Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 14.

Hello guys. As promised, I am back with my next chapter. I hope you all will like it. So without delaying, let’s start….

Recap : Naina and sameer think about their fight. Chacha ji asks naina the reason for her upset mood but she didn’t reveal anything. Sameer realizes his mistake. Munna and pandit call to sameer and say that they are coming to Delhi to study along with him. Naina gets happy seeing her Chacha ji and chachi ji bonding.

Now, the episode starts…..

Sameer feels so happy that Munna and pandit are going to come to him soon. He comes out of his room happily. Kichu is cleaning the table and sees sameer so happy. Sameer goes towards their garden. Kichu sees him happy and starts scratching his head.

Kichu : (talking to himself) Sameer babu is really too confusing character. Sometimes, he will be very angry as if he want to kill someone and sometimes he will be so happy as if all his worries have been vanished by someone….

Sameer comes into the garden and sits on the swing. He starts swinging happily. He gets a call from Nanu. He answers it.

Sameer : Hello Nanu.

Nanu : Ha sameer. Immediately get ready.

Sameer gets up from the swing….

Sameer : But why Nanu? What happened?

Nanu : Sameer, you get ready soon. I am coming to pick you up. Ok?

Sameer : (in a confused tone) Ok Nanu. I will get ready in just 5 minutes.

Nanu : Ok. Get ready and come towards the gate. We need to go immediately.

Sameer : Ok sure Nanu.

He immediately ends the call and goes into his room to get ready. While getting ready…

Sameer : What’s the reason that Nanu want me to get ready immediately? Hmmm…

Sameer gets ready and comes out. Kichu sees him ready.

Kichu : Sameer babu, you got ready. Are you going anywhere?

Sameer : Ha Kichu. Nanu told me to get ready. He said to come immediately.

Kichu : Oh ok babu.

Sameer heads towards the gate. After 2 minutes, Nanu came in the car.

Nanu : Sameer, get in fast.

Sameer immediately gets in. They start from there.

Sameer : Nanu, what happened? Why did you ask me to get ready immediately?

Nanu starts laughing hardly ???

Sameer : (with a confused look) What happened Nanu? Why are you laughing like that?

Nanu : Nothing serious my boy. I just want to go out with you. That’s why I told you get ready immediately.

Sameer : Ufff…. (leaning back to his seat) Nanu!!! You have tensed me totally!

Nanu : ??? sorry my boy. I just want to see (pointing towards his face) this tensed expression on your face ???

Sameer : This is really too much Nanu. You could have told me normally right?

Nanu : Then how could I be called the Nanu of the most naughtiest, adventurous, lovely Sameer Maheshwari? ???

Sameer : ??? very true Nanu. You are the best Nanu ever.

And pulls his Nanu cheeks….

Nanu : Hey hey sameer. Don’t pull my cheeks!

Sameer : But why Nanu?

Nanu : (rubbing his cheeks) My glamor would get reduced!

Sameer : ??? seriously Nanu?

Nanu : Yes my boy ???

Sameer : By the way Nanu, you went with driver to the office right? Then why you came alone back?

Nanu : (holding Sameer’s face with his hand) I went to spend some time alone with my prince!

Sameer : ??? Nanu!

Nanu : Yes sameer. It has been very long since we both spent time together. So I alone came driving the car so that I can take you out.

Sameer : By the way Nanu, you came driving alone?

Nanu : Hey! Why shouldn’t I drive? Am I looking too old or what?

Sameer : (smiling sarcastically) Ha Nanu. Your hair has become white, you are looking little weak. It means you became old right?

Nanu : Oh hello! You are totally underestimating your Nanu. Mister, (looking towards sameer) “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

Sameer : Ok Nanu. I was just joking. By the way, where are we going?

Nanu : We are going to have lunch and then I will take you to some of my favorite places.

Sameer : Wow Nanu! Let’s go fast.

And they head towards their destination….

Naina comes into the room and start arranging her things in the wardrobe. Preeti comes in, sits on the bed and starts reading a book. Chachi ji comes in.

Chachi : Arey naina. Why are struggling? Come, I will help you in arranging your things.

Naina : No no chachi ji. I am habitual to do all these things. I will arrange the things chachi ji. Don’t worry!

Naina goes towards the bed to bring some clothes. Meanwhile, Chachi ji looks into the wardrobe.

Chachi : Wah naina. You really arranged your clothes in a very good manner!

Naina : Thank you chachi ji ???

Chachi : Preeti, please learn some things from naina. See, how beautifully she has arranged her things.

Preeti : Not beautifully ma. Neatly!

Chachi : Ha ha. That only I am saying.

Preeti : And even I know how to arrange my things.

Chachi ji goes towards preeti and stands in front of her.

Chachi : Arey Wah! Really my child. (turning towards naina) Naina, once open preeti’s wardrobe!

Naina opens preeti’s wardrobe and all the clothes fall down from the wardrobe. Preeti sees her clothes falling down.

Preeti : Oh no. My clothes!

She immediately gets down and starts picking her clothes.

Chachi : See naina. This is your preeti’s arrangement.

Naina smiles silently seeing at preeti. Preeti looks towards naina seriously ???. Suddenly….

Tai ji : Bela, where are you?

