at everything and sighed wondering that this is the only way to search for the truth…
Bihaan who was burning now as mary was restricting him from going in his own room from an hour…
Bihaan : now m not gonna stop nd stop obeying her orders i was ur boss not she…
Bihaan barged in without warning ,
The darkness of the room was beneficial for thapki & she hurriedly jumped up on bed covering her face with veil…
Bihaan throwed his blazer on sofa & the fragnance in room reached his nostrills comforting was not the candles or freshner which soothed him but it was his wife.
Bihaan switched on light and screamed in amazement…
Bihaan : vooooohhh…what rubbish is this ?
Thapki : nothing…
Bihaan : y the hell u r sitting on my bed that this blo*dy attire of urs and this decoration..m not spend this night with u..
Thapki : throwed the veil off her face & glared him…
She looked pretty bihaan muttered to himself ,
Bihaan : what don’t  tell me u wanna have s*x with me now ?
Thapki : zip up ur mouth…
Bihaan went towards wardrobe and browsed in for his clothes…
Thapki throwed her gaze towards his direction ,

Thapki : uk y i m wearing this ?
Bihaan : shut up…!!
Thapki : this was kabir ‘s right to see me like this in this attire as his bride…
Thi was it for bihaan…..

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