Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s sacrifice melts down Bela’s stubbornness

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela telling Anand that it is not a justice that one sister gets all the happiness and other sister don’t get anything because of her. Anand says Naina is also our daughter. Bela says I am Naina’s mother, not Chachi. She says she can’t see her one daughter getting married and other daughter not marrying. Anand says if she go today then he will end his relation with her. Munna packs his clothes. His father says this is values and asks Sameer to go to his elders’ house. Sameer thanks him for letting him stay in his house for few days. Munna comes with Sameer and his baggage and asks Sameer to come. Bela asks if this is the result of my dedication for your house. She says Naina is my daughter, but Preeti is my daughter too and I can’t see her life getting ruined. She says I will not go to my mayka, but will not attend Naina’s marriage functions. She goes to room and sees Naina and Preeti standing. Sameer tells Munna that this is not his suitcase. Munna says this is my suitcase. He tells his father that he is going with Sameer. His father asks why are you leaving the house and for what? Munna says I am leaving the house for my friend and requests his father not to stop him from attending his friend’s marriage. He says we have sworn to stay together and cries. His father asks him to pick his suitcase and go. Munna, Sameer and Pandit are about to go, but his father stops them and asks him to befriends them all his life. Munna hugs his father. His father tells Sameer that he can stay there, but don’t hope anything from him as he can’t spoil relation with Kamlesh and Vishaka. Sameer, Munna and Pandit have a hug. Sameer’s voiceover tells that the kids have only tears as a weapon to melt down their parents, here the matter was of real friendship.

Arjun is going home. Juhi is in the car and asks where is he going? Arjun says he is going to his night shift duty. She asks him to buy a scooter. Arjun says we had a car, but….Juhi says bye. Arjun tells that he has a good news to give and tells that Naina is getting married. Juhi asks Sameer? Arjun asks who told you? Juhi says she is Naina’s friend and will congratulate her. She goes in her car.

Bela is cutting vegetables. Naina comes to her and says you didn’t have anything since night and asks her to drink some tea atleast. Bela ignores her. Sameer comes there. Preeti says jija ji. Sameer greets Anand. Bela gets up to go inside. Sameer calls her and greets her. Bela says whatever I had to tell, I told your Chacha ji. She says she will not agree. Sameer says you shall not agree. He says your thinking is right, that if Naina and I get marry then Preeti will have problem. Naina says it was my mistake, I should have thought about this.

Sameer says we are not selfish that we will spoil Preeti’s life because of us. He tells that we got your blessings and it is enough, if we marry or not, it doesn’t matter. He tells that they will not marry until Preeti’s alliance is fixed. Anand asks him to rethink and says you have left your house for Naina. Sameer says it is a small thing to do for Chachi ji and Preeti. He says Naina also tells that you are not her Chachi, but Maa and says they will not marry without her blessings. He says we have decided not to meet each other or marry until Preeti’s alliance gets fixed. He tells Preeti that her responsibility is his now.

Tai ji sees Taya ji disliking the tea and asks what happened? Taya ji says it is less sugary and asks where is her concentration? Tayi ji says at Naina’s marriage. Taya ji asks if she will do the arrangements. Taya ji says she will go if they call her. Tayi ji says for the people and tells that neighbors at laughing at her, and asks why she is not seen with Bela. She says everyone is badmouthing about us and your other brother Rakesh stood with Anand and Bela. Taya ji says Rakesh is somewhere here and somewhere there. Tai ji asks him to do something and make Rakesh come to their side. Taya ji looks on.

Sameer asks Naina if they have done right. Naina nods her head. Sameer asks then why are you crying and asks her to smile. Naina smiles. Sameer tells Anand and Bela that he will leave and touches their feet. He says bye to Preeti and is walking out with teary eyes. Bela stops him. Sameer wipes his tears. Bela asks him to come inside and makes him sit. She makes Naina sit beside him. She says what kind of sand you are made of, and from where you got such a big heart. She says I was mad to spell anything whatever coming in my mind, and I came in between your happiness, and that’s means I couldn’t become Naina’s mother. She apologizes. Naina says Preeti’s future. Bela says whoever has sister and brother in law like you both then Preeti’s future must be good. Naina hugs her. Naina’s voiceover tells that people were ready to sacrifice for each other, and says it was filmy but real. She says youngsters’ attitude was just you, and not I, me and myself. In those days, kids used to be stubborn for agreeing to elders’ decision. Anand, Sameer and Preeti smile.

