Yeh Vaada Raha 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
Survi is determined to get to ranvir’s room, and retrieve info from his cell. taking the lord’s name, she makes her way back on the stairs. Survi stealthily goes inside ranvir’s room, to take his phone. Meanwhile, outside, tai asks bindu and hema to scream loudly about a thief. bindu and hema are boggled, while Tai says that they need to alert him, and needs to scream as that would wake up ranvir. Just then, kartik who got up restlessly, finds meher sleeping beside the bed. he then comes to the balcony, to find tai and the daughters all looking towards ranvir’s room and is boggled. he then finds survi’s sandals on the ground, and is scared if survi is inside the room. he rushes down. before they can scream, he places a knife against tai’s throat, and warns them not to scream or else tai shall scream too. tai hurriedly asks them to be quiet, till the time survi comes out safely.

Inside, survi tries hard to stealthily walk till ranvir’s bed, and manage to stealthily take his phone. while surfing through, she is super careful, that he doesnt wake up. finally he wakes up, while survi hides behind the wall. he gets up and looks around, while she desperately prays to god that she isnt seen. Shanti wakes up just then too. he is about to turn around and see survi, when she screams, just to distract him. he asks shanti whats the matter and she says that she has a headache. he says that he shall get the meds. After he leaves, shanti asks survi why is she here, and survi asks her why did she save her, if she wants her to leave kartik. Meanwhile, Kartik prays outside to keep her safe. shanti is tensed. shanti says that she shouldnt have come here, as anyone seeing her can pose a danger to the baby. survi says that she found out what she had to, about her, and caressing her face, she climbs down, just in the nick of time, as he gets meds. as she climbs down, kartik is relieved. tai is aghast, as he says that he let her this time around, but next time, if she tries anything, he wouldnt stand it. he says that he shall get meher to throw her out of the house. tai says that she wont scream, as they have to stay here, since tonight is the last night that they shall be spending time together, as within the next 24 hours, she shall be out, she takes her daughters and leaves. he hurriedly rushes to survi, who slips, while he holds her just in time, to prevent her from falling. a romantic embrace and eyelock follows. he makes her stand and then eyes her tensedly,. while she wears her slippers. he then takes her aside, and asks why she went there. she says that she had no other option, but this. he asks how can she hide her pain from him, as its evident on her face. she says that she wanted to say, but was scared if meher got to know, and she had very less time. he asks if this was all worthwhile. she says that shanti is doing it out of helplessness, and hence she went to ranvir’s phone to find something related to it. he asks if she did. she says that she transferred all the data, and they would know everything about rahul awasthi, hearing which he shall be shocked. she shows him the wedding pic of meher with rahul. they wonder why she married again, if she already is married, and that they shall find him anyhow, to get to the bottom of this. she says that they need to get shanti out of this trap. he says that he is satisfied, that shanti is in front of them. tai hears them talking from a distance. he asks her to take care of herself, come what may. she complies, and says that now their child is with her. they both smile. Just then, meher comes and eyes them together, and screams at him. tai leaves. she asks him whats he doing here, in the middle of the night. she also reprimands survi for eing with him. he hurriedly says that he came down for water, and he saw her walking nervously all around, and hence came here, whereas she should be in her room. she puts her arms around him, and says that she understands and reprimands her for not resting, asking her to go. kissing him on the cheek, she takes him inside. meher asks him to go to the room, while she gets water. once he is gone, tai signals her to come along. meher asks whats the matter. tai says that she wants to show her something, as its urgent. she takes her from there.

Meanwhile survi finds kishore coming inside the front gate, with his baggage. survi is happy to see him. he says that when he found everything out, he couldnt stop himself, and asks how is she. she says that she is fine, and whats inevitable shall happen, but one thing is good, he came, as a messenger of help. he asks what needs to be done. she shows him the pic, and asks him to identify rahul awasthi, telling the entire background, of this man’s connection with shanti. she says that she thinks shanti knows about this man, which is a mystery, and once the scare is finished, she shall be with them. he asks her not to worry, as he would find out everything, but decides not to be seen, or else the people might create problems. she asks him to get to the rahul mystery rightaway. he says that he shall find out tonight itself, and asks her to take care of herself. saying so, he leaves. survi stands tensedly.

Meanwhile, tai trakes meher to survi’s room, and shows her an elaborate setup of black magic, that she says that survi is trying to kartik, due to which he keeps getting attracted to her at odd hours, whenever she wants. Tai says that she is unable to bear that kartik has started loving her, and hence has started doing all this, to get him back to her. meher asks if she has done this. tai asks who else then. she also recognises kartik’s shirt, and that she speaks everything clearly, as survi has taken the divorce but still considers her as another woman. meher says that she wont spare this woman enraged, while tai is amused that her plan worked. they hear footsteps approaching. tai clears up the area, saying that they cant let survi know, that they know about her. survi walks in, and they are tensed. she asks whats the matter. meher says that she doesnt find it necessary, to tell her, as its her house, and she can go anywhere she pleases. meher says that she came here for the baby, and asks how can she sleep on the hard bed, as it must be uncomfortable for her baby, and asks her to remember that she is just here for the baby. she says that she has instructed tai to replace this one with a soft bed for her. they both leave. she wonders when did meher start getting so concerned for her. she thinks that something is definitely wrong. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Meher poses as a nurse, and coems to survi for her chekcup. she asks her routine questions as to if this is her first pregnancy. survi answers in the affirmative, and meher fumes, when she gives her name as, Survi Kartik Barve. but she controls herself. then she gets to doing the ultrasound, while survi lies on the bed, nervous and excited at the same time. later, meher starts the countdown, and once she finishes, the light goes off, and the door is closed. then survi asks why she did so. she says that she wants to make her understand. survi asks what, as she gets scared. meher slowly progresses towards her, while survi is cornered against the wall. she is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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