Yeh Vaada Raha 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abeer says first time ever I am saying truth to someone. She says what are you doing? He says let me speak. I am really very sorry. He sits on his knees. He says I have never done this in my life. I am very sorry please pardon me. Lets forget and move ahead. I want to show you something. He claps. A man comes in a lot of gifts. He says take all these gifts they are all for you. i know girls like gifts and they can forgive anyone. I have a feeling you will forgive me.
Kamini says to Pratap hi honey. He says you are still here? You have no right to stay here. We divorced years ago. I don’t want my wife to see you here. Get the hell out of here. Kamini says your house? Really? This house is of your company, of which my son is 50% share holder. My son only listens to me. He has gone to apologize her. You couldn’t make him do that but I did. He will pay for her sufferings. He will give her everything she never dreamed of. That’s what Kamini does. Done and dusted. Pratap laughs. He says you are so dumb. You and your son always underestimate people. She has forgiven Abeer. But this won’t happen. Trust me your games won’t work.
Pratap says today is not Khushi’s test God, it is yours. I wanna see which mold will you melt her in. I wanna know how will she react.
Abeer says you can start your life anew with all this. These car keys, house papers and jewelry. Accept all this pardon me and forget it all. I request you just say to dad that you don’t accept this marriage or I will lose him forever. I will never show you my face again. Khushi says you want to finish everything? That’s why you did all this? He says yes. Khushi says are you sure? He says that’s best for both of us. Khushi slaps him. She slaps him again. Abeer is dazed. Khushi says everything is over. Now you live with two slaps while I live with your two mistakes. Forget me and I will too. All this that you did, your dad was right. A man can realize what mistake he has done when he realizes what he actually did. This is all a joke a for you. This might be your daily routine. Slapping men like you, is a routine for women like me. You are free now, do what you want. You will live with these slaps all your life. You will be reminded that you can’t buy somene’s self respect and dignity. I will call your dad and tell him tomorrow that everything is over. His son has clenched a deal. Khushi leaves.
Abeer is driving back home. he recalls the slaps.
Kamini says she agreed right? These poor people only shut up with money. Thats what they only want. Abeer says she slapped me twice. Kamini says what how could she. He says I went there to end this but it was a new beginning. She doesn’t want it to be over. you were right. Now see where I take it now.

Abeer comes home and sits in Pratap’s feet. Pratap says what happened? She returned your materialistic gifts? Abeer says yes dad. Whenever I apologized someone I did like this. But she made me realize my mistake. You were right. What happens, happens for good. I realized today that you can’t plan life your way. God plans everything. He picks up the mangalsutra. He says God made me meet her. It was all his plan. He got me married to her and most importantly he made me realize I was going to make a mistake. Today i promise you God what you wrote for me, I will accept it completely.
Abeer says I have decided that. I will accept that girl as my life partner. Pratap says I want the same. She will fix your life. abeer says if you want he to be part of us, I will bring her here. Pratap hugs him.

Khushi says papa get ready I have to go for music class. She reads newspaper and is shocked. Pratpa says give me breakfast. Khushi says I.. He says you overcooked it again? Give me as it is. He sees the paper and is shocked. They have Abeer and Khushi’s wedding picture printed.

Precap-Abeer goes to a building and says he will jump from building if Khushi doesn’t come there in an hour and accept him. Police and media also comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Episode toh nhi dekha bt kuch accha hone Vala Hai. Love u abeer khushi Jldi se aao or abeer ko accept krlo

  2. Lv u abeer.

  3. Oh! my Abeer.Love u so much.I’am very happy that u realize ur mistake.Love u Zain.

  4. Oh so nice i love you abeer.

  5. He doesn’t realizes his mistake… He will make hell of khushi ‘s life

  6. It’s a new game plan of abeer to make khushi’s life hell…
    But still luv u zain?..watching only for u…

  7. oh like really I all think abeer realized his mistake he is just pretending n when khusi will come he will again say abeer ko slap marne ki saza bla bla bla …….. writers this is so suck yaar why don’t u all make this a comedy type or like jungle adventure story

  8. Guys a very very bad nws…. YVR is going off air on 20jan16 and i dont think it is any plan of zain to make life of khushi hell?????… It is heart breaking news?????

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