Yeh Vaada Raha 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Dubai, and Tai’s residence, Mumbai
An emotional tai looks at bhao’s pic, and gets emotional as she says that life has been incomplate since he left, as aniket is handicapped by the leg and all due to srikant. She says that she took the revenge of his death, finally from srikant, and that he must be thinking that tai forgot, but she has been every single second, terribly swearing her revenge, and today finally had her way with him. She says thats why he has separated srikant from his daughter and wonders who shall take care of her, oblivious of kartik’s promise to srikant. Meanwhile, oblivious to her plan, kartik swears to take care of srikant’s daughter and takes her from there.

Later, tai comes back and the entire family starts gathering and chatting animatedly. she gets angry and furious at the mention of kartik having amassed all this wealth and everything for her and her family. she reprimands them not to even think that this is kartik’s as this is her house and shall always remain so. she is tensed as she finds lata out of the room with her daughter, hearing all this. she turns it around, saying that obviously kartik shall gladly give this all to her, after the way they brought him and his family up, doing an immense favour on them, and that lata is so nice and genuine that if needed she shall leave the house, but not allow them to leave this. lata eyes her tensedly without saying a word. then, Kartik’s aide gets a hoard of servants and maids. Lata goes inside with her daughter. tai asks him to get all the people on work, except for the cook, and then hollers for lata. lata turns around surprised. Tai asks lata if she is right, and lata is unable to respond. Tai says that they are habituated to lata’s cooking, and hence she can keep a servant for anything, but for cooking, she wont rely on anyone other than lata. tai asks lata if she has any issue. she feels insulted and unhappy but doesnt say anything on face. she silently complies.

An angry tai asks the man where is he taking the car without her permission, while he is giving instructions to the newly assigned driver. he says that he is going to the airport to pick up Kartik. Tai is boggled. He says that kartik is coming back from dubai. She is tensed wondering why he had gone to Dubai.

Scene 2:
Location: In the aeroplane
Survi refuses to board the plane, despite kartik’s attempts to make her board it. but she is scared and keeps giving reasons as to why she cant go. but he keeps insisting and then makes her convince that nothing would happen to her. She finally gives in. They finally take off. Survi is too scared and keeps chanting the lord’s name. kartik tries to keep her tension free, that soon they shall reach and she wont even realise it. As it gets ready to take off, survi starts crying, scared. kartik sees her and is tensed. he asks why is she scared now, as within some hours they shall reach Mumbai. But she keeps crying incessantly. He gets angry and asks her to shut up, as they are safe. As kartik and survi are in the plane, they experience severe turbulence in the plane, which is more than the normal disturbance. they hear a voice asking them to tie the seat belt, as their engine has stopped working, due to technical problems, and are horribly scared. The pilot tries to steady the plane, and then finally announces that the situation is in control and they are progressing towards Mumbai. she is scared. he then gets to convincing that an alternate engine replaced the faulty one. He then apologises for getting angry and shouting at her, due to the stress in the morning, and got a little overwhelmed with the way things turned up. he says that he has been searching for them, but couldnt find. Then he got srikant’s call in the morning, and instantly came there. she asks him what work he does. He is boggled. She asks how is this possible, as how could he arrange tickets at such short notice and asks if he is doing anything wrong. He asks her what does she think. She hesitates and then adds that since he is earning so much, it cant be due to the right work. he agrees and says that he does do wrong work, but it doesnt concern her. He says that she neednt be tensed, as once srikant is out of jail, they caan go their separate ways. She eyes him tensedly. Later she doses off. he eyes her and remembers their childhood moments together. he remembers her concern about his line of work. The air hostess comes and asks him to fasten the seat belts as only 20 minutes are left for the touchdown. She tries to wake up survi but he asks her not to, as she is calmly sleeping. The hostess complies and leaves. he prays to the lord to help them land safely. the plane faces turbulence again, and survi wakes up, scared. they hold each other’s hands to see through it. the screen freezes on the falling plane.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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