Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer gets upset seeing Naina’s hair

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer apologizes to Naina for waking up late and not being with her. He says same won’t happen next time. He was about to hug her when his mother passes from there. He tries it again and this time someone else comes. She forgives him and asks him to forgive her as well. He forgives without knowing her mistake saying lovers don’t see each others mistakes. He gets shocked knowing Naina figured out about mark on his forehead. He asks how she found out. She says she had doubt when she saw his turban tied that down. She then says it wouldn’t matter even if mark was there. He says she’s very different and wishes he was like her as he gets very upset if there is something wrong with the look.

Female narrator says she gathered strength with so much difficult and he

ruined all that in end.

It’s rituals time. Naina touches Sameer’s mother feet. She gives her a gold necklace. She then touches others feet and gets more gifts. Everyone gives her blessings. She holds her veil tighly so it doesn’t fall down. Mami asks Naina to touch Munna, Pandit’s feet as well. They say no. Naina thanks them saying her marriage was possible only because of them. They say they didn’t bring any gift. She says their friendship is biggest gift for her and Sameer.

A neighbor congratulates Chacha, Chachi for Naina’s marriage. Rakesh comes there. Chachiji loudly says they are going to get Naina for pagphere ritual and asks the neighbor to come. Rakesh hears it.

Back to Sameer’s house, everyone has to lift Naina. If they can’t, then they hold her finger and turn her around. Sameer gets happy from inside. A lady teases him saying be careful his back doesn’t break else tonight in suhagraat, Naina will be doing massage only. He lifts Naina easily. Both smile and have eye lock. He turns her around. Her veil falls down and everyone gets shocked seeing her hair. Chacha, Chachi reach there. Sameer is upset. Chachi asks Naina what she has done after coming to sasural. Mami taunts that mistake happened in her home, defected piece came from there and now blame is coming on her sasural. Guests make fun of Naina’s hair. Mami also joins them. Sameer’s mother asks Naina what happened. Naina tells her she was trying to do hairstyle for marriage and parlor lady messed it up. It will take 3-4 months for her hair to get normal. Mami again makes fun of Naina. Mamaji also laughs. Sameer is still looking at Naina angrily. Chachi tells him not to worry, she will fix Naina’s hair. Sameer says didn’t she hear that it will at least take 3 months. He walks away from there. Guests comment that he got scared in day time only.. what will happen in night time.

Male narrator says whenever he thinks about that day, he feels very angry at himself. He should have supported Naina instead getting angry and walking away.

Chachiji tries to fix Naina’s her hair, but in vain. Mami comes and asks Chachiji that she really didn’t know? Chachiji says no. Mami taunts what she knows then. She didn’t know about Naina’s affair with Sameer, she didn’t know whether Rakesh is going to attend marriage or no. Mami says last ritual is left and asks Naina to come to kitchen to make halwa. She asks Naina she knows how to make that right? Chachiji says she taught Naina herself, she makes very good halwa. Mami says they will see that.

Munna and Pandit try to cheer up Sameer, but in vain. Naina comes outside. Sameer turns and looks at her and then turns his face back.

Precap: Naina cooks halwa for everyone.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Loved the episode

    1. @Sweta Yup i too loved the episode ,sweet and funny πŸ™‚

  2. Such an upsetting episode. I mean I know Sameer is young and he had a lot of dreams about how Naina would look after the wedding and stuff, but to storm off that way, I expected better from him. Even if he was angry, he could have stood up for naina in front of his relatives and confronted her in private. Had this happened when they were in school, I think it would have been justifiable. Back then, Sameer was Cain, of his beauty and wealth. But he changed after falling in love with Naina. This is not the behavior I expect from 21 year old Sameer.
    Anyway, if Naina had out her hair into a bun, how did it open up in front of everyone?
    And this mama mami are so annoying. Mami crossed her limits. As family, people should stand up for each other, instead here people reprimand and laugh and get upset. Although it’s funny, and Sameer realised his mistake later on, I think it’s really wrong to have shown such a scene in the first place.

