Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Mumbai Chawl
Bhao’s entire family is grieving, while the angry mob give threats to srikant, that he too has his days numbered, as the police try and take him out with full protection. They brave the angry lynching of the mobs, and make way for srikant and survi to pass through. Finally, they both arrive to their house, while the people around them murmur of him being responsible for bhao’s death and how he too shall not live for long. he silently faces their comments and enters with survi, who shuts the door after them. srikant sits in a daze, worried, while she is tensed for him. she comes to him, and then he remembers the police’s threats, and everything that happened after that, while she gives him a glass of water. She is teary eyed, while he complies. She assures him that the lord shall do everything okay. he says that he isnt concerned for her, but if anything happens to her, then he wont be able to face her mother up in heaven. She says that its due to her, as had she not been foolish enough to be kidnapped, this wouldnt have happened. he asks her not to say so. she asks him to go and tell everything to tai, but he says that she isnt in a condition to hear anything or be convinced, as she lost her husband, and she considers him responsible. He says that its too late for anything to be done now. she hugs him and tells that nothing wrong would happen. they are suddenly alarmed, by the severe banging of the doors, by bhao’s devout followers, who threaten and thrask the door. he clutches at her, and runs for safety, as they start pelting the door with stones, breaking the glass windows. They barge in and capture survi and srikant, separating them. The angry mob takes them both out, in the middle of the streets, where they confront a widow, Tai with an axe in her hand, angrily facing them, while her followers too in rage.

Scene 2:
Location: Police Station
The police comes to the cell, where kartik and his men are put. The inspector explains everything to them, as to how they only wanted to capture him, and not kill, but his foolishness led him to die. he says that bhaio’s death created enough trouble for them too. he says that now the statement needs to be issued, that he tried to flee, and thats what caused the scuffle, and he died in the encounter that followed. He asks bhao’s men and kartik to sign off the statement, as eye witnesses, and offers them a deal. he says that in return for this statement, they shall go scot free, without any filing or hearing of the case, and freedom in a second. He says that they would not be in any trouble. he asks kartik if he understood. when he turns around, akrtik, quiet till now, finally hollers at him and responds in a wicked smile. He reminds the inspector that first they shot at aniket. the police say that he tried to run, hence they shot him. kartik says that he had no other choice, as they were targetting his father. the police wards it off, and says that his offer is for everyone, and in accepting it, they would be doing themselves a favour, including kartik. kartik says that he is thinking of his benefit, as bhao was going silently, but their mistake cost him his life. He says that by leaving them all, he isnt favouring them but marking a deal. the inspector accepts its their fault, but its their duty, as things had worsened, and they did what they felt right, and that they cant punish the police for the death of a goon, who was in no way a saint, and hence he can do whatever he wants to. Kartik says that he wont stand his father like figure being murdered, and hence he would name and implicate everyone, in the court, so that they too face punishment, and he shall himself teach srikant a lesson and take his revenge. The police eye him tensedly. The police comes up with a plan to implicate kartik in another murder case, where they havent been able to get the suspect, and decide to take him off bhao’s case, so that he doesnt get the chance to open his mouth in the court hearing. Kartik is worried to hear this. just then, the inspector gets a call and gets extremely worried.

Scene 3:
Location: Mumbai Chawl
Amidst heavy rainfall, survi and srikant are captued by tai’s men, while they confront each other. tai angrily begins to progress towards him, while survi is apalled and protests. tai shuts her, when she tries to tell her about his helplessness. he tries to explain why and how he had to do it. tai asks if he is scared of death now, and says that she too was scared, but at the end, her husband died, and once he died, her fears went too, and that she shall handle his business now, and whatever he did, she shall do now, and bhao never forgave his betrayers. Srikant says that he didnt do it intentionally. tai tells him of the lavish arrangements that she had for their 25th anniversary, which wont happen only because of him. She says that bhao wanted to sacrifice whenever he started a new business, and today she shall sacrifice him, for her start. Survi and srikant are shocked. Tai progresses ahead. survi rushes and begs her to let go of srikant, as he wasnt at fault, and asks her to hit her instead. he is apalled. Tai eyes srikant and then says that she grants her wish and wouldnt kill him, but what of the loss that she bore, and asks how would they repay that. she gives survi a push and she falls on the ground. tai tells that if not a life for a life, then maybe a leg for a leg. He asks tai to let go of her. Tai says that her son wouldnt ever be able to walk again. She says that what pain she is feeling right not for her son, she wants her father to feel the same pain for her too, and begins to cut off survi’s leg, while she stands apalled. Srikant screams out, while the sword gives a blow. But all are shocked, as tai’s hand is held by the inspector, and survi rushes to srikant, while the lady constables take tai away, while she keeps lunging and swearing revenge at srikant. Survi eyes her scared, as she hugs srikant.

Scene 4:
Location: Police station
Survi and srikant are brought to the police station. they are given tea. She denies to drink. he calms her down and asks her not to be scared as they are in the police station, and she neednt bother, as noone shall come here. The inspector says that noone shall come now, and they wouldnt have to go back to the chawl. She mumbles and asks where shall they stay then. he smiels at them. he tells them that he did whatever he could for them, but now his staying here is dangerous, due to bhao’s men, and hence he should leave with survi. they are tensed. he says that through his friend in dubai, he has arranged for a decvent job for him, and asks him to go and take survi away. They are tensed. he asks srikant not to think so much, as he would be safe along with survi, away from tai. srikant is worried about the sudden uprooting. He is told that hehas no other option, as he would handle tai, if she is alone. The inspector says that its not just tai they are bothered about now, or bhao’s men. Srikant and survi are boggled. He points out that kartik is swearing revenge and has full plans to kill him, to avenge bhao’s death. survi and srikant are worried. The screen freezes on survi and kartik’s face.

Precap: Kartik pins srikant against the wall, and gags him and tries to kill him by suffocating his breath. Surrvi begs kartik to leave and let go of srikant. But kartik has rage in his eyes, and continues on. Later, as tai lies grief stricken, kartik comes and takes her hand, and says that from now on, his life is theirs, and that before his own self or the well being of his family, he shall put their needs first, and thats a promise. She eyes him tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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