Chachi : Oh no. Preeti, your Tai ji is coming. Take all these immediately.

Preeti starts taking all the clothes. Naina also bends down to help preeti. But it was too late…. Tai ji came into the room. She gets shocked seeing the clothes all over the floor.

Tai ji : O Bai! What’s all the waste?

Naina starts laughing silently, by covering her mouth so that no one can notice her laugh…

Preeti : Tai ji, (in a serious tone) This is not waste. These are my clothes.

Tai ji : Oh really preeti! Then why are they all lying on the floor?

Preeti : They have fell accidentally from the wardrobe!

Tai ji : Preeti, is there anything written on my forehead?

Preeti : No Tai ji. Why are you asking so?

Tai ji : Then what are you thinking about me? Am I mad person or what?

Chachi : (to herself) Is there any necessity to say it?

Tai ji : What did you say Bela?

Chachi : What will I say bhabhi? Nothing.

Tai ji : I am asking what’s going on here? Bela, (coming towards her) Can’t you teach your children how to maintain their arrangements?

Chachi : No bhabhi. I taught them. But….

Tai ji : But what? I am seeing na, with my own eyes that how you are teaching your children good manners?

Meanwhile, Pooja comes there. Naina and preeti sign her to help. Pooja nods her head.

Pooja : Tai ji, Tai ji. Postman has came to your house.

Tai ji : Oh! Your tau ji said he will get an important letter. I will go and get it. Hey you postman, wait!

She immediately leaves from there.

Chachi : Ufff…. She left. And you preeti, arrange them properly. Ok?

She leaves from there. Pooja sees all the clothes on the floor.

Pooja : Preeti, you have thrown even my clothes on the floor?

Naina : No no Pooja di. She hadn’t did it intentionally.

Pooja : You know naina. How neatly I arrange my clothes. If my clothes look good, I will look good. If I look good, then my marriage will happen soon.

Preeti and naina look towards each other, with silly expression.

Pooja : Arrange my clothes properly. Otherwise, I will kick you.

Pooja leaves from there. Preeti gets up and hits naina on her shoulder.

Preeti : This is all because of you!

Naina : (rubbing her shoulders) What did I do?

Preeti : Because of your neatness, I got scoldings from Mom and the clothes have fallen and Tai ji scolded mom. And and…. Even Pooja di has scolded me!

Naina : Oh meri preeti! (keeps her hand on preeti’s shoulders) If you have arranged your clothes well, we wouldn’t have faced this situation! Got it?

Preeti : You have opened the wardrobe hardly. What can I do for it?

Naina : Oh really???

Chachi : Naina, preeti come for lunch. It’s already too late.

Preeti : Coming ma.

She immediately goes from there. Naina picks up all the clothes and places them on the bed.

Naina : I will arrange them later.

Naina goes to have lunch. They have a good time, chatting while having lunch. They all are shown laughing and teasing our preeti ??. Here, Sameer is shown having lunch with his Nanu in a big restaurant. Nanu I’d making him have food with his hands.

Sameer’s voice over : This is the lovely bond of any family. Family means not only consists of many persons, it depends on how lovely the persons be towards each other. Naina’s family is huge and very caring about each other. And coming to me, I have only Nanu whom I call as my family. I know we are only two members, but the bond between us is so strong that we don’t need any other person when we both are there together. This is the true meaning of a family and I am glad that we both got a lovely, caring family for ourselves ???.

Naina’s family complete having their lunch.

Chacha : Preeti, once come here dear.

Naina : (to herself) Oh no. I left the clothes on the bed itself. Let’s go naina and arrange them.

She immediately leaves from there. After some time, preeti comes into the room very happily. Naina completes arranging the clothes. Preeti comes and turns naina around.

Naina : Preeti, preeti. What happened? Why are you twirling me like this?

Preeti : See this. You will understand yourself.

Preeti shows a letter to naina. Naina takes it, opens it and starts reading it. She gets very happy on reading it.

Naina : Preeti!!!

Preeti : Yes naina. Yo!!!

Naina happily hugs preeti.

Sameer’s voice over : You guys are confused right? Wait, I will explain you all. Preeti got admission in delhi’s university!!! That’s why they both are very happy ???.

Naina : It means we can go together to the college right?

Preeti : Exactly naina. I am very happy.

Naina : ME too dear ???

Sameer and Nanu are going back to home.

Sameer : Nanu, that lunch was really wonderful.

Nanu : Did you like it?

Sameer : Yes Nanu. It’s really amazing. By the way Nanu, the college is amazing.

Nanu : I know that my boy.

Sameer : It’s really very huge. I really need to explore it when I am free.

Nanu : Yes. It takes a lot of time to explore.

Sameer : By the way Nanu, Munna and pandit are also coming to Delhi.

Nanu : What? Rahu and ketu are also coming here?

Sameer : ??? Yes Nanu. I am really so happy. If they both be with me, I can totally enjoy any place.

Nanu : That’s really very nice sameer.

Sameer’s voice over : I am totally excited that my friends are coming. So, tomorrow is a wonderful day. Will it end in the same way or in an unexpected way? Let’s see….

The episode ends….

I hope you all will like it. Please do read it and comment your views on it. If you have guys have any suggestions, please be free to share them with me. I will upload the next part as soon as possible. Enjoy reading!!!

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