Yeh Vaada Raha 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Vaada Raha 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi is aghast and unable to believe what just happened. she breaks down crying incoherently., and when kartik and khushi understood when she tells them. they are apalled too. she deduces that it was meant for them, and its tai’s plot, and that she poses a great danger to them yet. they are apalled. survi makes them be locked inside a store room. khushi and kartik are petrified. he says that he cant understand. she asks him not to be scared, as she is there. she asks khushi to take care of him. she complies. survi then kisses both of them, and leaves. she instructs the guard not to allow anyone to come inside. he complies. later, a berserk tai, with a khurpi in her hand, knocks the gate open ajar. the guard runs away. she screams for survi, with blod shot eyes. survi is shocked, while khushi and kartik get enraged. survi dials the police, and warns them of the danger looming on their head. she asks survi to come out, as her game is over now., and death certain. she says that she shall kill them all. Inside, survi asks kartik and khushi to go in, while she is pleased to see his concern and his anger. she asks khushi to ensure that things are exactly like that, and they stay inside. survi makes them promise, that come what may, she wont step out along with kartik. they are distraught while survi shows them a way out, through the attic and the store. she begins to leave, when he grabs hold of her dupatta. but she asks him to let go, so that she can tackle them outside.

MEanwhile, survi in hiding, finds tai and others searching for them frantically. seeing the khurpi, she remembers her childhood. kartik ducks while khushi prays. tai’s screams for survi make her alert. he tries to rush out, but khushi stops him. tai asks survi to come out, or else she kills her family. meanwhile kartik’s noise inside alarms tai and they rush towards the house. survi decides to evade them till the police comes. she is tensed.she stops tai from getting inside. tai screams of her pain and distress in frustration, and talks about her pain. she swears revenge for the death of her children. survi is apalled. she says that it was her fault 20 years back to let her go. she says that today she shall rectify it, by killing her first of all today, survi says that she shall be able to get in only over her dead body. tai says thats p-erfect as she wanted her to die first as it is. a duel starts, wherein survi makes them all lose out. but tai places a masterstroke in the end, when she plunges the khurpi in her stomach sidweays. survi is aghast as she falls on the floor. she is about to plunge further, when survi stops her hand. but tai cuts off her throat with it, while survi writhes in pain, yet stops tai from getting ahead. bindu and pyare watch as tai throws her off the stairs. she is about to kill her, when the police arrives, but tai cuts off her leg anyways. she screams out, and he hears this and is apalled. he rushes out, while the inspector nab tai and others, survi lies on the ground, as they rush to see her, she is distraught. tai smirks happily. tai says that she broke her promise, and now their love story has finished, and she couldnt save her family. the constables take her away, while survi doses in and off consciousness. they are apalled to see her like this.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Survi is rushed to the OT, wherein his hand finally separates from hers, and he is apalled. kartik and khushi are distraught. they both watch while the doctors try and revive survi anyhow. she is flatlining, while khushi rushes to the ganesha idol and starts praying. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: After 15 years, a girl in the disco is walking listlessly, when a boy comes and holds her hand from behind. she turns around and is exactly like survi. the boy watches her tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. It’s seems interesting i was waiting for it i hope after the leap everything would be great …

  2. nisha kapoor

    Survi ko kya hua jisse hospital chale gaye
    Tai ne esa kya kiya

    Tell me reply message
    Tell me reply message

    1. Tai tried to kill kartik and khusi too , and survi got hurt while saving her , she got some really deep wounds , so SHE DIED 🙁

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