You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 23

RECAP : Karthik happy as Tamil supports him. Azhagar-Andal upset hearing Revathi Jr’s words. ReThik still in dilemma. They are inconsolable when their parents tell them about the marriage.


Scene 1 :

At morning, Shakthivel enters Karthik’s room.

Shakthivel : How’s work going?

Karthik : Fine pa.

Shakthivel : I’ve brought your cousin’s photo.

Karthik : I don’t wanna see it.

He leaves his room angrily.

Shakthivel : I don’t know how to convince Karthik. Am I not a good father?

He faints.

Tamil sees him and shouts for him. She cries and calls out Karthik and Revathi Sn. Both come and get shocked. They all try to wake Shakthivel.

After few minutes he wakes up. They get relieved. Karthik brings water for him.

Scene 2 :

At Revathi Jr’s house,

Andal and Azhagar forget everything what Revathi Jr told them as they are in a happy mood.

Andal : I’m so glad that our daughter is going to get married.

Azhagar : Yeah, and the preparations are going well too. Hope Karthik likes this.

Andal : Why won’t he? He will get impressed with his uncle.

They laugh.

While Revathi Jr is still in her room…thinking of Karthik.

She comes downstairs and sees the preparations.

Revathi Jr : What’s all these?

Andal : Did you forget? I told yesterday that our future son-in-law is coming today evening to meet you.

Revathi Jr thinks that her parents are happy and forgot her words. She goes to her room.

Azhagar : Maybe Revathi got shy.

Andal : Yeah, Karthik will immediately start to like her.

They tease ReThik.

Scene 3 :

After Shakthivel waking up,

Tamil : We were so worried. Appa, I need you, we need you.

Revathi Sn : If anything happened to you…. what’s the need of us?

Shakthivel : Hey! Stop talking like this. I’m fine.

Karthik : We can’t live without you pa. You are our strength.

Shakthivel : Karthik, please do me a favour.
Karthik : I will do anything for you.

Shakthivel : Please meet your cousin, I want to see you getting married to her. Please meet her today. We are going to Azhagar’s house.

Karthik thinks of Revathi Jr. Tamil sees him.

Revathi Sn : Karthik! Your dad is pleading you. Please obey him. Your life will be good than you expected.

Karthik : O…Okay pa. I’ll meet her.

He is reluctant as he neither wants to lose his father nor his lady love.

Shakthivel hugs Karthik. Karthik acts to be normal in front of everyone.

His parents bless him to get a very good life with his future wife. They go to their room.

Tamil : Anna, how will you convince your girlfriend?

Karthik : I don’t know. I’m cheating everybody. At least she told the truth to her parents. I’m a coward and a good for nothing man.

He gets angry. Tamil stops and consoles him.

Tamil : Anna, let’s hope for the best. I also don’t know who is our cousin.

Karthik : Tamil, you don’t worry. I’ll take care. I need to be alone for some time.

Tamil : Okay Anna, don’t get stressed.

She goes.

Karthik gives a missed call to Revathi Jr.

Karthik : I’m so sorry Revathi, I had to tell this to my father. You should punish me. You don’t deserve a coward like me.

Scene 4 :

ReThik meet at the park.

Karthik : You can punish me Revathi.

Revathi Jr wonders what he’s saying.

Karthik tells the whole incident happened when Shakthivel asked Karthik for a favour.

Hearing this, an upset Revathi Jr slaps Karthik.

Revathi Jr : How could you? I’ve argued with my parents just for your sake, but what did you do to me? I didn’t know you are such a coward. I hate you Karthik.

Karthik : I know. Just give me any punishment. I’ll accept it.

Revathi Jr : Okay, stay away from my life. I regret falling in love with you. Don’t show your face to me! All the best for your married life.

She throws the ring gifted by him.

Karthik begs Revathi Jr not to go away from him. But she pushes him and goes.

Karthik cries and shouts for Revathi Jr.

Karthik wakes up realising that it was just his dream.

Karthik : Phew, I knew that my Revathi won’t do this with me. I hope she understands my situation.

Shakthivel (he comes to his room) : Karthik, aren’t you ready? Come, I’ve selected the best attire for you.

Karthik : Thank you pa. Are we going now?

Shakthivel : Of course! Didn’t I tell you the previous night?

Karthik : Oh yeah, I’m sorry.

Shakthivel : No problem, go, get ready. We are waiting for you.

He goes.

Karthik : Oh no! My father is in a happy mood, I can’t ruin his wish.

Karthik reluctantly dresses up and comes out.

Revathi Sn and Shakthivel smile and hug him. They bless him again.

Tamil see this and gets tensed.

Shakthivel : Shall we go? It’s 5:30 pm.

Revathi Sn : Yes, let’s leave. My son is looking so handsome.

Shakthivel : Like father, like son. That’s why he’s handsome.

They smile and get set to go to Azhagar’s house.

Scene 5 :

Andal makes Jr Revathi ready. She acts to be normal.

Revathi Jr : Enough ma, you are making me like a bride. It’s just a meeting.

Andal : Look how gorgeous you are! Revathi Anni and Anna will get mesmerised, including your cousin.

Revathi Jr smiles but is very tensed inside her. She cries.

Andal : Revathi, don’t cry ma. It’s a special day for you.

She wipes her tears.

They come downstairs. Azhagar sees Revathi Jr and gets emotional.

Azhagar : I can’t believe my daughter is getting married.

They bless Revathi Jr and hug her.

Azhagar : Your uncle likes this colour so much.

Revathi Jr : When are they coming pa?

Azhagar : They will arrive in few minutes.

Andal : Wait, I’ll make juice for them.

Revathi Jr also helps her.

Andal takes the juice but it coincidentally spills on Revathi Jr’s saree.

Azhagar : Andal, go fast and get another saree for her. Why did you do this?

Andal : Sorry Azhagar, I’ll make her get ready fast. Thank God we bought another saree.

She goes with Revathi Jr.

Azhagar waits for Shakthivel and family.


Next episode promo : Shakthivel and family come to Azhagar’s house. He greets them. They all have a talk except Karthik being sad. Andal comes downstairs with Revathi Jr. 


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