You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s love at first sight (Season 1 Episode 1)

You are always mine!

Season 1 : Episode 1

Scene 1:

At Canada, a boy who is the coolest, mature, smart, handsome, charming goes for his new job. He is Karthik!
He meets his three close friends Raja, Ravi and Anu and greets them.
They wish him a happy birthday.

Karthik : Today’s not my birthday guys.

Ravi : Maybe you are so busy. Check the date man!

Karthik: Oh yes! I was lost in my thoughts of work. Thanks guys for wishing plus reminding me!

Raja : It’s okay… There are lots of people who forget their own birthday. We have a plan to conduct your birthday party at a grand hotel.

Anu : We have contacted caterers and made all arrangements. So it’s a treat for you!

Raja asks Karthik if he is committed. The latter wonders why are everyone asking the same thing.

Anu : Me and Raja have confessed our love. He’s asking you because you are also in the same situation. I know a girl in my flat, whom I want you to meet. She is…(shows Jr.Revathi’s photo to him but she doesn’t tell the name)

Karthik looks at the photo and is lost, has a light smile seeing it…
His mind voice : Oh! She’s the girl, so much cuteness and beauty, wish she isn’t committed. Her character will definitely match with mine.

He agrees to meet Revathi Jr. His friends hug him.

Scene 2:
At morning, Revathi Sr. reading a newspaper.

Shakthivel comes and asks: It’s a special day today, can you guess?

Revathi Sr.: I can’t guess, just tell me.

Shakthivel : Today is our son Karthik’s birthday! Have you forgotten?

Revathi : Oh I forgot! I have to wish him. He may be chilling with his friends in Canada.
(They have a cute fight)

Shakthi: Wow! You are his mom. You have forgotten his birthday.

Revathi : Enough of teasing me. I’ll call him.(calls Karthik, but he doesn’t pick it)
He’s not picking up the phone. Maybe he is busy.

(After few hours)

Revathi Sr. calls Karthik on Skype and sings the birthday song to him, while Shakthivel playing the guitar….
Karthik happily cries hearing his parents’ voice and thanks them.
They ask him to enjoy and be safe as well. Karthik asks them to take care, says I love you to them and ends the call.

Scene 3:

Anu goes to Revathi Jr.’s house.
Revathi Jr. opens the door.. and is seen with a sleepy face…

Anu : Have you woken up finally!?

Revathi Jr. : Hey tell me what’s the matter.

Anu: You brush your teeth first. I have to tell you something important.

Revathi Jr. asks her to say then she will brush her teeth.

Anu : It’s my best friend’s birthday today. We have planned to conduct a party today evening. I want you to come, you are invited.

Revathi Jr. : Wow, I love parties, who is she?

Anu : It’s he, not she!

Revathi : Oh! Wait. Let me check my schedule and brush my teeth.
(After brushing her teeth she agrees to come as she is free today.)

Anu smiles and her mind voice: Now it’s a great chance to make her meet Karthik! Wow!

Revathi Jr. asks her why she’s so excited.

Anu : Once you meet the birthday boy, you will fall for him!

Revathi Jr. : Oh, so that’s why you have invited me!

Anu : No not because of that. Its a grand party. If you come over, you can meet everyone and be happy. Don’t forget to come at 6:30 to the hotel. (She leaves).
Revathi Jr. thinking of Anu’s words : Will I fall for him?

Scene 4:
At Karthik’s birthday bash

Karthik is welcomed grandly by his office colleagues, friends, and his boss.

Everyone talk and take photos with him.

Revathi Jr. arrives there wearing her beautiful party wear, and accessories with a birthday present, wondering how will the birthday boy’s character be… Anu and few people welcome her….

Anu : Super machi! You came at the right time… When you meet him, you will realize that I was right.

Revathi Jr. gets a little bit of shyness and smiles…

Episode ends.

Next episode promo : Karthik finally sees Revathi Jr. talking to Anu and smiles at her, thinking that she is more pretty in reality… Hope she recognises me. I will befriend her…(he constantly looks at her)
Andal and Azhagar talk about Revathi Jr. in their house.

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