You are only mine- Ragsan- Part 34

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hello sissy’s. here with next part.

Sanskar looks at him.

It was karan. He enters the room.
Kar: from when did my bestie became this much selfish? U love her sanskar. U very well know this. Then also u r hurting her. She loves u more than herself. Wat and all she did to get u. then also?
San: who told u all this? U were in London. When did u come?
Kar: yes I was in London. But it doesn’t mean I forgot my frnd. I was always in touch with each member of ur family. Its only u who forgot me, that too y? ur all mind was busy in making ragini lose. I came to know this very soon, but I dint thought that u wud go this much deep.
San: yes. U r rite. I did wrong. I hurted her. There is no fault of hers. Its me who took everything wrong. I understood everything in wrong way. That’s y m still unhappy.
He hugs him with teary eyes.
Kar: don’t wry. U understood that’s enough. Go and ask her forgiveness.
San: I’ll not make any delay.

……………….. ………………………….. …………..
Here in ragini’s room naina comes. Both hug eachother.
Nai: I had told u that I never leav my bestfrnd in any situation. Now everything will b alrite.
Rag: karan?
Nai: he went to meet sanskar.
………………. ……………………….. ……………

Ragini was driving car. She gets a msg. its was from sanskar.
‘I want to meet u, pls come to xyz place. M waiting ‘
She turned car to that place. She reached and saw that place decorated with lights. It was written m sry with different color flowers. Sanskar comes infront of her. He bends on his knees.
San: m sry ragini. Forgive me. It was my mistake. I did it coz of my ego. I was foolish. I ….. there r no words to explain my foolishness. I just want my ragini back. Pls forgive me.
He was looking in her eyes. She was also looking in his eyes.
San: say something ragini.
Rag: I cant.
San: ??
Rag: I cant forgive u sanskar. I know u understood ur mistake. But coz of ur ego u were abt to end our relation. How can I forgive u sanskar? I know I took many wrong ways to get u, to marry u. but I never made my ego to come between us. I accept , at first I behaved very rudely when I met u. but I never did such things which can make us apart. I did to get u, ur love. But u did for ur ego. M really hurt sanskar.
San: ragini, pls..
Rag: pls sanskar. Its enough. Bye.
She left from there. He keeps on calling her name but she left in car.
………………….. ………………………….. ………………………………..

Ragini comes home. She saw lights off. She made it on and saw sanskar and all family members were standing. Sujata opens a big board which was covered with a cloth. It was written ‘ pls forgive sanskar.’

Rag: whatever u all r doing is waste of time. I need rest.
She left to her room. Sujata and naina come there.
Suj: ragini, u were waiting for this time. Now u r avoiding him?
Nai: yes ragu, ur sanskar is back. U were only telling me that u don’t want to lose him again. Now u only?

Rag: yes, I had told that. But now m fed up of all this. First I had many best frnds. Then 2 of them …..(she stopped). Then I lost ratan who was also my bestie. Then kavya, kavita. They were abt to die. That time was very hard for me. I became rude. That situation made me lifeless. But after falling in love with sanskar, I feel like I got my life. But he also……..(after little pause) now m not able to take any more. M ready to live my alone life again. It was far better than this life. I wont b having any pain.
Nai: ragini. Don’t behave like mad.
Rag: m saying truth. I don’t want anyone anymore. Pls leav me alone.
Both left from there. Sanskar heard this by hiding near door.

………………….. …………………… …………………………

It was lunch time. Ragini got ready came to dining hall.
Rag: mom, m going outside. I’ll have lunch there only.
She was leaving from there. But sanskar stops her.
San: ragini, again m asking, pls forgive me. It wont ever happen again.
Rag: sanskar pls, give me way. I have to go.
She pushes him and goes towards door. But suddenly she heard sanskar’s voice and turns back. She was shocked to see sanskar holding chest.

San in painful voice: ragini, pls save me. Mom m getting pain in heart.
Ragini ran to him.
Rag: sanskar, wat happened? Karan, laksh, call ambulance fast.
Kar: I’ll call doc here only.
San: no. don’t call any one. I don’t want to live without ragini. Its better to die.
Rag (tensed): shut up sanskar. Don’t say anything. Nothing will happen to u. karan , u call doc.
San: no. when u r only not with me, then wat shud I do with this life?
Rag in tears : don’t say like that sanskar, m always with u. don’t dare to tell anything abt ur life. Ur life is mine. YOU ARE ONLY MINE. Understood? I will never leav u.
San: really? U forgave me?
Rag: yes , i…

She again shocked to see him sitting normally.
Rag: u….r…. .
San: nothing happened to me. Nothing will happen to me when u r with me. Sry … to get ur forgiveness I acted like this.
Rag angrily: wat? acting? I felt like m losing my world. And u r saying? Is this way to get forgiveness?
San holds his ears and bends (in naughty voice): sry. But u r my bossy wife na. I know u r very stubborn. So I did this. M sry. Now don’t get angry again. Remember just now u said u forgave me. Now u cant get angry on me.
Ragini stares him for few seconds. Everyone was silent. Sanskar was also silent seeing her. Suddenly ragini slapped him. All were shocked.
Rag with tears: don’t do like this again. I cant imagine myself without u.
She hugs him. All clapped smiling.
San too hugs her: finally, my bossy wife became mine again.
Rag: I was and will always urs only.
Both smiled looking at eachother.

hope u liked it.
ignore spelling errors.
love u all…….

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