You are mine! An Anidita TS (Intro)

Hi guys, After a long time I am posting this. Actually I am posting a a new story! because I am not able to post my old ff. I will surely check about that.

Charecters :-

Anirudh Roy Choudhary – Age 22

Bondita Baneerjee – Age 17

Radha Das – Age 29

Minira Bhoumik – Age 20

Manorama Baneerjee – Age 21

Binoy Roy Choudhary – Age 31

Sarath Roy Choudhary – Age 17

Sumati Baneerjee – Age 30

Akash Baneerjee – Age 31

Scott Bhoumik – Age 19

Rudra Singhania – Age 22

Here are the characters! Now let me give you a detailed sketch about them!!

Anirudh Roy Choudhary – He is a young,chirpy lad. He wants to fight for the rights of women. Because of this he always have Fights with his dad. He is a london returned barrister. He is an open minded boy. He has a young brother who is studying medicine. His mother died when he was 5 years old. He only has his dad and his brother.

Bondita Baneerjee – She is a young girl who just entered her adolescent. She is studying Oak High School. She is in her 12th. She wants to become a doctor as it is her friend Anchal Sahu last wish. Her mother and father wants to her to get married with Anirudh.

Radha Das – She is the wife of Binoy. That means Anirudh and Sarath. She is an educated woman. She loves Anirudh and Sarath equally. She wants Bondita to be her bahu and Anirudh’s wife.

Minira Bhoumik – She is the best friend of Anirudh. She loves him very much. Wants him in any way! She hates Bondita.

Everyone are some..New charecters will be imtroduced.

Thank you. Suggestions Accepted❤

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  1. Ur fan fiction lamp of love is not opening 🥲😭do u have any link share here pls

  2. Understood .please keep going.Always with love 💕💕💕💕

  3. Anirudh is 22 yrs old
    Binoy is 31 yrs old
    And binoy is father of arc
    How do they have age gap of 9 yrs?
    pls clear my confusion

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