Sameer shows his wedding card to his friends. He hugs them. Amar, Akbar, Anthony plays……

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today episode was perfect in every sense ,after all munna father is not bad person like mamaji ,atleast he considers friendship of munna , pandit and sameer .he tells munna that your friendship better be lifetime , otherwise i will kick out of his house , and lets sameer stays in the house ,but restrain himself from giving any money for ,

    sameer was again show stopper today , brilliant performance ,look how his sacrifice melted bela chachi heart

    perfect episode of week

  2. Today’s episode was awesome blosom.
    1. Just loved the way Munna stood for Sameer and how his father melts down. By the way to be really honest on my previous two episode’s comment I was wrong about Munna’s father. Actually in 90s parents were quite strick they don’t use to show their love and I understood it as my parents were very strict when I was a child (although now their strictness is not too much).
    2. Okay so Arjun still don’t like Sameer as in front of Juhi he didn’t named him and Juhi feels something for Arjun cuz when he said ha “Shaadi toh hai” at that time she was quite upset.
    3. Chachi Ji got convinced and we all were knowing it but in a way Sameer and Naina should had sticked to their decision, their engagement is done and now they can wait for marriage and bunglow will take time to get build. Till now Sameer has only submitted token money not the full amount don’t know from where he will arrange money for all the expenses.
    4. OBai is confusing me now sometimes she sounds like she cares about Naina & Preeti and on the other scene she makes plans to break Naina’s alliance only Makers know what they want OBai to do. When Tauji was saying “Dhyaan Kaha Hai Tumhara” then I was like all the time she used to pass her time in Chachi Ji’s house so obviously she is missing her Ash ke din.
    There was nothing in today’s episode which made me feel like don’t let this happen or so but still missing Vishakha a lot. She has a ego problem. When Naina’s Voiceover was saying that Youngster’s attitude was just you not, I ,me and myself then I was thinking that Sameer is doing a thing like this only he has left his family for Naina which neither wrong nor right. I never ever expected that Sameer will take such a drastic step and a plus point Vishakha is not there to make him understand she is in Delhi with her second husband, Rohan & Deepika which is wrong?. Can’t understand why Makers are just focusing on getting Sameer and Naina married they first try to show both of them convincing each other parents for the marriage. And Vishakha was gaining confidence on Naina na then why she is not recollecting it and trusting her son’s decision. There are a lot of things which are making me upset when I think of that although right now I am just loving the episodes.

    1. Very true vidha. Sameer is ready to sacrifice his and naina ‘s relationship for bela chachi. He will be again asking for forgiveness in the upcoming episodes from rakesh sir because of the wedding card fiasco. BUT he will not talk to his mom or try to understand her point of view. Just very sad. Sameer is nice to all parents except his own mom. I agree vishaka should have left for delhi. I dont understand why the writers write a scene like that. Wasn’t it important to show a son and mother having a conversation and trying to fix their bitterness. Even naina ,who is a sensible girl doesn’t ask sameer whether he has sorted his issues with mom. Or how is he arranging for the bungalow. She is happy in her own world. Only worried about her family. The way the serial is making a caricature of parents like rakesh sir and vishaka is despicable. They are humans. Yes they have made mistakes. But to show that their opinion is not important is just not right. No wonder trp is going down. This serial was about youngsters and their families and how they bridge the gap between them. My opinion

      1. The serial was not about youngsters and their families and how they bridge the gap between them. This serial was about how was the world in early 90s and how were couples in 90s. How simple the people were, the couple were and on the top everything was (like weddings, friends, relationships and etc). It was never about bridging the Gap.