    1. @sunshine check this post out , naina and sameer are going on a honeymoon , they are boarding flight

      here is the link

  3. The show suppose to end with the marriage then what is this crap? Initialy the show indeed gave us a flavor of 90’s love stories,But then the brainless makers unnecessarily started streching the show with all those bullshit dramas which not only made Yudkbh an average daily soap but also worsen the beautiful chemistry between Sameer Naina, Which does not seems to be working anymore.And now with this after marriage crap,the show has become as boring as any other saas-bahu tv serial.and the narrator’s, they now indeed sound like voice actors then Naina Sameers present self.They come to sets, say 2-3 line and then laugh unnecessarily like some maniac.

    1. Asha why do u want this show to end soo soon. There us lot more show apart from marriage like: –
      1. What inspired Naina , Preeti & Sameer to choose their respective professions?
      2. Preeti’s love story.
      3. Munna and Swati’s love story.
      4. What made Sameer a responsible person?
      I guess these all tracks enough to prove that YUDKBH will never be boring.

    2. Asha ,the serial was not supposed to end with the marriage,here its a true story of our producers whose story we are seeing,their main career struggle started post marriage,so we will be seing that

  4. @sunshine my thinking is exactly opposite of you ,i rather find the episode sweet and funny ,the episode would be rather dull with out the villians ,ab jo hona tha wo to ho gya na ,kya kar sakte hain , sameer ko naina ke baal pasand nai aye kya kar sakte hain ,so just relax , that how drama and story works , you will definitely love next week episodes

    1. It’s too dramatic. It’s more of saas bahu stuff than actual light 1990s things. Now I don’t find any difference between normal dramatic serials and this one.
      This serial was more about simplicity and freshness of the 1990s. The nostalgia. Bit now it’s not that beautiful.

      1. Sweta2005

        i dont think its about Saas bahu, once the ritual finishes ,all will go home ,then the actual story will start how both becomes their support to each other

      2. Really Sweta2005 this Saas bahu drama will end soon. I really wanted to witness a nice Saas Bahu bond. But no problems it will happen soon as Vishakha is really polite Saas.

      3. Swetha Yes I know that. But watching these episodes are very cringe worthy. Waiting for the makers to take the story forwards and show something of 1990s.
        Also, waiting for them to get out of this chilled out honeymoon period and think and work towards the actualll struggles of life.
        What Happened to swatis roka? Munna still did not work towards it.

  5. I really wanted Sameer to support Naina but he got upset with her. And in pehli rasoi don’t know why Bela Chachi and Sameer added Sugar in halwa. And it doesn’t seems like Naina had forgotten to add sugar as she herself added sugar in halwa. God can’t Makers are making post marriage rituals so dramatic. They could have made it look real and beautiful. The Rasam performed by Naina and Sameer (Ring one) was the only rasam which was shown as expected Super Cute.

    1. @vidha check this post out , naina and sameer are going on a honeymoon , they are boarding flight

      here is the link

  6. Did anyone check the new spoiler. Vishaka and Bobby are at loggerheads. Between samaina everything seems to be fine.

    1. Natha can u share this spoiler here ?????

  7. Hi, this is my first comment. In today’s episode i saw naina was wearing sakha pola( red and white) bangles that Benjamin’s wear after marriage. But as far as i know they r gujratis,and there is no bengali connection also in this serial so i was just wondering how come shez wearing those bangles, correct me if m wrong.

