Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi tries to get Sameer arrested

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer calling Naina from landline. Dadi comes and cuts the call. Sameer asks Keshav to tell Dadi to go from there. Dadi goes angrily. Sameer calls on Naina’s landline number. Rakesh picks the call and asks who is on call. Sameer ends the call. He then calls Munna. Munna asks how are you? He gets happy and asks how did he feel after meeting Naina. Sameer couldn’t hear him. Munna tries to tell him that Naina went there and asks did you get her letter. Sameer could hear only about the letter. Naina’s voiceover tells that these days it is easy to call via video call, but in those days, it was difficult to even talk on phone. Sameer runs to Amrita’s house and thinks Munna was talking about the letter. He thinks to get inside somehow and get the letter. Keshav spies on him and sees Sameer breaking glass window to get inside. Sameer thinks this is wrong, but everything is fair in love and war. He breaks the glass door. Keshav runs to inform Dadi. Sameer’s voiceover says he was that kind of lover that he can make his blood flow for her. His hand bleeds. Dadi gets happy when Keshav informs her and calls police.

Sameer manages to put his hand inside and opens the window. He jumps inside and gets the letter. His voiceover tells that he knew that he was doing wrong and felt like his Naina is with him. Har gadi mere pyaar ka saya plays…Naina practices to dance while Kumud teacher looks on. Sameer takes the letter. Just then Inspector comes and slaps him. Sameer says I am not thief, this is my friend’s house. Dadi gets happy and asks Inspector to leave him and calls Mr. Sumani.

Mr. Sumani comes and asks what happened? Inspector says I didn’t steal anything. Mr. Sumani asks him to tell truth. Vishaka comes there and asks why Police caught Sameer. She asks him to tell. Inspector says your son was stealing in this house. Vishaka says no, and says you have a misunderstanding, my Sameer can’t steal. Inspector says he is caught red handed and says your neighbor informed us. Dadi says Mrs. Kapoor must have called and asks why did you break the glass and enter inside. Vishaka asks Sameer if he went to Amrita’s house. Sameer says yes, but I didn’t steal. Vishaka collapses and faints. Mr. Sumani takes Vishaka to home. Inspector is about to take Sameer to Police station. Rohan comes there and says Sameer can’t steal anything, he is my elder brother, I stay with him. Dadi asks Inspector not to file any case and smirks. Sameer looks at the letter which is fallen down. Rohan looks at the letter.

Naina dances and falls down thinking about Sameer. Kumud teacher asks her to be careful and not to think about Tai ji and concentrate on dance. Naina says yes. Her name is announced. Naina thinks Sameer is in trouble. Amrita and Mr. Khanna reaches there. Inspector says he entered inside to steal in the house. Amrita tells something to Mr. Khanna. Dadi asks Inspector not to beat him and says we will bail him out after two days. Mr. Khanna asks Inspector to leave Sameer and says he is Amrita’s friend and my employee. . Inspector leaves him. Sameer thanks him and says he needs to go as Vishaka is unwell. He runs home. Rohan follows him. Dadi thanks Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor says Sameer is sincere and he trusts him.

Sameer comes to Vishaka and tells that he can’t do anything wrong. Rohan comes and says Sameer is saying truth. Sameer tells Vishaka that he thought Rohan wrong, and says he has no blood relation with him, but he is his brother now. Rohan and Sameer smiles. Vishaka gets happy and gets teary eyes. Rohan says your sons are together and you are crying. Doctor comes there and says Sumani called me, and asks them to let her rest. Sameer asks Vishaka to take rest and they go.

Dadi comes to Sameer and calls him beta. Sameer asks her not to call him beta. Dadi says I don’t wish to call you beta. She says I want to talk to you and says if anything happens to Vishaka. Sameer asks her not to talk about his problem. Dadi says you are a problem in Vishaka’s life. Sameer says I got my mother’s love after many years of wait and I will not let it go. Dadi says I am afraid about this. She says you was born, then your Papa died, and then your Nana ji. She says whoever has taken care of you is dead and I don’t want anything happen to Vishaka and says this all is happening because of you, and blames him and says your love becomes end of your loves ones. She asks him to leave the house and let them live in peace. Sameer gets sad. His voiceover tells that he is about to lock his intelligence. Sameer gets teary eyes.

Sameer sees Naina dancing on stage and cries. Naina dances on the stage well.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Omg omg, wonderful episode, so finally bromance rise up, and poor dadi was like a joke. Amrita hats off to u dear ,it was all abt trust, which develops btw Rohan Sameer, vishakha and Amrita, only this unreal thing that Sameer is in trouble by Naina make serials bored, I want the last part to be removed, otherwise it was worth watching. Tomorrow the dance and the meeting ( may be) . Thanx Hasan u done grt job again, gud night guys and a happy weekend.