      2. But the era of 90’s was characterised by how all youngsters looked upto their elders inspite of differences. I mean. I didnt see any 90’s movies where boys are throwing stuff in anger and disrespecting their moms like that . The way sameer does. I rem. salman khan in hum saath saath hai or maine yar kiya. Even though he was angry ,he wasn’t violent like this. I agree its not about bridging gap. But at least the youngsters cannot be shown so insensitive

      3. Amina Shaik u can’t compare Sameer’s action to the actions done by Salman Khan in these two iconic movies, cuz in “Maine Pyaar Kiya” Reema Lagoo (Prem’s Mom) was understanding that how much he love Suman and was knowing that Suman is best bride for her Prem and similarly in “Hum Saath Saath Hai” Reema Lagoo was a really loving and caring Mother she was selfish only in mid of the movie when her daughter was forced to leave her house just because of clash between two brothers and Reema Lagoo didn’t want that her own sons should suffer because of her step son. And in both the movies Mother was always very patient, understanding, supportive & loving.
        Now if we talk about Sameer’s behavior so he is behaving like a normal (angry) teen. I can relate cuz at times when I am very much angry with my parents after a heated argument I usually throw things (on bed or sofa) so that my anger cools down?. Sameer is doing the same thing but in more dramatic manner cuz it is a Serial . And in 90s I don’t know much about youngster’s anger but they used to threaten their parents or elders.
        FOR ME SAMEER IS INSENSITIVE ?BUT NOT AS MUCH AS HER VISHAKHA WHO ALWAYS LEFT HER OWN WHENEVER HE NEEDS HER THE MOST?. As we say in Hindi “Jaisi Maa Vaisa Beta”. So Sameer has be to little Insensitive ??.

      4. @amina shaik get your facts right first ,trp are not going down ,they are going up ,if you watch YouTube search for sameer interview ,sameer is saying trp is going up and they recently celebrated 350 episodes completion party ,and the show is about how was life in 90 s

      5. Exactly and life of 90s was more cool then our present life and I can relate to many things to 90s as i an a old school girl

    2. @vidha did you know rohan was son of bobby first wife ,in one episode vishakha mention it ? Deepika is only daughter of vishakha and bobby ,and sameer is son of vishaka and her first husband ?

  3. great to see arjun and juhi after long time ,now you know juhi was in Kanpur

    hahaha taiji couldn’t make good tea for her husband ,i think she is missing bela chachi ” adrak wali chai ” , both conspiring to ruin sameer and naina marriage by making rakesh sir there side ,

    good to see sameer emotional side today ,last saw emotional side of sameer when he fall in love in naina ,nanu death ,ill vishaka in delhi , avoiding naina as something may not happen to her ,breakup episodes

    next week on Tuesday phula might come

  4. Sweta2005

    Loved todays episode ,it waa too good,too emotional

  5. I meant vishaka should not have gone to delhi

  6. Honest opinion

    My question from yesterday remains!!!! Do mama-Mami really care about Sameer or are they just taking advantage of the situation to grab all sameer’s property & money?? What do you guys think?? Has anyone heard any spoilers or anything that can shed some light on this??

  7. Shruti Kulkarni

    I wish Pandit And Preeti’s love story will start now! Very excited to see what happens next! I just loved Sameer, Munna & Pundit’s true friendship! It was very pure & real. Just a perfect episode!

  8. not many of you know that ashi aka naina is trained in mo thai . i.e. mixed martial arts
    in recent interview on YouTube channel she told that she is trained in mo thai . plus she is amazing actress and dancer too

  9. By the way guys in the very first episode “Koi Phool Nahi Lata Koi Tofe Nahi Lata Apni Mehbooba Se Milne Ko” what is ashleel in this song or in this line cuz when Naina & Preeti were dancing in this song Chandini TauJi said “Ghar Ki Ladkiya Ese Ashleel Gano Mein Nachegi” don’t know what is double meaning in all these songs line the previous two also still confuses me.

