Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina writes love letter for Sameer

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer coming to Vishaka. Vishaka says if he don’t like the food then she will cook something else. Sameer says it is ok and tells that he will try to become her good son and will not give a chance to complain. Rohan gets upset. Vishaka kisses on Sameer’s forehead. Sameer and Rohan come to room. He comes to the window. Amrita offers him home and asks him to say her hi first. Sameer greets her and takes the phone. He calls Naina. Naina plays old song. Sameer smiles and says he likes both, song and her smile. Naina says I told my family about my result. Sameer says they might get angry. Naina says yes and asks him if he was calm after reaching home. He says yes and tells that he is missing her. Naina says we will plant roses and think we are together, and when flower blossom it means we are together.

Naina’s voiceover tells that love for her is sameer, and if I love you can’t be said by feelings, then we can shorter the distance between each other. Sameer plants rose plant. Naina also plants it in the pot. Dheere dheere song plays. Preeti comes and teases Naina. They come to the stationary to buy notepad and tell that they want it for school. Shop keeper shows them notepads. Naina says she wants note pad with roses and heart printed on it. Shop keeper smiles and asks for school? He shows them notepad. Naina asks him to glitter pen and envelope. He gives. They pay the money and leaves.

Munna tells friends that Sameer calls him 10 times a lot and is studying in English medium school. Pandit tells other friends that Sameer said that he will come when I call him. He comes there. Friends ask if you both have two friends with sameer’s name. Munna asks Pandit not to argue with him and tells that he talked to Sameer. They try to prove that they said truth. Swati says what is happening with them. Naina says their friendship is such, they are fighting for a friend and will unite for him. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was settling down there and was missing munna and pandit, still they are friends. Naina writes on the notepad. Dheere dheere song plays….

Swati asks Naina what did she write in the love letter? Naina says she wrote his name. Swati asks if she made lipstick mark. Kamya tells teacher that her clip is stolen. Teacher says we will check everyone’s bag. Munna shows his hand. Shanti teacher tells that all girls’ bag will be checked. Naina says if teacher gets love letter. Swati asks her to give letter to munna so that he can post immediately. Naina gives letter to munna and he keeps it. Pandit comes and asks him to come to canteen. Munna refuses and argues with him. Shanti teacher asks them to go out. Munna picks his bag, letter is left on the table.

Update in ProgressPrecap:
Sameer hangs with his new friends and have fight on road. He plays cards in the bad company. Naina looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Episode was okay okay types, gud to see bonding between Sameer and vishakha, Rohan is not short tampered as when Sameer makes his table mess, still he didn’t got angry on him, no dadi today that was gud, Munna pandit were funny, poor Rakesh thinking her daughter is studying, while she was bsy in writing letters, that’s why she said she topped last in 1989, as after that, as per symptoms she is not going to top ??, that gulab scene was gud, but doesn’t attracted me ( my generation types ). Precap was hilarious, if sch things will happen, I may not be allowed to watch this anymore, as he was fighting, playing cards and gambling, and taunting girls on bike, these all things really bad, and as I m 19 only so my parents will not allow me watch anymore, even I’m not interested so in watching such filthy things. Gud night.

  2. Sorry to say this I started to hate this…pls but I really liked 4 Apr episode.. Their call convo its really amazing… But today I hated the precabe ….u r people hurting sameer character….. Pls do something….

  3. Absolutely plzz don’t ruin sameer’s character.Vishaka at least u showed some sort of motherhood today but that’s not it yet.Poor naina unaware of sameer’s intuition.Oh god now only u can help them coz I feel Sameer is on roll to ignore naina in coming days.Pata nahi kya hoga aur dusri aur naina bechari Sameer ke replies ka wait kar rahi hogi.Usko kya pata ki Sameer kya kar raha hai

  4. Munna pandit Sameer ne ye to nahi kaha tha karne ko us k peeche.plzz tum log to aisa mat karo Sameer k waaste

  5. Thanks Hasan as usual for your prompt update. ? first comments already by Lokesh and Premamohan. I agree. 4 April episodes was good. I don’t know where this show is leading. It’s definitely not as gripping. True yuk h viewers will persevere I guess. There is ypntkh which may prove to attract viewers if yudkbh does not change its track back to its original storyline.

    My opinion to improve :
    Dadi channge of heart for Sameer
    Sameer is loved by Visakha
    Three of them deepika, Rohan and Sameer bonding unknown to soma I and his mum
    Sameer topping his studies much annoyance to somani
    Rohan taking Sameers side and standing up for him
    Deepika against dadi and dad for her Sameer bhaiyya

    Love to see some cute scenecs Naina and Sameer cute and sweet phone conos

    1. Lokesh

      Hmm I also want the same, happy weekends

  6. I think everyone is shocked to see the precap… yaa it’s absolutely how come sameer does all this ?he might be doing these until he goes to school n after that he’ll be engaged in studies n won’t have time to do these things……. Yaa lokesh you’re right here we too sit together n watch n if such scenes persist the show will loose it’s charm,viewers but it’s normal but all family members won’t be accepting this because it gained huge popularity bcos of its decent, normal life love story which would not spoil any generation but due to these scenes don’t know what will happen ?…… why the crew still don’t know why they’re showing such scenes but they might have some plan in their mind n would be showing this but with this it should not destroy the beauty of the show n lead to an abrupt ending…….. But still naina’s love will be a safeguard thing to sameer….. Hope so….. Yaa deb it would be a big treat for fandom if you’re predictions come true ?

