Yeh Vaada Raha 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: KArtik’s residence, Chawl
Abir’s mother lashes at him, when kartik refuses to give into her requests and throws money too at him, but he refuses. she brands his poverty due to this indignant attitude and then leaves, from there, disgusted by the dirtyness of the chawls. all are amused. Kartik makes fun of her, saying that this is how she gets repaid back. she swears that she wont spare him.

Scene 2:
Location: Police station
As khushi comes out of the call, kartik arrives. abir taunts her on her name. she is insistent on filing a chargesheet against him, but the police advises her otherwise. he asks kartik to explain the court proceedings to the daughter. but she is adamant, despite her father’s request too, and asks the police if he would have given the same advise had it been his father. abir taunts her on her morality. kartik tries to talk her out of it, but she is adamant. she takes him from there. the inspector asks if he should be let out, but abir is okay with spending the night inside. he remebers khushi’s words. his mother comes and raises a hue and cry over her son inside the cell. when abir makes a comment on his father, things get awkward between the two. he is resigned about the indifferent and busy attitude of his father who doesnt have time for him. she is shocked to know that he shall be in the jail in the night.

Scene 3:
Location: Mumbai Court
The next morning, khushi and kartik together file the chargesheet and case, and hire a lawyer, after she refuses for an outside settlement. then abir’s lawyer takes entry, seeing whom her lawyer gets intimidated. they both look up. abir’s mother taunts khushi and kartik, that today they shall learn a lesson not to repeat the mistake of messing with them. she humiliates and embarasses them on their financial status.he taunts her back, while khushi tries to refrain him back. as he enjoys teasing her. after she is gone, he asks khushi if they still have time to refrain back, but khushi is adamant. abir comes and confronts them. he continues to taunt her. he says that he went to his room to freshen up, and then change clothes for the court. they hear. he tries to scare her by his financial power.

Inide the court proceedings start, in which abir’s lawyer tries to downplay abir’s crime, while kartik gets enraged. when her lawyer isnt able to present the cas eproperly, khuishi takes permission and stands in the witness box, and asks the judge to take a decision today, to set an example. he asks her to stick to her narrative. she declares everything. however, he makes a separate case, and accuses khushi and her father of a preplanned motive. then he also shows evidence of her gatecrashing into the party. she is tensed as he tries to turn the case around. she declares that this is all a lie. the judge goes through abir’s mobile to look at their pics together. he also says that she demanded for 10 lakhs to stop this unnecessary torture on him. he says that he didnt give. he then asks the judge to take a fair decision. kartik gets enraged and starts talking. abir coolly taunts him. the judge asks him to quieten down, amd khushi calms him too. she says that she too got a proof. the screen freezes on khushi’s face, while all are shocked.

Precap: the judge announces the decision in khushi’s favour, and also adds that the inspector be suspended for a year for being corrupt, and brands abir to a stay in kartik’s chawl, not as a punishment but as a rectifying measure. they are aghast. abir meanwhile finally steps in khushi’s chawl, later on.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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