Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 21

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Hello friends. Thank you for the response on my previous chapter. I understood by your views that you all are loving my fan fiction a lot. Once again, thank you so much and I will try my level best to entertain you all. So let’s start our chapter …… 

Recap : Sameer and naina complete their purchases and come home but are unable to forget their fight at the mall.

Now, the episode starts……..

The next day, actually the day before the college!!!

Munna and pandit are packing their bags and sameer just entered the room.

Sameer : Munna, pandit what are you both doing?

Munna : Packing our luggage sameer.

Sameer : I understood that. But why are you packing it now?

Pandit : Sameer, (keeping his hands on his waist) you are asking as if you don’t know anything!

Sameer : I am really confused. Can you tell me?

Munna : We are going to college hostel sameer. We both have already told you on phone na.

Pandit : Ha sameer. We got the call from college that room is alloted for us. So we are going to college hostel.

Sameer bends his head and turns away from them ???. Munna and pandit notice sameer turning away and walks towards him.

Munna : Sameer, I can understand your feelings. Even we don’t want to leave you!

Pandit : Ha bhai. Do you think we are happy to go away from you? We came to delhi only for you but we can’t stay here for the whole time right???

Sameer suddenly starts laughing ??? and munna and pandit get puzzled by his laughter. They both look towards each other in confusion.

Munna : Arey bhai, why are you laughing like that???

Sameer : ??? just look at your facial expressions when I acted like feeling sad.

Pandit : Acted ???

Sameer : Ha pandit. Why will I feel sad when I know that you both came to delhi only to be with me? ???

Munna and pandit smile ☺️☺️☺️

Sameer : I am really so happy that you both came here and I know that your parents have already paid the hostel fees. So I am sending you both. Otherwise I would have make you both stay here ???.

Munna and pandit hug sameer happily….

Sameer : I hope you both will enjoy being in delhi with me and ……

Pandit : With the new college too ???.

Munna : Ha sameer. Can’t wait to go to college tomorrow.

Sameer : Me too…..

Nanu : Sameer, munna and pandit come for breakfast.

All of them : Ok Nanu.

They all go to the dining room to have breakfast with Nanu.

At naina’s home…..

Naina is shown checking her purse and preeti is getting ready.

Naina : Preeti , how much more time do you need to get ready?

Preeti : Just a minute!

Naina : Get ready fast.

Meanwhile, someone calls them out “Naina, preeti!”

Naina : Oh no! ???

Preeti : Tai ji !!! ???

Tai ji enters the room and sees both of them.

Tai ji : O bai !!! (Walking towards preeti) Preeti, you haven’t got ready yet???

Preeti : Tai ji, woh!!!

Tai ji : Have you seen the time? It is already 10:30am. You want your uniform to get stitched right?

Preeti : Yes tai ji.

Tai ji : I said you to get ready by 10am right. See, naina got ready before you na.

Preeti : But tai ji, she got ready just before 5 minutes.

Tai ji : So what? She got ready before I came right? Not you, where is your mom? (Shouting at the top of her voice) Bela, bela !!!

Chachi : Bhabhi, when did you came?

Tai ji : Just now. See, your daughter didn’t got ready till now. I said you to get them both ready by 10am right?

Chachi : Yes bhabhi but why did you came late???

Tai ji gets angry ??? and turns towards chachi and naina preeti look towards them in a tensed manner.

Tai ji : I came late so that these people can get ready. I have extended the time but even though they didn’t got ready right? What are you doing?

Chachi : Sorry bhabhi. I will see that they both get ready at the right time sure. Now, please give me 2 minutes. I will make preeti ready  Meanwhile, naina you go with your tai ji. Preeti will come with me. Ok bhabhi ???

Tai ji : Ha OK. Naina, have you took your uniform?

Naina : Yes tai ji.

Tai ji : Lets go then.

Naina and tai ji head to the tailor shop and tai ji took her uniform and is telling some instructions to the tailor.

Naina’s voice over : ??? You guys may be thinking why I came to tailor shop right? Well, actually my tai ji feels that the uniform are too tight for us ???. Yes, you heard me right. She feels that they are too tight for us so she brought the uniform to the tailor shop and is making some changes to them ???. We both have already tried the uniforms and then bought them but our tai ji is not listening to any of us and when chachi ji spoke in favor to us, she is given a good class ???. So, no more choice left for us but to listen to our tai ji ???.

At Sameer’s home …..

Munna and pandit are about to leave. Nanu and sameer stood at the entrance of their home.

Nanu : Munna and pandit, why can’t you both stay for some more time?

Munna : Even we want to stay Nanu but don’t worry about that. We will come every day before the college, go with Sameer to the college, enjoy there and again will come after changing our dress and will leave at night. Ok sameer?

Sameer : Munna, pandit are you both seriously going to do these all???

Pandit : Ha bhai. We came to spend our time with you and not going to miss any chance of that ???.

