Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer makes Naina tie Rakhi to Karthik

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking for pen. Swati is about to give her pen. Naina takes pen. Sameer comes there with the bandaged hand. Naina looks at him. Punawala asks Naina to show the script and tells the dialogue. Sameer tells Munna and Pandit that he met with an accident, and tells that auto came from the front, and collided with his bike although he was riding slow. He says I was thinking something then. He says when I gained consciousness, I felt that I have lost my memory. He asks them to make the arrangements for tomorrow and tells that he will go to red rose and have something as he is hungry since morning. Naina gets worried for him. Her voiceover tells that Sameer shall get oscar for his acting.

Sameer comes to red rose and asks to give food. Banke Bhaiyya serves

him food. Naina comes there and asks Sameer to have pavbhaji. She makes him have it with her hand. His voiceover tells that his trick worked and Naina had to come to her. She makes him have pavbhaji with her hand. Sameer acts as feeling pain. Naina asks if he is feeling much pain. Sameer says when you left, I felt more pain. Naina says sorry for her anger and says we get angry on loved ones. Sameer says I shall get angry on you more than, as I love you more. Naina says ok, and says I can bear your anger, but not your pain. She keeps her hand on his hand. Sameer says my pain will go away. Naina asks him to take medicine and ride bike till he gets fine. Sameer says then how I will come to college. Naina says you drives fast. Sameer says he drives at less speed and tells that car was coming from front, but he got saved but his bike collided with the auto. Naina asks where was your concentration? Sameer says on you…

Pandit says whatever God did was right, and says he hurt Sameer and now their fight is resolved. Munna says yes. Pandit says I hope Swati and you shall end their fight. Munna says she has done so much. Pandit sees bike in the tree and says it is Sameer’s bike. Kamya, and Hema come from Bada Bazaar and brought the costume. They tell about auto strike today. Munna tells Pandit that Sameer lies to us about his accident. Naina asks Sameer to go home and rest. Sameer asks her to go and do rehearsal because of which she fought with him. He says I am going home. Naina tells Sameer that Karthik and I are doing roles of brother and sister. Sameer asks when did you know? She gets happy. He tells that it is good that Punawala rejected him for brother’s role and says he will see the rehearsals tomorrow. He gets happy.

Naina and Karthik do the rehearsals. Puna Wala comes there and asks Sameer why did he come there? Sameer says I came here to learn acting from you. Puna Wala asks him to stand there and hear. He asks Karthik and Naina to rehearse the lines. Karthik and Naina rehearse their lines. Munna says it is wrong. Puna wala scolds Karthik and asks him to express feelings. Karthik says I will try. Sameer says he can’t.

Puna Wala asks Sameer to be quiet. Sameer says you had said that until the actors get into the characters, the acting don’t look real. Karthik says I will do. Sameer says I met Patel College and came to know that Kishore Bansali is going to teach the students, a different style of acting. Puna wala asks what? Sameer tells about method acting. Puna wala says drowning in the character. Sameer says I understand and asks if someone has rakhi. Pandit ji says I have. Sameer tells Puna wala that Karthik and Naina shall get siblings feel in them if Naina ties rakhi to him. Karthik says what nonsense. Puna wala says what a brilliant idea and thanks Sameer.

Puna wala asks Karthik to get Rakhi to him by Naina. Karthik refuses. Puna wala orders him. Naina ties rakhi to Karthik’s hand. Bhaiyya mere plays…..Sameer smiles. Karthik says I will not leave you. Munna and Pandit ask him to thank Didi. Naina’s voiceover tells that it was shameful for a guy if any girl ties rakhi to him. Sameer and Naina talk on phone later in the night. Sameer says I will call Karthik as Saala lovingly. Naina says your idea was clever and says you shall not trouble him. Sameer says I would have beaten him. Naina says your hand is hurt. Sameer acts as feeling pain and says I wish someone was with me who will take care of me etc. Naina gets upset with him. Sameer says I was just replying to you. He says we will talk all night. Naina says you said that you don’t like my voice. Sameer says when I hear you, I feel like a bulbul is chirping in the jungle etc….Naina asks him not to lie and asks about his words before. Sameer says it was a lie. Naina says you are mad. Sameer says mad in love. Naina’s voiceover tells that we never knew when we fight or love.