  2. Episode was good. Except for this Dadi.? I just wish someone throws her out of the house. Doesn’t she have even a streak of humanity inside her?? She is just a wicked witch. Thank God Amrita came on time and that her father was understanding.
    Totally loved Sameer-Rohan bonding❤and also Vishakha’s trust in Sameer?.
    I just hope that Samaina meet in the coming week, so that we people won’t have to suffer anymore. And they should show a union worth this wait of ours….

  3. Hi guys
    Actually my schools are started therefore I am not able to comment regularly.
    Now coming to today’s episode, Sameer is doing awesome with vishakha and Rohan , there bonding is very wonderful to see. Loving this show. Waitnig for the precap to take place as samaina are not able to meet. Sometimes they show many scenes in which samaina are close but don’t meet each other, therefore it becomes irritating after sometime. I think that this wicked Dadi would not be able to trick Sameer as he have many supporters now. Hope to see the wicked Dadi loosing.
    Good night

  4. Oh sameer hamare kaleje ke challe aise to na rowi.Pagle rulayega kya.Plz sameer aise bachon ki tarah phoot phoot ke rowo ge to humse raha nahi jayega.Akhir kyun Kyun apni akal par taale laga diye tum ne.Dekho bhai Sab kch karo par aise rowo to nahi.Hame bahut takleef hoti hai bhai.Remember sameer yaani pawan matlab hawa ka jhonka kabhi yahan to kabi wahan And vishaka plz get well soon.Sameer aur hamari jaan le kar raho gi kya.plzzz .Hope deb atleast u r keeping well now

  5. Today’s episode was superb? waiting for samaina to meet…

  6. All was good except that dadi ??I just wanna punch her in the face?

  7. The only positive thing in today’s episode, observer rohan opened his mouth n started to talk n rohan sameer’s bonding started to bud other than that I didn’t like today’s episode ??every weekend will be exciting n fandom will be eagerly waiting for monday but this week’s precap is not upto the level……… Even have a thought of not watching it for one week until they meet in real n not in dreammmmmmmmyyyyyyy sequence ??but I can’t resist myselves from watching it n lower the trp……. N CV’s know that fandom were eagerly waiting for samainas meet but the precap clearly shows they won’t meet, if such things happen definitely trp will come down, I think they found out a way to lower the trp ?still don’t know how many have decided not to watch until they meet after seeing the precap??but still let’s have some hope n wait

  8. Really a nice episode except the last part. That Dadi will not make our Sameer live happily. Finally, Rohan sameer’s bonding started. The trust that everyone has on Sameer that he can’t steal. Now Sameer has many supporters.
    Atleast in the last time, meet guys. In the spoilers I read that Sameer, Rohan and Deepika will prepare a surprise ? for vishaka. So we will be able to see their bonding to grow. One day, they’ll understand the true colors of Dadi and go against her. Waiting for that to happen!!!

  9. Fidato

    Nice episode. … Chalte phirte time table talks too …. Nice to see the bond between Rohan and Sameer….

    Now only Naina…Can do something….. Sameer won’t come before her…. Find him Naina….As soon as possible.. make him understand that wicked witch was brain washed him… He is not unlucky but a lucky charm…For everyone….

  10. Hi yesterday episode was emotional black mail…… 1rohan did he give the letter to sameer?…..if vishaka will not survive. Dadi words be come true….bro bond ok . Two sons r standing infront of vishka very nice..good to see them …..

  11. Because of dadi ‘s crucial words. Sameer doesn’t want to meet naina…..dadi thinks that sameer will her house bcz of sentiment…..I think Amirtha naina and rohan will do something . Rohan and amirtha will meet naina ….. and then sameer and naina doing dance practice together in u tube …dream or real ….

  12. Hi chithirai festival is going on . In Madurai Tamil nadu…so we couldn’t watch the serial properly and able to write the comment sorry . I think all r enjoying the weekend .deb are u quite normal?