    1. Its not Shakha ,but shank chuda which ie worn by marwari people,and here they are not Gujarati but Marwarii

    2. @fionna sorry we don’t have any issues with bangles ,and we don’t care which bangles is she wearing , bangles are bangles , bangles don’t have caste like they are bengali or gujrati,

      sorry if you have another question feel free to ask

      but ye bangles ka question was too much lame

      1. Hi Tarun, i asked the question out of curiosity not that i have any issue with the bangles.

  8. Hi, m not able to see my comments!

  9. Its not Shakha ,but shank chuda which ie worn by marwari people,and here they are not Gujarati but Marwarii

  10. @vidha here is the spoiler that natha was talking about
    here is the link

    I am hating this Bobby yaar. Now I got it what was his plan. He never wanted to take part in Sameer’s marriage but me came cuz of Vishakha. He planned to leave as soon as the marriage will over and will not let the cracks to be filled between Sameer and Vishakha but the cracks were filled as Vishakha had soft corner for Naina and she loves her son a lot specially after Nana Ji’s dismiss. So to make a quick exit with Vishakha he made this plan & according to his plan Sameer bended on his knees for Vishakha and he took Vishakha back to Delhi. And Vishakha too left forcefully with a tasali (don’t know the English word) that Naina is there to take care of Sameer.

    1. @vidha don’t worry he would not be after the episode comes ,btw did you saw the link in which naina and sameer are boarding flight which i shared

    1. @natha isko spoiler nai bolte clip bolte hain

  12. Oh is it! Thanks Shweta for the info, i was not aware of this custom of marwaris.

  13. @sweta @vidha @sunshine
    check this out

    ashi going on her honeymoon

    here is the link

  14. Recently I watched some old episodes of YUDKBH (Delhi Track). In 24 April 2018 episode Bobby was really happy with Sameer he even agreed to buy him Shares on his birthday. He was like a strict but loving father at that time. So why now he is ride to him like he was before Delhi track. Please explain I am really confused and wanna know why Bobby is doing things like this.

    1. @vidha i tell you ,there may be 3 possible situation why bobby is acting rude ,

      first when mamaji betrayed sameer by breaking his engagement with naina ,sameer tells bobby to leave that’s why he is repaying by divorcing vishakha

      the episode came on 21st jan 2019

      2nd possibility he was not included in any rituals after post marriage

      3rd possibility , vishakha is only paying attention to sameer and naina , bobby is getting neglected , that is why he is emotionally blackmailing vishakha ,that you will never meet sameer and vishakha

  15. 2nd situation is Bobby’s own choice. And 1st and 3rd can be possible. Makers should not separate mother son like this. It’s not good at all. Although Vishakha is taking stand for staying but still she should do something to decrease the difference between father and son.

    1. Bobby has never liked Sameer,he has always created a difference b/w Sameer and Vishaka,he just wants Vishaka to concentrate on his family ,not on Sameer,after coming this time he saw Vishaka going against him for Sameer,he couldn’t take that ,so creating this scene ,for once for all breaking relation b/w Vishaka and Sameer,
      But i think later Naina may try to reduce the distance

      1. I guess I got my answer Sweta thank you.
        Bobby never loved Sameer his wants or desires were different from his mother: –
        1. He love Vishakha so always wanted that she should love his kids not Sameer.
        2. As he loves Vishakha so he always took care of her Happiness that’s why he always choose best school for Sameer, when he saw that his kids and Vishakha are so happy with Sameer so he agreed to buy him shares and allowed his kids to be with Sameer as they want.
        3. After Nana Ji’s dismiss that’s why he agreed to keep Sameer with him just for Vishakha’s happiness.
        All and all till now whatever he did for Sameer was for Vishakha’s happiness. But now as you said he can see increasing Vishakha’s love and attention for Sameer which is making him feel insecure and for the Best for him he will now threaten Vishakha so that for now she can come back to Delhi.

  16. Actually I am happy for what Bobby is doing as this is decrease the difference between a mother and her son & her bahu. The way Sameer & Naina will try to convince Bobby for not to leave Vishakha will make Vishakha feel that how they love her and her happiness. The soft corner for Naina will increase as she can see that how practical Naina can support and take care of Sameer in that situation. By this act of Bobby at least Neither Sameer nor Vishakha will be upset from each other and because they know that this time they are separated but not because of each other but because of the other person.
    In short Bobby will not create the rift between Vishakha Sameer and Naina but he will break that rift unknowingly.

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