Yes, I am married to his brother (Part 6)

Hi guys . I am back here . In love with you will be uploaded soon but take this for now .

At night. Vikram was sending everyone the invitation card for Aaryan ‘s birthday party and sent that to his special too.

Rani – Sent ?
Vikram -yesss

Rajeshwari- What you both are talking? I can’t understand.
Rani – Nothing
Aaryan smiles.

Rani – Lets set black as our dress code and Aaryan will wear white. He should look different.
Vikram – All over black ?
Rani – yes

Vikram gets a call from his special

Vikram – Hello
Girl – I’ll come
Vikram – ok its good
Girl – Talk to your parents about me . I don’t want them to know about any other.
Vikram – we’ll see that tomorrow. Ok
Girl – please . They have started searching boys for me .

In Veer’s house .

Veer – I will come . Don’t worry my son . I will be back . I can’t understand what to wer .
Leave that . A man comes .

Veer – Come Mr. Andrew
Andrew – I will buy this house .
Veer – ok .

He goes .

Veer remembers what happend.

Veer – I was on a highway 🛣 when a car came from front in a rushing speed and overtook the lane . I couldn’t understand what to do and then my car bumped up with that . I was unconscious. When I woke up . I was on a bed in a hospital . My head was paining and then I saw the mirror my hand was fractured and my head had bandage rolled all around it I could not guess what happened to me I was not able to Remember anything about what happened suddenly a man came and ask me about my health I can’t understand what happened to me.

Then, i went out stairs and was not able to understand when everything around me looked Blur what happened to me I ask to myself and then laid on the ground and fainted.

When my eyes opened 5 months have been fast doctor came and told me that I was in coma for 5 months he asked me about my self I could only answer that I am Veer and I am a cardiac surgeon I asked him would he allow me to work in his Hospital and cut the money of my treatment from my salary he said yes you can work but your treatment has been paid I could not remember where is my family e home I lived with.

I was sitting scrolling down pictures in my phone so that I could remember anything anything I picture which was my wallpaper a woman and me I can’t understand who was she after 3 months I remember each and everyone and my family I left my pregnant wife and came here what was that then I thought to go back and see my family now I want to live with them and I will .

  1. Now it would be more interesting to see how he will enter back into his house…

    1. Same, here I can’t wait to see how Veer returns home and what or who caused his accident

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