you & me : part 32

Warning : This part contains a bit of s*xual content kindly those who r 18 + read it , well u can read it at ur own risk it was my responsibility to warn ,
nd who dnt have any sort of objection r reccomended to read dnt mind readers or take me rude but i dnt want any kind of bashing later on…if u dnt wanna read or approve such content then dnt read it coz its my way of writing…
Tysm love u all…

Reporter : sir, we all r waiting for the auspicious moment when u’ll sign the documents…and showcase ur love for her…
Reporter’s words triggered his brain to release some of its intellectuality…& he smirked working a way for himself…

Bihaan (cupping thapki’s shldr) : as u all knw that my beloved wife nd i r dangerously & yes ofcourse deeply drenched in each other’s pure love….so now m wondering…that…this plan of giving her my property wud b an act of impertinency towards our love…
Reporter : as in ?
Bihaan : see i love her she loves me we knw it that’s what we dnt take me wrong thapki i feel like this thing kinda is a more of showoff…rather than a dedication to our love…so that’s y i have planned to discard this freakin’ dramatic idea….so lets chuck it up…this topic right here gyzzz njoy the treat….

Thapki bited her lower lip as she threw her glance on the simpering ashwin & preeti…a fear dominated her taking her cntrl but still her presence of mind was commendable..& she worked out a strategy to help save this plan from its death & giving it a life again…
She began with her tricks ,
Thapki (pretending to cry ) : ohhh bihaannnnnn !! U r such a sweetheart…baby (stroking his cheek with her thumb ) its fine !! Dnt be scared…..ik what u r apprehensive about…but trust me note my words u wont feel bad…(facing camera )
actually mr pandey…is turning overprotective & possesive abt me….i mean my future he wanted to secure it so that in his absence too i dnt face any sort of trbl ,
for that purpose he took this decision but he’s feeling now that it wud degrade & harm my self esteem & dignity at the same tym…so i plead u all to make him understnd that he can fulfill his wish i srsly wont mind nd y shud i ? He’s my husband whatever he wana gift me he can he has the blo*dy right….
Bihaan puckered his thick brows at her baloney explanation & was abt to say something before she swiftly cupped his subtle cheeks pecking them….surprising him to his wits….and then stood gently yet firmly helding on to his forearm….boastly accomplishing her authority….
Reporter : Mr pandey , i percieve ur wife is absolutely right so dnt vacillate much i mean u never knw if u’ll hung back & refrain urself from expressing ur love towards her…then someone else will take her & fly away…
Bihaan (muttering to himself ) : that’s what i want…take her away…
Thapki (murmuring to him ) : aww !! Baby….dnt wry m not going anywhere away from u will b here with u always…even after my death…
She flashed her bright crystal teeths…fueling his ire…
Reporter : so guyzzz let’s cheer for Mr pandey who took such a big decision and towards his respectful action so lets cheer for the heavenly couple….
The sound of applauds resonated throughtout the hall & bihaan failed to comprehend what shud he do now coz this girl din’t left anything to do now…if he now repobrate signing in front of everyone then he’ll be highly embarrased and bashed in media nd if he does then she’ll get sanction to ruin his already ruined lyf…

Thapki handed over him documents…& smiled at him sarcastically…
Bihaan who was caught in this awkward situation cudnt help himself he was captive in this trap weaven by her words and signed the documents
Again there was a round of applause and cheers….and thapki took hold of the papers smiling mischiveously….
Conveying her victory ummm no..their victory would be more apt to say…..
Bihaan ‘s fury now knew no bounds and he rushed down jerking her hand creating a scene….
Reporter : what happened to him ? Is everything alright ?
Thapki : actually , whenever he ggets shy he behaves llike that…umm scus me plz….u all ccarry on..
Thapki hasted behind him running past heart broken ashwin & preeti….
Thapki all of sudden applied a brake..and smirked looking at them and then she whispered in preeti’s ear…
Thapki : kkesa laga mra aussom vala pplan bhabhi ?
( did u like my aussom plan )
Preeti & ashwin fumed at her remark,
Thapki chuckeled…and resumed her running behind bihaan who was now nowhere to be seen….
Bihaan punched the railing hard as he gazed up at sky simpering… his tears were unstopable… acknowlidging the fact that she din’t loved him but his property she’s like everyone selfish he felt bad for kabir who misunderstood her to b kindhearted…but that’s absolutely wrong….
Thapki stood behind him her cheeks dampened due to her eyes….she quickly wiped her cheeks & inhaling a deep breath initiated her next step ,
Thapki ( giggeling )
Bihaan felt his rib cage tightening around his heart heeding to her giggels…
His blood diluted as it boiled in his vessels…..
Thapki : chi…chi..chi.. (making sounds to show pity towards him sarcastically )
Bbihaan m feeling sry ffor u…..vse ddnt wry m not throwing u out of mmy bunglow….baby….
Bihaan (roaring) : outtttt…..
Thapki : shhh !! Dnt scream..sstop creating a scene come down i wanna celeberate my victory & ur defeat (angrily )
Bihaan (growling) : outttt right…..nowwwww
Thapki neared him and placed her tender palm on his masculine broad shldr….
Thapki : see…Mr. pandey ik u r feeling bad infact worse right now…but nevermind…lets sort this later on….
Bihaan cudn’t cntrl now and prisoned her to a wall….frightening her to her death…..he held her shldrs so tightly that it turned crimson red…near her neck…
She winced in pain and was terrorstriken , his eyes ablazing ,
His indignant expressions…almost scared her but the pain visible on his visage gifted by her this thing ate her soul …like anything…
His facial muscles twitched….