    1. @vidha the problem is Agarwal ladkiyon ko nachna allowed nai hai , because first episode main unke ghar pehle baar tv ata hai ,
      and did you know in some starting episodes of the show when naina mention apni ungliyon main s shabd dudna ,and by mistake writes “naina sang sameer ” ,her voice over says mujhe kya pta tha ye ” naina sang sameer ” aage chalke itna important hone wala hai meri life main

      and also naina says gane ka matlab bahut dino baat pta chala ki wo gana romantic bi tha aur sensous bi , naturally shaadi ke pta chala hoga , that’s why she said this

      in very first episode when naina visit her after ,she says i am writer now ,1989 school topper ,the girl in red dress in starting scene of very first episode, that is indeed naina


      Generally, all these 3 songs which Agrawal family or neighbor is mentioning as “Ashleel” are actually filmized on sensualist basis and during 90s, middle class families are not allowed their children to listen (even boys). That was the mentality of most of the families in that period.

  10. Hi Guys
    Good to see so many comments. Btw see rankings for Ashi is currently70 and Randeep on 32. This forum must watch or make it post videos comments etc to raise Ashis ratings. First time there’s a huge diff in ranking betn Randeep and Ashi.

  11. @amina shaik get your facts right first ,trp are not going down ,they are going up ,if you watch YouTube search for sameer interview ,sameer is saying trp is going up and they recently celebrated 350 episodes completion party ,and the show is about how was life in 90 s

    1. I usually don’t comment if i dont know anything sir. So to get back to your answer. The rating did drop. It was 1 and it dropped to 0.9. You can check kashish multani page on instagram who usually give spoilers and updates. And they r pretty accurate all the time.

      1. @amina i agree on that trp was reduced to 0.9 but that was before 350 episode completion ,i said trp increased on 350 episode , let’s not argue on that topic now ,i feel vishakha ruk ke bi kya karti kyunki sameer ne faisla le lia h wo naina se hi Shaadi karega ,so vishakha left thats why

  12. Vidha. Yes you are right my comparison was off the mark and it was wrong. Sameer is no where near salman’s prem. But whether kids are from 90’s or 2019. This behaviour towards parents is disheartening. The writers conveniently show vishaka as villian. Sometimes they make her stay back(like when sameer left to meet chachaji) and she actually helps sameer by talking to the principal and he doesnt lose an yr. She advised him that a relationship works only if two people walk together not ahead or walk behind. This meant she knew sameer is not giving up on naina ,so sameer doesn’t lose an yr and doesn’t stay behind naina.
    Then after sagai drama ,the writers made vishaka disappear when actually both sameer and vishaka should have spoken to each. Other. Have a heart to heart talk. Instead they showed sameer dancing in the streets with his friends .he doesn’t think its necessary to go back and talk to his mom and explain things

    1. I agree with u Amina Shaik. But Sameer dancing on street doesn’t show that he don’t want to talk to Vishakha because as he returned home the first thing he was cared or asked about was of Vishakha he wanted to talk to her and he didn’t expected that even after knowing that everything was well planned she will leave him but she left him alone. Makers are making Vishakha more practical than she was before Delhi track.

  13. Yes vidha. I agree . The makers are making vishaka look like a villian all the time now .sometimes I go back and watch the delhi episodes and wonder how could the makers show her so insensitive now when they have shown her loving and understanding before .

    1. @amina i agree on that trp was reduced to 0.9 but that was before 350 episode completion ,i said trp increased on 350 episode , let’s not argue on that topic now ,i feel vishakha ruk ke bi kya karti kyunki sameer ne faisla le lia h wo naina se hi Shaadi karega ,so vishakha left thats why

      1. I agree.?. And i wish my best for the serial to increase in good ratings as it was my fav. Yes sameer has decided and forced vishaka to accept the decision but every new start or new beginnings ,we need our parent’s blessings. Sameer should reach out to his mom. A mom should participate in function . This time is never going to come back. Unfortunately the serial is trying to show, its ok if your mom remains angry. Just focus on naina. Thats not fair.

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