Yeh Vaada Raha 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence, Mumbai
ganesh Chaturthi’s celebrations are in full swing, as the lord is taken for puja. tai takes the plate from lata’s hands, when she tries to do the tilak. A call comes, and Kartik’s aide is shocked. this alarms tai, lata and everyone else. lata asks him what happened. He tells lata that the plane is which kartik was coming crashed mid-air. Lata is shocked and distraught. All others are distraught and surprised too. tai asks if he has gone mad, and he says that the driver called just now, saying that security officials have confirmed that the plane has crashed, and soon the experts’ team shall go and find out where it has crashed. lata collapses on the floor. tai goes berserk and turns to the lord, and says that this cant be, as kartik is like her son, and nothing can happen to him. She asks how can he give the riches and house, but take away the son of the house. tai rushes away from there in grief. All are shocked. tai says that she doesnt wish to talk to anyone. Outside, her daughter asks her to open the door, but when she doesnt, the daughter leaves. tai keeps screaming. Tai pretends to be horribly sad but then in the confines of her room, she is overjoyed with excitement thinking that she managed to kill two birds with one stone, one srikant is out and now god blessed her with kartik’s demise too, and the house as a bonus. she says that kartik came in the world, top make her a miliionaire, and once she became, kartik went, and that now she shall handle everything. she is overjoyed with excitement, and then drinks alcohol, to celebrate the occassion. downstairs, all keep confirming lata that she neednt worry as the lord shall keep him safe.

A grieving lata and her family hear the news about the plane crash, and lament the unfortunate incident. The experts say that no one died, as all had left the plane. They all thank the lord, as they have their last glimmer of hope survive, that kartik might be safe and sound. he says that kartik has helped so many people, and hence nothing wrong can happen. they are all relieved. The girl rushes to tell this to tai, who in her own fake grief, is mourning his death. the girl tells her that nothing happened to kartik. tai says that she cant trust her good luck, burning inside with jealousy. she drinks some more. the girl tells her that there was noone inside the plane. tai comes and with fake pretense, asks and thanks the lord for a miracle like this. she says that she had started thinking what not, about her future, but now nothing, as he cares about her future more than she herself. she cries but for herself. the girl rushes to be with the rest of the family. tai fumes.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed Location, in the jungles
While survi hangs from the tree brach, she screams at him, who lies unconscious on the ground. he wawkes up and tells her that he is right here. she says that this is why they shouldnt have gone to the plane. he says that he never knew this would happen. he is irritated. he asks her to take off her parachute. she says that she is scared. he asks her to take it off, as the worst has happened, that staying here longer shall be risky, since its getting dark, and they should move out. But she doesnt do it herself. He then helps her get down. she comes down fuming irritably. he is frustrated with her behaviour too. she says that she wont talk to him. He asks why. She says that first she didnt want to board the plane, but he insisted, then she didnt want to jump off, and he insisted then too also. he says thats why they are alive surviving the massive crash. he asks her to come along. they start walking in different directions. he asks her to come his way. She asks what if this way is right. he asks her to just shut up and comply, as they have to reach the highway before evening, and call up home, so that they arent tensed with the news of the plane crash. they start walking, and he says that they have to walk for another half an hour, after which they shall have the highway. As he gets ahead he is surprised and she asks what happened. he says that they should follow her path. She comes and finds the road ending in a ditch with no way ahead. She gives her know it all look, and says that she saw a kachcha road her way, and hence thought it must have been used. he comments her observation powers, and then starts walking with her on her way. Survi says that she spent 4 years in dubai, and what did he do. he excitedly says that he had gotten srikant’s house keys, but didnt use it, and instead sold it. he goes ionto flashbacxk, remembering how he gave up the gun. he tells tai that he shall not do wrong work anymore. tai says that income is needed to run the house. he says that the right way can also get money. She slaps him when he swears on bhao’s name. he comes back to being with survi, and tells that he started a business with the money, and soon flourished. he talks about his achievements. she asks about shanti. he says that she is fine, and misses her the most particularly on birthdays. She enquires about everyone, and he says that his mother is fine too, but always tensed. She says that the wrong work gets money but not happiness. he surprisedly asks who is doing the wrong work, and then remembers what he had told her in the plane. he says that he was joking then. She doesnt believe it. he says that he was just teasing her as she was getting scared. she doesnt pay heed, while he asks her to listen. They finally reach the highway. she starts walking. but he insistently tells her that he doesnt do anything wrong. She says that it doesnt bother her, as he is grown up and can decide for himself. he says that she is right and that he doesnt need to justify himself before her. he says that till srikant doesnt come back, she is his responsibility, and after that they can go their ways. he says that in these 4 years one habit of hers hasnt changed. She asks what, but he doesnt reply.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence, Mumbai
In the house, all enjoy and celebrate, when they get the news that kartik is on his way. they are overjoyed. tai is tensed. Lata asks him why had kartik gone to dubai at all. they are all tensed when he says that he had gone to get survi. tai is shocked to hear this. she again asks and when she is confirmed, she is shocked. All are tensed. Shanti is happy though. tai remembers survi’s last memory of hers, and thinks that she shall never stay under the same roof with her husband’s murderer’s daughter. the screen freezes on her angry face.

Precap: survi and kartik arrive at the house. She stops while he nudges her to come inside. she is hesitant to go inside. He tells her that all must be waiting for her, particularly tai, who must be highly tensed. he goes in, while she is scared to face tai, remembering their last meeting, when she had wanted to cut off her leg. While tai sits tensedly, kartik hesitantly comes to her side. he tells her about his promise to srikant. Tai says that he had made a promise to her too, and the second promise to her too, and if he fulfills one, then the other breaks down automatically.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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