Yeh Vaada Raha 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai is amused to find kartik’s place all dishevelled, and he is getting dressed to go. she pretends to be co ncerned and asks whats the matter. he says that everything is okay. she informs that kushi has been discharged, and the children wish to see her, and that its unavoidable to go. lata intervenes, emphasising that he shouldnt go. but tai contionues to vehemently say that she shall take kartik, and that he is hurting inside. she succeeeds in convincing him to go, as they all know that khushi is survi and jatin’s daughter, and that he can move on now that she has too. she says that he should end all relations with survi. kartik says that he shall go. tai is amused, and eyes lata evilly, and leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
survi and jatin try and cheer her up, and go out to get food for her, but she misses kartik but swears that she wouldnt want survi to know that she is sad. They are apalled as she tries to be happy desperately for her. Outside, survi tries to make jatin understand that khushi is hiding her sadness, and that she has faced enough truth for a day. she says that she may not have sired her, but she gets affected at her slightest pain. jatin wonders how to cheer her up. kartik comes saying that he shall. he is very casual, while they are super tensed. he taunts them for his interference in their relationship. he continues to throw barbed insults at her. jatin, unable to take it any longer, asks him to be careful, addressing him by name. kartik is shocked, that jatin turned from sir to first name basis in a minute. kartik says that he too has been brainwashed by survi wonderfully, as he himself was. she is apalled. jatin asks him to get to the point, and not waste time around. he holds his finger, and survi gets tensed fearing a tussle. kartik tells jatin that he took everything. Kartik taunts him, that he took everything of his, even his wife. he asks her that she must have had one small corner for him. he again points out how she even took the name Khushi from him. he says that this can only mean, either she hates him, or she loves him like hell. survi is disturbed. Jatin comes to her, and lunges at his throat. survi is distraught to see this. kartik says that its okay and he neednt be flustered. jatin grabs at him, while she is apalled. she asks jatin to let him go, but jatin is furious at him, for doing this to khushi and their life. she asks him to spare him, and he complies. kartik is amused, as to how nicely he listened to what she told him to do. survi begs him that she is tensed, and asks him not to bother her anymore. he says that he cant do this, as he is the pain, thats only aggravated but not lessened. she is shocked. he says that even if he is blamed, he cant see khushi in pain, and talks about how he and the children have come to meet her. jatin denies, saying that children shall be allowed, but not he, who is using them as an excuse. kartik shuts him, and then asks survi. she silently complies to his request. jatin feels embarassed. kartik asks tai to get the children. when she does, she doesnt let survi meet them, or touch her feet. she then takes the children inside. tai eyes the kidnapper from hiding. survi makes the kids meet khushi, who enquire about her good health. riya apologises to khushi, who says that she is fine. rohit gives her chocolate. survi leaves to get food for them. but then she starts coughing, and survi tries to give her meds, but she doesnt take it. kartik and jatin come in too, despite the fact that jatin has been hollered for, and that tai instigates him that survi didnt call for him. tai asks him to do what he came here to do, end his love story. kartik is set to thinking.

Jatin rushes inside, and checks the doctor’s call, and tries to get some advice. survi has a hard time feeding her med. she is surprised seeing kartik. while trying to cheer her up,a nd sweet talking with her, he manges to give her meds. he then strikes a deal with her, while survi notices that he still has the ganesha bracelet on. He tells khushi that he wishes she was his child, but even if not, they have a special connection, and they are, were and shall forever be friends. survi is apalled. jatin is enraged.

Outside, tai explains her scheme to the kidnapper. inside, kartik makes khushi smile through his friendship with her, and she too complies. The screen freezes on her smiling face.

Precap: kartik taunts them to come to a mutual decision, and then addresses jatin as her husband, and caressing her neck, while she is uncomfortable. he reminds her of the mangalsutra, that he had thrown, and apologises fakely, saying that it was his and on his name, hence he took it off. sheis apalled. he guffaws, while jatin in enraged. he searches around, while insulting and reprimanding her for this kind of infidel behaviour. he holds it upto her, asking her to wear it then. he gives her the necklace, and just as she is about to take, he asks jatin to help her wear it. they are aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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