Thapki : w…w.hat ? (Shuddering & sweating )
Bihaan : y…u did this ?
Thapki : ahhh !! U ‘re hhurting me…
Bihaan : is it ?
Thapki nodded…
Bihaan : acha ! Is it paining more than this place (placing his finger at his heart )
Thapki tried to say something but her hrt prohibitted her as it bleeded at his words….
Bihaan : kya hua ? (What happened) say something or ur words died in ur throat itself…u blo*dy shameful girl….
Thapki : huh ! The ppain u gave mme..this iis nthng in front of it mr bihaan ppandey….u forced me in this marriage tried to kill my ffamily…do u think that ur pain is more than mine ?
U forced me to bbe this shameless…u mr pandey…u…utself
Bihaan’s hold loosened as tears trickled down her milky cheeks…her face like a late summer’s moon…lusturous… her moistened cheeks shimmered in moonlit….
Bihaan cudnt cntrl himself & he bowed down his head and finally there eyes were on same level…& their lips were just an cm apart…bihaan slowly abriged the gap b/w his velvet & her shuddering lips….
Finally they reached to the place where one could only feel esctacy no place for hatred or guilt only love surrounded them…..her lips brushing against his….that feeling was adjective in dictionary…can explain it…bihaan explored every corner of her mouth….she tasted sweet he thought….thapki held his collars as she started moaning in his mouth….her legs shaking as she felt weak….
Bihaan deepened the kiss pouring all his love , hatred , anger everything and soon it turned ferocious…their tounges fighting to get domination on the another’s….thapki roamed her fingers in his hair…as he lifted her she encircled his waist with her both the legs….and bihaan touched her waste…seductively….
Bihaan for the second tym bited her lip….& thapki reciprocated his action it was pattionate still…
And the irony was kiss a way to express love… but they both used it as a means of fighting…
Bihaan broke the kiss as they ran out of breath..& their eyes met….
And as soon as they regained their energy thapki initiated the kiss…still in the same posture…
She licked his lips…and then let her them…she forced her tounge inside his mouth & soon the they were again at the war….
They were now turned on…
They dint realised when it turned fierce….she almost tore his shirt & bihaan unpinned her saree…..& it fell freely…..exposing her blouse….
While holding on kiss he let his hands roam on her forearm and then reaching her stomach he cupped her stomach & rubbed his thumb at every possible place on her belly….and then played with her bellybutton teasing her…
Thapki moaned as the pleasure confiscated her heart….
Bihaan let his hands reach back and untied the knot holding her blouse at place….
And he put her down and broke the kiss dissapointing her…but before she cud realise his intention he turned her rapidly towards the wall and sandwiched her in b/w him & wall now there was not an inch gap b/w them…
He licked her back and kissed every corner of it…her lumber region her upper and thapki cudnt cntrl her moans…
Then again he turned her and without warning plunged his tounge inside her mouth & to his surprise he was welcomed warmly….
Thapki tore his shirt more so that she cud feel his skin….
Bihaan again broke the kiss….& gently pulled the blouse down of her right shoulder and kissed her shoulder for 2 mins…giving her pure pleasure…
Her fingers ran inside his hair…
Same way he treated her left shldr…and then he moved back & she flushed under his gaze…her both shldrs bare so was her belly and back as the knot which held her blouse was unfastened….his eyes were greedy ,
Now bihaan took a bigger move….he started kissing her neck and moving down…he kissed her a bit of visible boss*m….
That was thapki ‘s breaking point now she could’nt controll herself & held him strongly & began with the smooch again…now bihaan’s back facing the wall & thapki was dominant….she kissed his face neck chest….while bihaan tried to unfasten her blouse completely & he was abt to when reality made a check on him…..
And he pushed her away…that she fell on the ground….
He was embarrased,
Bihaan : what do u think ? I love u…lol. ?? this was just ur punismemt for the things u did today…
Thapki ‘s chest tightened at his words her throat dry….& her eyes pouring down….bihaan neared her….
Bihaan (tucking her hair ) : everytime u’ll hurt me i’ll hurt u more…see today i almost r*ped u….but with ur own wish…so think before doing anything…
He laughed at her state..while his hrt weeped….
Bihaan : cover urself b*tch…

Bihaan left the place…..and while she was in a paralysed state trying to console herself he catched her glimpse….a round tear traversed its distance….
Bihaan ( to himself ) : i wish u knew,
that it’s u who cry ,
But it’s me who die ,
Its ur heart which breaks ,
& its my soul whick shakes,
Its u who decieved ,
& its me who weeped ,

I wish u knew that
I love u….

And then he left while thapki cried looking at his retreating fig ,

Thapki : i wish u knew ,
They pour down , ur orbs
& its my heart which sobs ,
Wound is urs ,
& bleeding is mine ,
Its ur lips which smiled,
its my soul which heeled

I wish u knew,
That i love u….

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    U r amazing,fabulous and blessed…
    Plzzz update next part….
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  2. Oh it’s amazing …I read it many times … romantic scenes were osm u portray everything very keenly ….keep writing thanks for update…

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