Sameer makes Naina eat sweets. Naina smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Swara23

    Amazing episode
    what a acting by sameer
    so finally naina said sorry
    thank god sameer didn’t got the lead role
    i am so glad
    what a twist bro sis
    loved d rakhi scene…kartik tensed…sameer winking at naina
    superb one

    1. Really Swara23 Today’s episode was just amazing can’t stop laughing for a minute. Specially when Naina told that kartik is playing as her brother.
      And in that happiness Sameer totally forgot about his fake injury. The way he created the story with so much of emotions. By God just loved the acting done by Sameer.
      And Spoilers are not fully right hence proved again. Kartik now cannot fall for Naina as now she is her *Rakhi Sister* 😂😂.

  2. YUDKBH is one of the best show by Sony entertainment channel. They need to give some priority to this serial specially it’s timings.

    1. Swara23

      Vidha I checked it yesterday night
      now yudkbh will come at 10 as kbc so frnds be ready at 10
      but i still wish they shud show a repeat delecast nxt day around 2 or 2 30
      it will inc trp
      y d they need to show crime patrol all day

  3. Today episode was so hilarious that i couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

  4. what a episode – it is not only sameer, even i feels very happy after hearing that Karthik and Naina are playing brother and sister role in Play (good surprise)- it is a very good twist and even none was imagine that…..
    Great applause to the Makers……………

    Sameer who steal the show yesterday what an acting man….. and that Rakhi scene was ultimate comedy, it was beautifully captured everyone in the screen acted very well including Karthik……

    I don;t find any issues in yesterday’s episode and every scene went very well – it turns to positive aspect of our serials … there is no unwanted scene of taiji, tauji, Rakesh, Mami, Mama and Sunaina yesterday..

    1. Agree Devi all the scenes were so good and this time Poonawala was behaving like normal teachers unlike he behaved in starting. But I want that makers should sought everything out between Swati and Naina. As pandit dialogue was they look incomplete without Swati.

  5. and also happy to know that there is no Karthik and Naina thamasha (Love proposal)

  6. I thought Munna & Pandit would broach in front of Samina in red rose, how did sameer met with an accident when there was auto strike on that day and naina would go away in anger knowing sameer’s feign injury. The makers have not developed the script well on their separation with interesting twist and ended their rift so soon, not much convincing. Where are those brilliant imaginative ideas well scripted in the long episodes of their separation during Pooja’s marriage ? Any way the comedy of Karthik’s annoyance when Naina tied raaki in front of everyone was interesting and nice !!

  7. Really yesterday’s episode was too much fun…😂😂 Superb actor Sameer…And he impressed Poonawala too…I had some idea that there will be no romantic angle between leads of the play but never expected this brother-sister twist…😅…Now there is no chance of Kartik falling for Naina…And makers kept it light hearted as always…(except Sharad track)
    Now awaiting the Sameer-Sunaina rishta track…

  8. Omg such an adorable episode today’s was. Just loved it. The best episode in the recent past of yudkbh. Everything and everyone was point on, including kartik. He was funny. Loved Naina and swati’s pen scene, so cute; the way Naina took it with all the right, and the way Swati didn’t say anything. It was such a peaceful episode without Sunaina and kartiks negativity. And Sameer ❤❤❤ What a sweetheart he is. Thank God they made Naina back into a nice girl than the ‘I me myself’ female that she had been from a month. Munna and pandit scenes were so funny. Loved the way pandit told Munna that the group is incomplete without Swati, and so is Munna. Pandit is so cute, he’s so understanding and caring and thinks from his heart and thinks positive, no grudges, no anger, nothing. What a pure soul. Naina feeding pav bhaji to Sameer, I went awww. Sameers cheesy lines, gosh so so cute❤A 10/10 episode. Dil khush Kar Diya❤

  9. I guess as now samaina is back
    now they’ll either unite swati nd munna or will continue wid vishaka’s as it too ended abruptly

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