Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Barve mansion
While khushi swears that she shall teach him a lesson, abir is full of ego and pride about the fact that, he shall not comply to her wish and if he has to, and spend the night in jail, then she too shall go witb him. she says that she shall not but he will, as he needs to be taught a lesson. Abir locks her hand with his in the handcuff and throws the key away. she is aghast. while he suggests that they shall be tgogether, she is disgusted. he is thoroughly amused, while she is flusterede. she asks the inspector to get the extra keys. but he asks them to come along, and she rebukes back. abir asks him to go and get the keys, while they relaqx and party here conveniently. she doesnt like that option too. he is amused at her plight. she lashes at him, and reminds that he is the one being arrested. he asks her how pitiful it shall be that she being a responsible citizen is being taken to jail like this. she retaliates back, and then they both sit and leave for the police station.

Scene 2:
Location: KArtik’s residence, Chawl and police station
While abir is amused, khushi is distraught and continues asking them to look for the spare keys. finally frustrated with her incessant rant, the police asks them to look for the keys soon. he complies. abir is chilled out, while khushi fumes at every single person, getting impatient that she has to wait for him. she remembers kartik being alone, and tries to call him, but abir wrenches his hand and she isnt able to reach out to her mobile. just then, the phone starts ringing. khushis receives it. she assures him everything is fine, while he is dead worried about her. abir takes the phone and asks him to sleep and not wait up. kartik is tensed, as to who is this, and he asks him not to worry, as she shall be with him for the night. saying so, he cancels, and then breaks the phone. she is enraged. she asks if everyone and everything is a joke to him, and asks him to try and realise the implications of what he just did, as he wouldnt be able to process this prank. he gets tensed, when she lashes at him, for being so casual in his remark, and brands him as self centred and self obsessed, and then taints his upbringing and his parents, for the the reason that he turned out like this today. she says that he must have lacked parental care anbd attention, when he was young, as he must have suffocated with wads of money, hence he understands that very language. she mortifies him while he stoically and defensively tells her that she is bang on, but asks her to save it for others, as he is least affected and distracted. he then asks the police to lock them up.

Meanwhile, kartik fumes that khushi never listens to him, and lands herself in soup every single time. he is about to go in and dress up, about to walk out, when a young lady enters, and identifies herself as kamini. he asks her to leave as he has to hastily go somewhere. she recognises herself as abir’s mother and is highly apologetic. he vents out his anger at her, while she begs him to forgive abir, as its not his fault. she points out how she and her son were thrown out young aged, by her husband, into the world of death, hunger, starvation, and hence he turned out so cold, understanding only money. he continues mumble grumpily, while she says that its not his fault he turned out like this, as he never had a father to discipline him. she gets on his feet and requests to forgive him, and convey the same to survi too. he says that he shall tell khushi, as she and he too dont want to fight the case. she thanks him, and then says that she is waiting outside, while asking him to freshen up and come along. the hawaldar meanwhile shows them the way, and abir forcibly takes her with him. as they are shoved inside the lockup, he falls and she does on top of him. the keys slip out of the pocket, which the hawaldar points out. both look at it intently.

MEanwhile, outside, his mother smirks evilly, and then is disgusted at the way she had to come here. she narrates her friend on the phone about what happened, and how beautiful she acted, and mocks about it, saying that she had to do it, only for the sake of her son. she says that she had to do this drama to get abir out of the mess. he hears this from behind, while she starts enjoying as she narrates to her friend as to how she befooled the father. as he comes in front of hjer, she is flabbergasted that her lie has been caught. he reprimands her as to what kind of a woman she is, while she feels frustrated and irritated at his rants. she gets enraged, when he points out that the fault is in abir’s upbringing, and its good that he knew the truth, since now he wouldnt comply to what she wants, and khushi is right to teach him and her too indirectly as a lesson. she is irritated.

In the police station, as they are shoved inside the lockup, he falls and she does on top of him. the keys slip out of the pocket, which the hawaldar points out. both look at it intently. he laments that his lie got caught. they both get up, while she angrily eyes him. he taunts that he couldnt have risked to spend the night with her, and sees through her, saying that she isnt always what she seems. she is whisked out by the hawaldar who uncuffs her. the screen freezes on her tensed and his amused face.

Precap: In the court, khyushi and abir take their stand. when asked to clarify what exactly happened, he concocts an entire lie, trying to prove that she did so deliberately, and put her father in front os his car, and then in the night party, she was clinging onto him too. he shows the picture of the rain party, where he had gotten her cosy, as an evidence, adding that here also, she was trying to get intimate and close. khushi is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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