Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kamya recommends Naina for Dance competition

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishaka telling Mr. Sumani that Sameer got the job in Radio station. Mr. Sumani is surprised and asks with whose recommendation. Vishaka says on the basis of his talent. She tells him that Sameer is adjusting now and tells about his birthday. Mr. Sumani asks her to take him to South Ex and get some sweaters and jackets for him. Vishaka says she is talking about Shares and says they bought shares for Rohan and Deepika. Mr. Sumani says I don’t think Sameer has interest in Shares. Vishaka says if Rohan and Deepika have interest in shares and tells that Papa has secured his future, but she also wants to do something for him. Dadi hears them and takes Mr. Sumani with him.

Principal sits to see the dance performance and tells poetry. Kumud asks Munna and Pandit to go. Principal sir asks Kumud to let them stay and tells his poetry again. Munna asks Naina to pull the thread when Kamya starts dancing. Kumud asks Munna and Pandit to go out. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was questioning herself if she couldn’t do wrong for her love. She goes out of room without pulling the thread. Kamya dances. Naina’s friend go out and asks why did she not pull the thread. Naina says she can’t betray Kamya for her own happiness and will fall in her own eyes. Munna asks if you will do or not? Naina says no. Munna says now we will do. They walk away. Just then Naina hears Kamya crying in pain and suspects her friends. Swati says we didn’t do anything. She fell down by herself. Kamya says it seems my bone is broken. Principal tells poetry and asks Kamya not to worry. Kamya says now I can’t part in the competition.

Kumud says who will take part then? Kamya says Naina. She tells that she saw Naina practicing and will win surely. Pandit asks Munna when did she see her dance? Kumud says she don’t know even classical spelling. Naina says right spelling in English. Principal says beautiful and tells poetry praising Naina. Munna and Pandit praise him. Kamya tells Kumud that she will teach her dance. Kumud agrees and asks Naina to work hard.

Principal tells Poetry again and goes. Kumud asks Naina to practice on A side first song and asks Kamya to take care. Naina tells Kamya why did she take her name? Kamya stands up without any support. Naina says your feet. Kamya says I will teach you dance and says my feet is fine. Naina stops her and asks why did you do this. Kamya shows the thread and says you have tied this to make me fall, but didn’t let me fall. She says she heard their conversation. She says you wants to go to Delhi and meet Radio RJ Prem, and says she knows that he is Sameer. She says you both love each other and it is important for you to go and meet him. Naina hugs her happily. Kamya asks him to give message to Sameer that he did a mistake by not choosing her, and says she is still best.

Naina’s voiceover tells that she had promised herself not to love anyone and will not have friendship with Kamya, but both of the promises broken up because of Sameer, Kamya is my friend since then. Sameer thinks of Naina. Deepika comes and teases him. She brings drawing with Sameer in it. Sameer gets glad and hugs her. Vishaka and Mr. Sumani smiles seeing him hugging Deepika. Deepika shows her drawing to Mr. Sumani and Vishaka. Dadi gets upset and asks Keshav to bring water. Deepika asks if she shall go out with Rohan and Sameer bhaiyya to have icecream. Dadi says Rohan has to go now and says icecream is not good in winter. Mr. Sumani asks Deepika to go with Sameer in the car. Mr. Sumani says he has decided to get shares on Sameer’s name. Dadi asks them not to hurry up and asks them to get video game for Sameer. Vishaka says she don’t want injustice with any of her kids. Dadi thinks she won’t let Rohan and Deepika’s right go to Sameer and decides to throw him out.

Naina practices to dance while coming home. Her hand touches Rakesh and water falls down from his hand. He scolds her. Preeti tells them that inter state competition is happening in Delhi. Rakesh says I know. Preeti says Naina is selected to participate. Rakesh says you was about to participate in debate. Preeti says Kamya fell down and that’s why suggested Naina’s name. Kumud and Principal sir agreed. Principal sir told that Rakesh sir’s kids are good at everything. Rakesh gets flattered and says how you will go alone. Naina says one person can go with her. Rakesh says I will come with you. Naina gets tensed. Bela tells Tai ji that Rakesh agreed to go with her at one go. Tai ji says she will go with Naina. Naina’s voiceover tells that her situation was such that she fell from the sky and got stuck in the dates tree.

Naina comes to Delhi and walks past Sameer’s house. Sameer feels her presence and comes out of his house. Naina looks at the name plate of the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I didn’t watch today’s episode but written update is fine….. Kamya thank god she finally supported naina….. Naina’s voiceover said that she took promise not to love anyone n not to be frnd with anyone but both promises were broken bcos of sameer……. Whether this indicates the future or whether it tells about naina told that she won’t love anyone after that mount abu incident? I can’t understand ? n deb read your yesterday comment hope creatives consider your thoughts too bcos this is what viewers really want……. N guys do you think they’ll meet in Delhi?

