Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: A new challenge awaits Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina asks her friends to come to Red Rose. I am very hungry. They look at her in confusion. She says her stomach also needs food. Scolding me isn’t enough. Shall we? Sameer says we know you are upset but you weren’t at fault there. She nods. I will feel I was at fault if you guys will be sad. Let bygones be bygones. My name is Naina Agarwal. I don’t know one thing – how to accept defeat! Her friends smile. I am very strong. Her friends agree. You got a guy like Sameer. It is indeed true. Naina says I have only become GS as of now. I will fulfil the responsibilities of GS now. She pulls Sameer’s hand and whispers in his ears. Remember one thing clearly. The girl who woo Sameer Maheshwari can do anything! Sameer smiles. Her friends tease her that they too have heard it.

Let’s go and eat. We have to think how to fix the situation. They all head to Red Rose. Sameer stops Naina. You too must always remember that the guy whom you have won over will stick by your side through thick and think. She replies that she knows it already. How else do you think I get so much strength? They both look at each other sweetly.

Naina asks him what he would take in return of letting go of her hand. He replies that she will beat him if he will tell her the answer. Why would I have held onto it if I had to let go of it ever? She reminds him of the law Principal Ma’am has made today. I am the Inspector here. He teases her sweetly. I have seen the cheeks of an Inspector turn red for the first time. She blushes.

Swati calls out to JBR loudly. Sameer and Naina get distracted. JBR tells Swati he is standing right in front of her. Why is she shouting so loudly? She asks him about exams. He reminds her that he had recently announced that exams have been postponed. Keep ears open just like you use your mouth. He realises it was a bad joke and walks away. Sameer and Naina change the topic as JBR walks past them. Naina is sure Swati did all that intentionally. He says it might be possible. She might have realised her mistake. Naina hopes it comes out to be true. I will find my lost friend this way.

Mami ji reads a magazine column and decides to write her problem to the editor. She hides it as soon as Mama ji enters. Poonam Bhabhi touches her feet and he blesses her. Mami ji asks him to change his blessings (bless in regards of a baby). Mami ji is irked as Poonam Bhabhi does not understand it. Mami ji is upset with her as she told Devang everything. He is still worried. Mama ji understands that he might be worried. It might be that Devang has office tensions while Poonam works hard all day. This would only tire them by the end of the day. She agrees with his logic. We should ease out things for them so they can spend some time together.

(Background – Naina):
Stress wasn’t as prevalent in those days as it is now. Life was very simple back then. There weren’t many needs or tensions. It is acceptable that Mama Mami couldn’t become grandparents in those days but how did the population increased so much over all these years!

Tau ji and Tai ji are waiting anxiously for Arjun to get ready for his first day. Tai ji taunts Arjun for taking too much time in getting ready. Arjun shares that Chachi brought a new shirt for him. Tai ji is irked that Bela has already spoiled the girls a lot and now is doing the same with Arjun. Bela stops Arjun and does his aarti. Tai ji taunts Bela for doing aarti as if Arjun has become some collector. Arjun seeks his father’s blessings. Rakesh reminds him to stay focused on his game. Arjun nods unwillingly. Rakesh tells him to focus on the job for a year and then resume cricket. This is my only wish that you play for the country one day. Arjun nods. Tau ji and Arjun leave. Tai ji says so much happened yet he hasn’t stopped dreaming. God save us!

Naina’s friends come out of Red Rose. They cook up excuses before Naina and Sameer. Naina suddenly overhears some sound. Their friends gesture Sameer to divert Naina’s attention. He gets the clue and tries going to other place but Naina walks inside Red Rose.

Kartik tears the chart paper in front of Naina. Sunaina welcomes Naina sarcastically. She asks the students if they regret making her a GS; does she deserve to be a GS; should we have elections again. Students reply in her favour. Sameer asks Naina to come. Sunaina and her gang suggest him to take her out of the college. Kartik makes slogans against Naina. Sameer tells him that his Nana ji is only the trustee of this college. He has not bought it. Kartik tries punching him but Sameer holds his hand and pushes him back. Sunaina tells Kartik to let it be. Why fight with the one who is already defeated? She steps down from the chair and looks at Naina. Can you see how she ruined the Navratri function and college’s reputation? She spoiled our mood yet she does not seem upset at all! Kartik taunts her for coming to canteen to party with her friends after what all happened. What should we do now? They all tear down all the wallpapers from the wall and tear them into pieces in front of Naina. Sunaina asks Naina if she has understood where she belongs. Sameer tells her to be quiet. You will see the worst of me if you utter another word. You are very lucky that you are a girl and I don’t hurt girls. If it was a guy in your place then I would have raised my fist on you! Naina is a girl who never gives up. She always thinks about everyone else before her. She falls down yet she knows how to stand back. Kartik asks him why the sports team couldn’t be made then. Even the Navratri function got cancelled. Will she again try to seek permission from Principal Ma’am? Sameer asks him what if it happens and Naina succeeds. Will you then accept that Naina wasn’t the wrong choice for GS? They all agree. Sameer challenges that the function will happen. Naina asks him what he is saying but Sameer sets out the challenge with Sunaina and her gang.

