Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Tanvi convinces Gadkari family

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya follows Preeti inside the house and stops near Nirmala ji. Preeti speaks of bringing tea and snacks but her MIL tells her that uncalled guests don’t deserve anything. Just ask him to leave. Aditya tries to say something but Nirmala ji stands up. You may be a forced SIL but we cannot let you sit in our feet. Shubham says we would have taken care of you if you had told us about it. Preeti asks him why he did it then. Aditya replies that he got scared. I thought you wouldn’t accept this relationship. Nirmala ji asks him why he is here now. Aditya says I came to share good news with you. Aruna ji has offered me a good role in her serial. Preeti is thrilled but Nirmala ji tells him to feed sweets to his parents. Aditya says you are also my mother. Tanvi is taking care of my mother and

I can take care of her mother.

Tanvi requests Gauri and Gopal to taste the food once. You can cook on your own if you don’t like it. They sit down to eat lunch. Tanvi serves them food. Gopal complains if Marwari’s don’t offer water along with food. Tanvi keeps the glass on the opposite side. Gopal corrects her and tastes the food. Sejal compliments Tanvi. Aai cooks equally good food. Gauri and Gopal call it okay. Sejal asks Tanvi from where she learnt it. Tanvi tells her. Sejal gets impressed. We can let her take care of the kitchen from today onwards. Tanvi readily agrees but leaves the decision on Gauri. Sejal tells her MIL to say yes. I will be spared then. Tanvi also requests Gauri and calls her Aai. Gauri gets emotional. You used to call me aunty since childhood but I have always considered you my daughter. You called me Aai today. I am touched. Gopal is also teary eyed. Tanvi hugs Gauri. Sejal nods at her FIL. Tanvi says I was scared. I couldn’t understand anything but Naina told me that family understands your love. You should be able to share your feelings with them. I guess I succeeded in doing this. Gopal asks them to have food. Gauri and Tanvi join them.

Aditya promises Nirmala ji that he wont give any trouble to Tanvi. Please agree for her sake if not me. She isn’t happy even after marriage as you guys aren’t happy. Nirmala ji stays put. Aditya requests her not to say so. I will do as you say. He requests Shubham to explain to Nirmala ji. My economics is getting better now. I will start earning once my role starts. Nirmala ji says acting isn’t even considered a proper job in our society. Stand on one foot for the next 24 hours. I will then understand your love! She looks at Aditya. I knew that you wont be able to do it! Go home. Don’t waste your and my time. Aditya accepts her condition.

Voiceover – Naina:
Times may have changed but people do fall in love sometime during the course of their lives. Back then, only a few people could muster the courage to fall in love and fight for their love. I was glad to see Aditya and Tanvi fight for their love just like Sameer and I had fought for our love. That day, Aditya seemed to be Salim and Nirmala aunty looked no less than Akbar.

Aditya comes in the garden area followed by Naina and Sameer. Nirmala ji, Preeti and Shubham look on from their window as Aditya stands on one foot. His family also comes there. They worry seeing him thus. Other society members also stop to watch what’s going on. Gopal tells Aditya not to hurt himself. Let’s go home. They wont agree. Sameer stops him. Aditya wont go anywhere. It is his fight. He will win on his own. People try to feed Aditya and support him but he politely refuses to take anyone’s help. Sameer holds him just when he is about to fall. He too stands on one foot to support his friend. Nirmala ji goes inside. Jatin stands on the other side of Aditya and lends him his support. Dhondu joins in. They are standing on one foot. Other male members of the society also join them one by one.

Next morning, Naina tells something to Gadkari family. Gopal is miffed but then calms down. Gauri and Gopal nod at Naina.

Gadkari family comes to Preeti’s house with shagun. Gauri walks up to Nirmala ji while Preeti stands with Tanvi. Gauri asks Nirmala ji why she is getting upset. We have been great friends. This relation will only strengthen our bond. Don’t you think so? Tanvi also requests her mother to agree. This relation is incomplete without your blessing.

Downstairs, Aditya and his allies stand firm in their resolution.

Preeti tells her MIL that she knows her well. You may show you are angry but you want Tanvi to be happy after all. Her happiness is with Aditya. Shubham seconds Preeti. So many guys saw Tanvi but left her side due to her complexion. It is only Aditya who has accepted her completely! I admit that they have taken the wrong path but forgive them considering them as kids. You would have done this even when they were kids. Why cannot Marathi and Marwari be relatives as well? There is something written on everyone’s palm. Gauri tries to convince Nirmala ji again. I hope you trust me that I will also take care of Tanvi. She is also my daughter. You used to leave her with me when she was a kid. Would I not do the same now? Our friendship is turning into a relation. Why should we miss this chance? Please say yes. Shubham also requests his mother. Nirmala ji walks out in the balcony again. She looks at the boys downstairs.

Voiceover – Sameer:
We too had been through a lot for in our journey but it is a different thing when you are fighting for yourself and an altogether different thing to fight for someone else. In the second case, you begin to wonder what you can do to unite those lovers!

Precap: Nirmala ji keeps a condition. I will do Tanvi’s vidaai on one condition. Sameer and Naina wont have anything to do with us after today!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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