  7. Deb I agree with you if this storyline will continue then it would be boring to see yudkbh , it will become like other programmes. It will lose its charm and viewers. There should be some interesting and cute scenes.

  8. Hi all..Now only he closes with his mom sumani gave excuse ……sis called as baiya ..rohan starts to accept as bro ….in this situation if u show.{precap,}sameer is playing cards extra means his image .love with naina that phone conversation fully spoiled not good for show …..
    Sammer. goes to school gets good marks bcz by nature he is a brilliant and good boy……otherwise this is chance for dadi to him out of house …she is searching the reason to send out ..plz writer and director not to spoil sameer character and image and also vishaka ‘s life.s
    Bcz sammer is own blood….
    Deb .san lokesh and others enjoy the week end

    1. Yeah AB hope they should not spoil his character…….. You too have a happy weekend dr?

    2. Lokesh

      Wish u the same, and I will wait for Monday episode, then only I will decide to watch it anymore.

  9. Hi guys. I was really happy to see vishaka caring for Sameer, Sameer trying to cope with his family, naina trying to keep up her promise to Sameer, their phone conversation. But when I saw the precap meri mood kharab ho gaya.

  10. In a recent YouTube video, I saw that Sameer fights for his new frnds and is arrested by the police. Then dadi uses this chance and tells Mr. Somani to put Sameer in hostel. It would be better if Sameer goes to hostel rather than spending his time with frnds like those. And then we can expect to see the college track. In between this Shanti madam catches naina’s love letter and ask her about it. Naina starts crying. Shanti madam calms her. She advises her and says this is not the age to luv, think about your family and study well. Naina hugs her. Then Shanti madam takes naina’s luv letter and leaves. Then we’ll see that the school arranges a farewell party for Shanti mam. It is also expected that she may come as a lecturer in the college where Sameer and naina studies. She will help them in their luv.

    1. Really sai oh no ?wish it should not happen

    2. Lokesh

      Of this will happen, then it will be really gud, Shanti teacher is so kind hearted wow.

  11. Not only Shanti mam, but taiji also comes to know about Sameer and naina. But taiji, doesn’t scold her. She also supports naina with greedy intentions.

  12. Hi guys I was really happy to see vishaka caring for Sameer, Sameer trying to cope with his family, naina trying to keep up with her promise to Sameer and their phone conversation. But when I saw the precap, meri mood kharab ho gaya.

  13. Hi all
    So nice that see your comments, AB, San, Sai, Van,Sheikh Feroz, Lokesh and Premamohan.

    Sai, I am sure you captured the upcoming tracks. I pray and hope that the creatives see out comments and Cba de the storyline to give us pleasant surprise ( what viewers want to see)

    Hope Saz and Mahimas, Priya and others comment too regularly.

    Was it Gv3355 who said viewers will have good tracks to watch so don’t quit watching? No comments from them now:(

    1. Lokesh

      Hmm. She is even not coming on bepannah, she was one of the biggest supporter of yudkbh.

  14. Hi san. I know that we don’t want our beloved Sameer to be arrested. But this track is real. I saw the clipping in which Sameer was arrested. He was fighting for his new frnds. Sameer ki dosthon ki purani dushman aagayi. So Sameer fought with them. And Shanti mam catches luv letter and her farewell party track Is also real. I saw the clippings in which they were fighting.

  15. hey.. guys sorry for interrupting.. but u guys are rght the precap was worst but I think .. his just alone their may be he feels very lonely soo he made friendship with them but m sure when he will realize it… he will feel very guilty… I think at present sameer is nt in state of mind… as he had no one or frnds their.. Munna, pandit,naina,nanu.. those people who loved sameer… soo his feeling alone their so he is seen in that character… may be after that once again naina will come into his life once again naina is going to change sameer as before she does… plzz guys plzz tuned with serial…

    m sure after some days the director will bring amazing episodes of YUDKBH… plzz

  16. Whatever is going on right now in the serial seems to be real.. and no fakeness.. surely if they are going according to the real life story so I feel it’s good..
    Like shifting, a person fighting for his friends, teacher understanding the feelings of her student.. everything I feel is real..
    Not like others in which most of the things are not at all relatable..
    Hoping for a samaina reunion ❤

  17. Yes I saw the upcoming track on you tube.But don’t know where the serial is heading towards.Just hope sab achcha ho.

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