(Background – Naina):
I saw a Mahabharata play in childhood on stage. Karna and Arjuna exchanged their lines. Audience knew that something was amiss but it was done so confidently that they ended up clapping happily. Other actors also started supporting them in it. Same thing happened in college that day. We started cheering and patting Sameer too for the way stood to his ground that day. No one knew if it was a task which could be accomplished or not but we all gave in.

Precap: Sameer climbs a ladder up the balcony so as to meet Naina stealthily at night.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Fan of YUDKBH

    Beautiful serial!! It’s good Swati still cares for Naina

  2. really a good one, how Samaina supported each others.

    Best part of yesterday’s episode was

    1. Samaina’s romance.
    2. Swati saved them from JBR.
    3. Bela chachi’s love and affection towards Arjun.

    My Wishlist.

    1. Swati’s reunion with her friends.
    2. Rohan and Vishakha’s entry.
    3. Rohan and Preethi’s love story.
    4. Pandit and Kamya’s love story.

    Eager to watch
    1. Navratri celebration….
    2. How Samaina convince Principal Madam for Navratri celebration and how they form the Girls sport team in VJN…..
    3.What Samaina plans to make it happen…..
    4. what is the new drama(balcony romance)

  3. I just love the chemistry between sander n naina..n usually peecap used to sum up the whole next week but this time only balcony romance

    1. Ya I think makers want to keep the upcoming be Navratri track a surprise for viewers 🤔

  4. *sameer and naina😉

  5. Can someone please tell me why is Arjun going to work? He’s one year older than Naina right? Then he must be in final year of college. He dropped out for cricket?

    1. So as Naina said there may be differences between her and Swati but they are still not separated…Which Swati proved by alerting Samaina…Just missing Swati’s Smile…
      Well Samaina don’t need a handhold for romancing…They romance only in eyelock😉
      About Rakesh…”Ab aaya unt pahaad k niche”… Yesterday I saw a guilt and helplessness on his face…Also now he didn’t argued with taiji on her taunts…
      About taiji…Her harsh attitude towards Rakesh,Naina and Arjun will always remain the same…😣
      And yes Devi I am too waiting for how Samaina will manage to organize Navratri function…
      Some fans want Preeti and Pandit to pair up…But I think Preeti and Rohan should get paired up…As there are many dialogues when Preeti says she will marry only in the house where Naina will get married…
      Precap: so they stated balcony romance😍😍…

    2. Well sunshine…No one can tell what’s going on with Arjun😅…I think he dropped out from college and sent to Jaipur for Cricket Coaching post break up…I also doubt if he had completed his graduation or not 🤔

  6. yes Sunshine, many logics are missing…………………nowdays, he is one year elder than Naina…..He dropped out only from cricket not from College………

    Even at the time of Pooja’s Wedding..elders even Arjun claimed that he is elder than Pooja then wat is the age difference of Preethi and Naina with her……………… confused….

    still remember Makers clear the confusion of age difference between Rohan and Sameer.

    Makers please be more caution on this….

    1. They said Arjun was older than Pooja also? How come? Wasn’t Pooja educated? Like graduated? Initially I thought she probably just finished school and would sit at home to learn to be an ideal housewife, and she was not interested in studying further. But then when taiji was finding an alliance for naina, she said kya kami thi Pooja mein, she was pretty and well educated but it still took time to find her a groom. So I thought maybe Pooja had done graduation or something. And if she did, she would have gotten married at 21. And that was when Arjun and Naina were still in school. So the upper limit of Arjun is only 18 years. So he’s three years younger to pooja.

      Well maybe taiji meant being 12th pass was being well educated l.

    2. Ya I am too confused…Arjun is elder than Naina and Preeti…Arjun is also elder than Pooja…But by how many years??If only one year age difference is there then Pooja should be of same age as that of Naina -Preeti…But it is shown that Pooja is elder than Naina and Preeti…This is possible either if-
      1. Pooja is few months younger to Arjun or
      2. Arjun has failed in a class 2 times😅 that’s why the class difference of Arjun and Naina-Preeti is just 1 year…
      3.And Pooja is never shown going college…
      So much confusion 😅😅😅

      1. It’s not possible for Arjun to fail. As Arjun was a prefect in his school.

  7. I am not watching 4october episode because Sony Liv it’s not play the video so l am sad I miss my favorite serial .and I love all the actors,and most love samaina.h m.

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