  13. Thanks Hasan for the prompt upload of the episode. Creatives and Show Makers please read the comments on this forum, if you can and make the necessary track changes.
    Good to see the regular reviewer’s comments. Time is one of the scarce resource currently in human life. If I invest my time in watching a show, it should genuinely be seen to cater to the viewers interest and the theme with which it was launched. Frankly I am over with this show. There are other shows which may be better. I am yet to check them out. Not really interested. This is the only Indian soap I watched.
    However, today, I came on board for you all. To read your comments and express my thanks for people who enquired after my health. I am on the path of recovery.
    • Creatives and producers seem to have lost their way in the pursuit of fame and TRP.
    • Samaina lost their magic especially from Sameer’s end.
    • Plot lost its charm.
    • Acting is quite adhoc and mediocre.
    • Redeeming quality was Visakha’s’ bonding with her kids.
    • Lokesh, you are an optimist.
    • Agree with Anu – only redeeming feature brotherly bonding
    • Van: Please do comment maybe briefly as your school started. I agree, one thing the show makers can do is to show a few incidents of Dadi’s plans flopping against the three kids in one episode. Redeeming feature
    • Sheikh Feroz: thanks for asking about my well-being. I am getting better. Hopefully next week they show Samaina meeting against all odds (redeeming feature).
    • Vishi and Fidato and AB: perhaps the only good thing was bromance. Yes, creatives missed showing the critical part of the letter being Sameer’s possession. They are missing crucial evidence. Attention to detail is lacking. Hope they show Amrita, Rohan and Naina meeting and planning to wipe the blind superstitious thoughts from Sameer’s mind. I would love to see, Amrita and Rohan plan to get Naina to Amrita house and Rohan takes Sameer to Amrita’s house and they meet (like Shefali’s house meeting) redeeming feature. Thanks AB regarding enquiry into my wellbeing. It’s much appreciated.
    • San: I am with you. I am not watching till the show makers pick up their game. If TRP is low, it deserves it. The show started with such a bang that it reached no 1 in no time. The plots changed, Samaina chemistry suffered, Naina is putting so much effort, but the disinterest and lack of chemistry is evident from Sameer’s side. Can’t relate to him anymore. God knows what has gone into his mind/ego. Rohan’s, mundit’s and girl gang acting is still superb and rocks.
    • Sai: Yes – surprise for Mother’s Day would be nice, which may mean Vishaka will NOT die as shown in the spoilers. Hope she reunites Samaina before Naina leaves for Ahmedabad. This will be another redeeming feature.
    Others please continue to comment, to make and keep this forum interesting. The other show which caught my interest by chance was Yeh Pyaar Nahi to Kya Hai. Any viewers from here who watch that? Any comments.

    1. I to watch it. It is nice.

    2. Lokesh

      Hey , deb I don’t know who u r, but for me u r a priest or mind reader or a thoughts reader, u guessed xactly right , i m a optimist, and about ur comments, we PPL here use to check this forum twice or thrice just to read ur comments, ur comments are such meaningful and full of positivity, thanx for being here on this page so long, and me too also watch yeh pyaar nahi to kya hai but not regularly, it’s really interesting story of broke up frnds, now again working in same office, I just love it’s title song . I use to sing it whenever i want. Bye.

  14. Hi deb yes I am watching pyar nehi tho kya hai… heroine buddy project..actress I can’t believe bcz face completely changed ….the story is going to fine…..deb I don’t know u r age I love to read ur comments .bcz u convince to all. Lokesh short and sweet ….san comments are good….

    1. Lokesh

      Hi ab, u said actress 8s from buddy project bt I haven’t remember her, which character I only admire I have watched buddy project in initials only.

    2. Hi AB
      Regarding Palak Jain – This actor is different to the one you are thinking as per my research. Check 1 – buddy project Palak. This Palak Jain is different to the one in YPNTKH.
      Thanks to both of you AB and Lokesh for your kind comments. I am quite senior to all of you on the forum. You all seem to be ‘school/college age’. I can relate to this show from parent’s and teachers’ perspective. By reviewing an episode, you tend to observe more, enhances your reviewing and analytical skills. Improvement suggested increases your innovative thinking power. All of these assist you to perform better at your chosen study mode.
      Please continue commenting. Good Luck.

      1. Lokesh

        Yup I m 19 only a college boy

  15. Hi guys,

    Friday’s episode was good one, happy to see brother’s bonding. i love to watch the way the Rohan’s characterization, have anybody noticed Rohan’s body language at the time of conversation between police and amrita’s father – i believe he showed the naina’s letter to Amrita to make her understand the situation to help sameer good one and loved the way it is shown but i heard that milan is not going to happen it is true,please anybody confirm the same and how sameer will get out off this Dadi’s plan…….
    Also i heard that all 3 will plan for Mother’s day celebration if it is so then definitely he will overcome the present situation but how???without Naina’s help ?????
    Deb and Lokesh – Keep up the good work guys….

    1. Yes Devi I have also heard the same…. and also heard that in the college track shanti mam will leave and phulla bua will come back.. but I want samaina to meet

      1. Hi Vishi I saw somewhere that due to popular demand, Shanti teacher’s role has been extended in her own words in one of the live videos. Phulla bua ( I am unsure). I just hope the creatives are reading our comments.

  16. Oh god what a disaster.Kya yahi dekhne k liye mene ye do din pahad ki tarah kaate.Someone update today’s episode.Deb plz suggest as what to do now as its lost now.Everything seems to be out of control.Kudos to sameer for his consistent egoistic approach which is striking all our heads like a hammer.Bahut dol dukhaya yaar aaj.Mundit tum kahan ho.We all need u especially samaina.Ab to rohan k saath hi naina jaye to tab tumhe samaj aayegi.U were right randeep ne apni akal par taale laga liye hain in real.Ab bhukto

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