Nanu : ??? That’s very good idea munna and pandit.

Munna : Ha Nana ji. We don’t usually go to Sameer’s house in Ahmedabad as Sameer’s step father and dadi won’t allow us to come. We went very few times and got to stay there just for some time. So we are going to enjoy here to the fullest, right sameer?

Sameer : Of course, there is no looking back ???.

Pandit : Ok sameer. We will leave now as we have to see our hostel, arrange our stuff out. We will come tomorrow morning. OK sameer?

Sameer : Completely ☺️☺️☺️

Munna and pandit hug sameer and take Nanu’s blessings.

Nanu : Take care boys and if you have any problem with the hostel, kindly let me know. I will help you.

Munna : Thanks a lot nana ji. Bye sameer. Meet you tomorrow ???

Sameer : Bye munna pandit.

Munna and pandit leave from there and sameer and Nanu get into the home.

Nanu : So my boy, ready to go to college???

Sameer : Yes Nanu.

Nanu : Have you packed your necessary things for tomorrow?

Sameer : No Nanu ???

Nanu : Arey, my prince! Don’t be so lazy. Go and do it now. (tapping on his shoulders) Go go!!!

Sameer : ??? OK Nanu.

At night……

Sameer and Nanu are having dinner and are talking happily about the college and sameer seems to be very excited.

Nanu : I hope you have arranged everything my boy!

Sameer : Ha Nanu. Everything is done. Don’t worry ???

And they continue eating …..

Naina and preeti are also arranging everything required for tomorrow.

Chacha : Looks like my girls are very busy  ???

Naina : Not at all chacha ji. Please come inside.

Preeti : We are just arranging everything that we need tomorrow.

Chacha : Very good.

And notices naina being in a tensed way…..

Chacha : Naina, why are you so tensed?

Naina : Actually chacha ji, I have never entered into such a huge, reputed college. So I am feeling nervous about it. Not at all tensed!

Chacha : ??? I can understand your feelings dear. You know what, even I felt the same when I entered my college. But later on, I enjoyed myself being there. I am sure you will too enjoy yourself being there ☺☺☺.

Naina : Really chacha ji? Do you think I can be good?

Chacha : No doubt in that. And as long as my preeti is with you, you won’t feel depressed or sad, right preeti?

Preeti : Yes papa ???.

Chacha : Well well, it’s getting late. Sleep now well or you both will get late tomorrow.

Naina : Good night chacha ji.

Chacha : Good night naina. Good night preeti.

Preeti : Good night papa.

They go to sleep ???

The next day, day of the college ???

Naina and preeti wake up early and get ready to go to college.

Preeti : Ok naina. We got ready today and I didn’t make it late, happy???

Naina : Thank you preeti ???. I thought today you will make us getting late on the first day itself ???

Preeti : ??? This is not at all fair. Always I am the reason for being late or what?

Naina : Not always, but majority ???

Preeti : ??? I will see about you later.

Naina : Not so easy for you ???. Let’s have some breakfast. I am feeling hungry.

Preeti : Me too. Let’s go and have some food and leave for the college.

Naina and preeti have their breakfast and get down to their cycles.

Preeti : Wow naina. Your cycle came at the right time, right?

Naina : Ha preeti. I thought this will come after 2 days but luckily I got it soon ???.

Preeti : Your new cycle is truly amazing ?????

Naina : Thanks now shall we go or otherwise we can’t make it!!!

Preeti : What you can’t make it??? Still there is so much time for the college to start.

Naina : Before going to college, I want to go to temple as this is my first day at the college.

Preeti : Oh ok then. Let’s go ???

Naina’s voice over : We both have happily started our day to the temple but we really don’t know what’s in store for us today ???.

The episode ends…….

Coming up : First day of the college and  meeting of the whole gang ???. Excited???

Hope you guys will like it. Please do read it and comment your views on it. I will come back with the next chapter as soon as possible ☺☺☺. Enjoy reading!!!

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  1. Its truly amazing.. i had missed ur writing so much.. welcome back.. I just look forward to reading them? update soon

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot dear ???. I too missed being on TU. I will update the next chapter as soon as possible ???

  2. Wow glad you’re back missed u so much lovely story so far you’ve described samundit and preeti naina bond so beautifully and I can’t imagine how good their college life and how samaina story unfolds loved every bit of it and do come back with the next eagerly waiting for it???

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot dear ???. I will come back soon ???

  3. Pavithra1616

    Wow! Awesome ! U rocked it! I loved it! Update soon?

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot my dear. And I will update the next chapter as soon as possible ☺️☺️☺️

  4. Aarti32

    Fantastic update and quite long too?

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thank you so much dear and everyone want to read about samaina for long time so I am trying to write longer chapters ☺️☺️☺️

  5. Samaina_loverzz

    Awsm… Priya diii.. Loved this Chappy a lot.. Superb Duperb Amazing ….?????? ❤❤❤❤

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thank you so much dear ???

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