Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shanti Teacher confronts Naina over her love affair

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Munna about Swati. Munna says he sees her daily. Naina asks when will letter reach Sameer? Munna gets tensed and says he forgot where did he keep the letter. Naina and Pandit are shocked. Naina worries that if someone reads the letter. She asks him to think where did he go after taking letter. Munna says library. Naina says my Papa is in library. Dadi asks Mr. Sumani what is the time? Mr. Sumani says the time and asks why is she asking. Dadi says her teacher told that she is getting late. Mr. Sumani tells that he has to go to office also. Sameer says I will drop her to school. Dadi says you don’t know the lanes. Sameer says Deepika is my sister and I can drop her to school. Deepika gets happy. Sameer says I will drop her in auto. Dadi talks about her reputation. Mr. Sumani says Dadi is right and asks Sameer to drop Deepika on Rohan’s bike and tells that he will buy bike for him also. Dadi gets upset. Vishaka gets happy. Sameer tells Dadi that he is trying to become responsible. He drops Deepika to school and is leaving, when some guys come there and asks him to come with them. Sameer thinks to go with them and thinks he will get bored at home.

Kamya tells all students that Rakesh got a love letter. Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, it was a big matter when love letter is found. Sameer is in the bad company of Delhi guys. Rakesh scolds the boy Atul for writing love letter and blames his parents. He tells that Sanjay wrote love letter to Naina, and she tied Rakhi to his hand. He tells that all lovers shall have rakhi. Other teacher tells that Principal is not here, and that’s why they shall give a chance to Atul. Atul’s father finds Sridevi’s pic in his book. Atul asks him not to remove her pic. Rakesh and his father scold him. Naina’s voiceover tells about Sridevi’s impact and fan following. Naina thinks if my love letter is found then Papa….Sameer goes with the guys to park. They play cards and ask Sameer to play with him. Sameer says he doesn’t know. Guys tell him that they will teach him and says you have wasted your young life in Ahmedabad. Sameer recalls his good times with Munna and Pandit.

His voiceover tells that he got so many bad habits in a day and was missing Munna, Pandit and Naina badly. He reminisces Naina…tumse milne ko dil karta hai plays….Naina gets dream that Sameer is in trouble and gets worried for her. Next morning, Naina comes to school and collides with a girl, she falls down. Someone throws love letter on floor. Naina looks at her. Seniors tease Pandit and asks where is Munna? Pandit is angry on Munna. Seniors ask him what happened between them and enquires with a boy. They think to take revenge on them if not Sameer. Munna comes to school and thinks to give roses to Swati. Munna comes to his bench and keeps card and flowers. He keeps them under Swati’s desk. Seniors take them from there and goes.
Shanti teacher questions Naina. Naina is silent. Shanti teacher says I know you and your hand writing.

Munna and Pandit slap each other. They tell that they are not friends anymore. Sameer beats some goons.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Haven’t watched today, bt written update is just amazing,so Shanti teacher will manage everything, bad for Munna and pandit, although atleast they are showing them in the show.poor Sameer, I think in precap he must be fighting for Rohan or mr. Sumani. Just an assumption , gud to see that dadi upset.will try to watch on TV tomorrow. Gud night guys.

  2. Hi I think sumani wants to buy bike for sammer . This kind attitude couldn’t digest bydadi .so he wants to separate father and son sameer I think these rowdies may be send by dadi and chamcha…for this reason jagda between goons and sameer …… he may be arrested. He willsend to hostel…..
    So wicked dadi
    Imagination sameer and naina so nice. 20% cool 80% hot to day episode ..

  3. Feeling really very low over the parting of ways by three best friends SMP.Pained to see the present condition of u guys.If Sameer comes to know of ur situation,what would he feel when he needs his friend s the most from being swayed away.

  4. THANKS ? Hasan! For prompt update. Thrilled to see3 comments Lokesh, AB Nd Sheikh Feroz. Will await others comm ents. This forum regulars. We should have 25ppl who comment regularly. Let’s see
    1) why did Sameer get into bad habits
    2) will Dadi get him in trouble
    3) how will this situation resolve
    4) will Deepika be useful in saving Sameer?

  5. Hi
    I think that the goons were sent by the wicked dadi. Deepika will definitely help Sameer as she likes his Sameer bhaiya. Mundit should not fight they r so cool together. If they will get separated then the show would lose its charm. I hope that they will be friends again

  6. Hi
    I think that the goons were sent by the wicked dadi. Deepika will definitely help Sameer as she likes her Sameer bhaiya. Mundit should not fight they both are cool together. I hope that they will be friends again as the show would lose its charm.

  7. Sameer has found out the right way to deal that devil dadi…….. He threw his anger n took love in his hand as a weapon to take revenge against that dadi……. Happy to see somani too has some soft corner for sameer…….. N that dream sequence ??….. N naina’s symbolism when sameer gets into trouble wow…… I think why mundit is fighting for, might be samundit reunion track……. We might see samaina n mundit together soon in delhi track its clearly seen in many videos that naina is participating in dance competition in delhi…….. Let’s wait and watch………. Sameer is slowly getting into darkness, doing unnecessary things with those rowdies,i think its the correct time to send rakesh to Delhi?bcos he will be the perfect one to give a tight slap to sameer n bring back into his original form…. But hereafter we should be prepared to watch more n more dreamyyyyyyyyyyy sequence ??don’t know when will it come true ?

  8. Hi San
    I will wait for your ‘wow’ comment before I watch . GV3355 did not want YUDKBH viewers, but even they would know the tracks are not in keeping with their erstwhile themes.

  9. You’re right San. I am also eagerly waiting for their reunion. I was happy when Sameer became responsible. Till now I thought ? somani was also a villain. But yesterday only I came to know that somani has a soft corner for Sameer. Really happy to see that. When Sameer dropped Deepika, I was praying ? that the rowdies should not come. Unfortunately, they came.

  10. Now only sameer’s family started to accept him. Is samay mein usko aisi badtameez ladko ke saath mingle karna zaroori hey kya?
    Loved samaina school scenes. Missing his salman Wali hairstyle a lot. Munna aur pandit ko alag math Karo!!!!

  11. You’re right San. Rakesh is the best person to
    Bring Sameer back to normal form.

  12. I think that mundit is fighting because Munna thinks that pandit took the flowers and the letter which Munna kept for Swati.

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