Yeshu 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yeshu goes on a journey to become Jesus/Massiah

Yeshu 16th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neema telling Yeshu that if he thinks that she will cry for him, then he is wrong and asks him to go. Yeshu thanks her for her friendship, support, love and care. Neema says neither I regard you as God nor I will worship you. She asks him to go. Yeshu walks to his house. Neema looks at his footsteps, touches it and keeps on her eyes. Mary comes there and tells that Yeshu is going so that he can return, says if he don’t go then how will he return? He is going to his teetra yatra and we all have to bid him farewell happily. She says today’s feast is on our behalf, so nobody shall cry. Joseph says you have made the kids understand, if you will be able to cope up. Mary says I have to, no mother will think of keeping her baby down her lap. When he was in danger, I used to run taking him in my lap. Today I can’t run taking him in my lap, but I can become the strength of his feet. Joseph says you are right. Maria looks at the bhog arrangements and thinks time has come for Yeshu to go. Mary comes to Yeshu and gives him bath. Yeshu smiles as she keeps water on his head. Mary gets teary eyes and asks him to wash his legs before sleep and also wipe it before going to bed. Yeshu smiles.

Mary gets him ready. He says I am not ready yet. Mary blesses him. Yeshu comes out of his house and leaves Mary’s hand. He asks everyone to sit and says he will serve food to everyone today. Joseph’s brother tells that this is not Bhog, but God’s prasad. Joseph asks him to go. Yeshu makes everyone taste the food with his hands. Rabbi Guru ji keeps his hand on his head. Yeshu feeds Leena, Neema and others. James promises Yeshu that he will walk on the path shown by him all his life. Maria, her husband, toyseller, Manu and others recall their moments with him. Devdoodh thinks the people are blessed whom God’s child is making them eat. He thinks even he is feeling hungry and wishes to have food by Yeshu. Yeshu asks Mary and Joseph to come and have food with his hands. He feeds food to Mary and Joseph with his hand. Mary recalls feeding food to Yeshu. Yeshu tells Joseph that he is a good father of the world and even God has chosen him as a father. He tells that they both have to reach him during his yatra. Joseph says we will reach you, whenever you want. All the villagers lie down infront of him asking him not to go, leaving him. Yeshu tells that my mother told that if I don’t go then how will I return? He says Maa’s words are like God’s words. He helps the villagers stand up. He turns to go.

Mary gives him a bag. Yeshu tells that until there is love and sympathy is in the world, yeshu will return. Mary hugs him and asks him to take care of himself. Yeshu leaves, while all the villagers and his family walk behind him. He reaches the mountain while everyone look at him from far. He looks at the lamb there. Neema asks him to give them something while going. Yeshu says if you have love and care on your lips then yeshu is with you. Mary asks Yeshu to teach them prayer. Yeshu asks them to hear carefully, a divine light falls on him. He teaches them prayer to God and says Aameen. They all say Aameen. Mary witnesses God holding yeshu’s hand. Neema also witnesses him. Mary thinks she is very lucky mother, as her child is herself God’s child. Yeshu recalls his dreams and opens his arms wide, asks everyone to wait until he returns. Devdoodh tells that Yeshu learnt many things for 18 years, and then returned and worked for the service of mankind and then got hanged for the people.

No Precap. It seems the show ended.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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