You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 24

Season 1 Episode 24

RECAP : Shakthivel faints and asks Karthik for a favour. Revathi Jr’s parents are happy for her. Karthik’s dream. ReThik get ready at their respective homes. Juice accidentally spills on Revathi Jr’s saree.

Scene 1 :

Azhagar asks Andal to make Revathi Jr get ready fast. They go upstairs. He waits for Shakthivel and family.

They finally arrive.

Azhagar : Finally! My mappilai is back! Looking good Karthik.

He hugs them.

Karthik : Thanks mama. How are you?

Azhagar : Very happy because you are here. Who’s that girl behind? Hey Tamil! My girl!

He comes to Tamil and hugs her.

Tamil : I thought to surprise you mama. I missed you and Andal athai a lot.

Azhagar : I missed you too da. We were also talking about you before. We were waiting for your arrival. You had come at a good time indeed.

Tamil smiles.

Revathi Sn : Where is our daughter-in-law? She’s nowhere.

Shakthivel : Maybe she’s so shy that she’s gonna get married?

They laugh except Karthik and Tamil being sad. Karthik keeps his face down.

Azhagar : Andal’s making her ready.

He shouts for Andal.

And Andal comes with sad Revathi Jr.

Shakthivel-Revathi Sn get happy.

Tamil sees Revathi Jr and smiles.

She thinks : What’s happening? Is Revathi Akka our cousin? Then Karthik Anna is super lucky as he’s gonna get hitched with his only dream girl plus being our parents’ wish.

Revathi Sn-Shakthivel hug and bless Revathi Jr.

Shakthivel : I can’t believe it’s our Revathi, who’s looking like a princess.

Karthik gets shocked hearing Revathi’s name. He turns and gets speechless seeing Revathi Jr there. Revathi Jr also gets shell shocked seeing Karthik.

Scene 2 :

Ravi, Anu, Raja have a talk.

Raja : Hope Karthik and Revathi tell their parents about their love.

Ravi : I recently talked to them when Buddy went sick. I gave them full hope that they will convince their parents to agree for their marriage.

Anu : How is this possible? Revathi told me that she will only abide by her parents’ wish.

Ravi : Anu, let’s see. They might call us.

Raja : Yeah. We want Revathi and Karthik to be united always. None can ever separate them.

They smile.

Scene 3 :

ReThik shocked on seeing each other.

Everyone see them and wonder what’s happening.

Karthik cries and goes to Shakthivel.

Karthik : Appa, is she my cousin?

Shathivel : Yes da. Revathi is your cousin. You are going to marry her.

Karthik smiles.

Shakthivel : Why are you smiling? You argued with me that day….

Tamil : Appa, I’ll clear your doubt. Everyone listen to me. They both are in love.

All get surprised and share a smile.

Shakthivel (funnily scolds Karthik) : Dei Karthik, you told me that you don’t have any girlfriend. Do you share only with your sister?

Karthik : I’m sorry pa, I didn’t expect this twist in my life. If I’d known that you were planning to get me married to Revathi, I would have told.

Shakthivel : It’s okay, why ask sorry? You and Revathi made our day. We all thought that you both didn’t meet each other.

Andal : We also didn’t expect this twist Karthik. We must celebrate this happiness.

Karthik : Sure athai.

Revathi Jr : Karthik, is this a dream? I’m still confused.

Everyone laugh and tease her.

Karthik : I too thought it is a dream. But it’s reality. Mama, I really didn’t know that Revathi’s my cousin.

Revathi Jr : Appa, do you remember me telling you that I love someone? That ‘someone’ is none other than Karthik. We first met at his birthday party. I’ll tell you the rest of the things later.

Everyone smile hearing this.

Azhagar : Thanks to both of you as you have fulfilled all of our wishes. Horoscope also confirmed that your lives will be happy after you both get married.

ReThik see each other and smile.

Revathi Sn : Okay, why you both still here? Go upstairs and have a talk. We are so lucky to have you as children.

Happy ReThik hug their parents. They go upstairs.

Everyone rejoice seeing the love birds together.

Scene 4 :

ReThik in Revathi’s room.

They laugh thinking about the incident that happened.

Karthik : I like your room. It’s nice.

Revathi Jr : Thank you. Hey, if we are cousins, why didn’t we meet in childhood?

Karthik : I was in Delhi, where were you?

Revathi Jr : Wow! I was in Bangalore and did my schooling there.

Karthik : Nice. Now I realise why your parents have kept my mom’s name for you.

Revathi Jr : Revathi athai is always understanding. I love her a lot and I’m even more happy as I’m going to become her daughter-in-law.

Karthik : Yeah. I was so tensed that I would lose you. I even dreamt of you leaving me.

Revathi Jr : What?

He tells the dream to her. (Episode 23, Scene 4)

Revathi Jr : Hey! How can you think of me leaving you? Your dream is totally false. Stupid!

Karthik : If I’d known that you are my cousin, I would have dreamt something romantic. And you slay in this saree.

Revathi Jr gets shy.

He keeps his hands on Revathi Jr’s shoulder. He gets even more closer and tries to kiss her directly. She gets away.

Karthik : My romance was going on, why did you ruin? (Mimics)

Revathi Jr : How many times I should tell that it’s only after our marriage? That’s when we start our new life. I’ll promise.

Karthik : Okay Rev. We should thank our parents. They wanted to unite us which we didn’t know before. I should thank God for all this, because you are the strength of my life.

Revathi Jr : Yeah, I should have asked my dad, so I could have known it was you. They have done a lot for us. This gratitude is not enough.

Karthik : We will do anything for them.

Revathi Jr : Sure.

Karthik kisses Revathi Jr’s hand.

Karthik : This is the best day of my life after so much sadness.

Revathi Jr : We are so lucky to have each other. I would never forget this moment.

Karthik : I’m craving for our marriage, so I can spend a lot of time with you.

Revathi Jr : First we should see our engagement. Then only our marriage.

Karthik : Done madam. And I’ll never think of you leaving me again. I’m sorry. If I think again, you better punish me. I’ll wholeheartedly accept it.

Revathi Jr : Aww, it’s okay da. I love you. The biggest punishment that I will give is proving my love for you. I won’t hurt you ever.

Karthik : You are the most precious person in my life. I love you too. LIFE will be even more romantic, caring when you are my would-be WIFE.

They share a hug and happily cry. They again say ‘I love you’.

Scene 5 :

ReThik come downstairs.

Shakthivel : So, did you guys talk?

Revathi Jr : Yeah mama. We’re so happy.

Tamil : Just a talk or anything special? (Teases ReThik)

Karthik : Hey, mind your words. We just talked.

They all laugh.

Tamil goes to Revathi Jr.

Tamil : Hi! I’m Tamil, nice meeting you.

Revathi Jr : Tamil, I’m Revathi. Nice meeting you too. We are sisters.

Tamil : Not only my sister, you are going to be my sister-in-law. I’ll call you my Anni(sister-in-law) hereafter.

Revathi Jr : You talk too much. Love you my sister and Nathanar(sister-in-law).

They hug. Everyone smile seeing them.

Next episode promo : Andal and Tamil have a talk. The family discuss about permanent shift to Canada. They also talk about Rethik’s engagement. Revathi Jr slips and injures her leg. Everyone come to her aid.
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