You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 30

You are always mine!
Season 1 Episode 30

RECAP : Karthik finished his late packing. Revathi Jr tried to call Karthik. Karthik’s dream sequence. ReThik had a sweet talk on phone. Amritha and Amruth met in jail.

Scene 1 :

Dinner time.

Tamil : Anna, did you finish LATE packing?

Karthik : Don’t talk. You had finished before me.

(They play with each other.)

Revathi Sn : Again you two started.

They all finished eating.

Shakthivel : Revathi, I’ve contacted this house’s owner and he said that he will pack everything from here. He’s coming now.

Tamil : Appa, how will you make arrangements on cargo for all these things?

Shakthivel : It’s not that hard. I’ll see it. Don’t worry.

They smile.

Same scene happens in Azhagar’s house.

Scene 2 :

The day arrives. The happy family is in airport. They miss their houses too.

ReThik and Tamil are in one spot clicking selfies. They also call their parents and click photos. Revathi Jr and Tamil update in social media.

Karthik : Uff! These girls…

Revathi Jr gives a bang on his head. Tamil laughs.

Revathi Sn : Let Karthik, Revathi and Tamil sit together. We for

Karthik (mind voice) : Aiyo, if Tamil is with us, how can I talk to Revathi?

Tamil : No Amma, my friend said she will also accompany me. So I’m sitting with her only.

Karthik (mind voice) : Thank you chella thangachi! Love you di.

Tamil (mind voice) : I knew that Karthik Anna will rejoice after my words. I’m waiting for my bestie.

Three hours after they finished the formalities, they board the flight. ReThik sit in a two seated row. Others sit in their respective rows. Karthik smiles at Revathi Jr.

Scene 3 :

The flight takes off.

Revathi Jr : Karthik, I’m so happy.

Karthik : Yeah I know why.

Revathi Jr : Because we are going to Canada permanently. We can meet everyone.

Karthik (mind voice) : I thought she’s happy as she’s also sitting with me.

Revathi Jr : Why are you sad Karthik?

Karthik : No I’m not.

Revathi Jr : You thought I am not happy when I’m sitting with you right?

Karthik : How do you know?

Revathi Jr : How come I never know this? I’m really happy when I’m with you. It feels like heaven.

Karthik smiles.

Revathi Jr : Pa, you finally smiled.

Karthik : If this flight is hijacked?

Revathi closes his mouth.

Revathi Jr : Stop talking negative. It won’t happen.

Karthik : Okay madam. I wanted to know how you’ll react.

Revathi Jr : Hmm.

ReThik remember the moment where they made each other wear the ring. They smile at each other.

Revathi Jr : I wish this engagement happens without any disturbance.

Karthik : Sure. When I’m there, who’s gonna disturb us?

Revathi Jr : Are you a superhero?

Karthik : Yes, I’m a superhero…for you.

Munbe vaa song plays in background. They have an eyelock.

Revathi Jr lies on Karthik’s shoulder. He smiles and recalls the same moment when they were returning from Canada to Madurai.

Karthik (mind voice) : Revathi, you are my angel.

Revathi Jr : I’m so sleepy. I’ll sleep on your shoulders.

Karthik : If anyone sees us…

Revathi Jr : None shall see us. Stop being like me.

They smile and sleep.

Scene 4 :

Amritha manages to convince the police and bails out Amruth.

Amruth smiles and comes out of police station. Both are in Amritha’s house.

Amruth : I have a plan against Karthik. Did you book our tickets to Canada?

Amritha : Yes. What’s your plan?

Amruth : Good. You have to be friendly with Revathi.

Amritha gets shocked.

Amritha : How can I be friendly with a person I also hate?

Amruth : Listen to me. Act to be friendly so that she also considers you as her friend. Be very close to her. She may share all her happy plans with you. I’ll say the rest later.

Amritha : You are perfect in devising such plans. None knows that we are related.

Amruth : I want them to get separated. I’m sure that their marriage will stop if you do this.

They smile.

Amruth (mind voice) : Karthik, I’m back! Let’s see who wins.

Next episode promo : Everyone reach Canada. ReThik introduce Buddy to the family. They have a nice time with their friends too. Amritha gets to know Revathi Jr’s Facebook account and messages her stating that she’s a big fan of her voice.
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