    1. Hi San … I think that in starting episodes naina made promise that she will not love anyone but after that she meets sameer and falls in love … so may be her voice over is talking about it

    2. Hi San…. i think that in starting episodes naina made promise that she will not love anyone but after that she meets sameer and falls in love with him… maybe her voice over is talking about it..

    3. yeah ! f**k dis serial it has become boring

      1. Yes Exo- I agree. Constructive feedback may be useful for the producers to change their story line. Give suggestions.

  2. hi San, Vishi is absolutely right, regarding yesterday’s episode -fine excluding Dadi’s portion again she is planning something for Sameer OMG!
    I believe this time naina will flop Dadi’s plan and protect sameer.

  3. hi san, Vishi is absolutely right, regarding yesterday’s episode brother and sister bonding was good excluding Dadi’s portion, she plans something for sameer again OMG! but i believe this time Naina will save sameer.

  4. Thanks Hasan as always being prompt to upload the episode. What would we the commentators do without you uploading the written episode. I accidentally posted in the past update. Re-posting here.
    Thanks everyone! I got to read the comments posted after mine, yesterday. Devi, thank you for your kind encouraging words. RV and Anu – yes Vishaka growing closeness with Sameer is a treat to watch. Mahi- tx for your good wishes I am still on recovery path. Trying to catch up on this forum and read your comments whenever possible. AB – I agree the show reflects values of ‘true friendship’ not found in 21st century, or extremely rare. Sindhuja – my wish Samaina meet (no one else knows) and agree with Sheikh Feroz hopefully their chemistry will be reignited hopefully.
    Coming to today’s update.
    San you beat Lokesh being the first to comment so early on. Well done. Vishi I agree with you. Naina recalls that she has made promises in standard 8, but both have been broken (in a good way). Devi – yes dadi is planning and it will be foiled. Hope the creatives are reading our comments. It was one of my comment yesterday.
    Overall 2nd good episode since marriage track.
    What I liked?
    • Visakha’s pride and standing up for Sameer.
    • Sameer’s bonding with Deepika.
    • Deepika’s innocence reflected in the drawing. Somani’s acceptance of Sameer.
    • Dadi’s disappointment on that issue and trying to influence was failing. She can see her plans are failing:
    • Deepika accepting Sameer, Somani accepting Sameer; Rohan neutral on helpful side to Sameer;
    • Visakha’s awareness of Dadi’s plans to defame Sameer.
    • Sameer and Deepika’s ice-cream outing.

    What I would like to see:
    • Dadi does not allow Sameer to see Naina (as per videos on You tube) but they still manage to communicate and meet up against all odds (Taiji and Dadi) Rohan helps (perhaps) stands alibi.
    • Dadi’s plan flops on herself
    • Samaina are in constant touch somehow and someway. Sameer please show some interest in Naina for chemistry to be built. It has fallen flat. It will cost you viewers.
    • Sameer happy to see Naina win. Inevitable hug of happiness, like hand holding when he returned from Ahmedabad. School asks Sameer to announce the winner. Similar incident and flashbacks when he announced the best student. Kumud teacher surprised to see Sameer in the school. Sameer gains honour in school and Rohan proud of it and announces in the house.
    • Dadi angry and frustrated. Sameer and Rohan become good friends.
    • She knows he is watching and constant eye catching during dance.
    That’s from me. I leave a note, If I don’t comment, it’s because, I am unwell and can’t come on my computer. Take care, keep commenting guys. Please do your posts nice and long and analytical.
    Hoping Lokesh and Saz (where are you?) Van, Mahi, Ghvpriya fidato, Yasir, Sha, RV Mahi Anu, Honest opinion, Sai, RV. Please remember its only a forum. These are personal viewpoints. Not everyone need to agree with everyone.

    1. Ghvpriya

      Yes yes. Everyone have their own opinions. I respect your opinion yar. Don’t worry ???

  5. Hi to days episode is too good . .. not only sameer and somani also badalgaya…….nice..dadi count the days and count the notes…all r one team ….
    In school …..Super bond and understanding . Sacrificing……nice thoughts …..welldone …..make up conversation al r natural

  6. Lokesh

    Loved the episode totally, and Preeti Preeti Preeti , u r awesome how she caught Rakesh bt buttering him,and now I think naina will stay in Sameer’s house, as taiji once get to know bholu ram leaves here, she must try to make a good contact with somanis for her own greed, let see what happens next, Kamya is so sweet today,
    And Hasan u updated very late today, try little earlier.
    Gud afternoon guys.

    1. Um! Lokesh. Thats a new thought process altogether. Good Idea. But how and why would Naina be in Sameer’s house. Yes I agree, if taiji knows that she will move in with Naina. Then dadi and taiji verbal war of words infused with sarcasm or insult could ruin samaina’s any chance of meeting or any alliance.

      Lets see, did not think this way……..

      1. Lokesh

        I mean , dance competition must be in Sameer’s school, then taiji must see Sameer there , and then she will make something so that can get entry in somanis house. Just assuming let’s hope for a betterment.

  7. I watched on YouTube that naina won dance competition ?and searching sameer in school but sameer is hiding from naina…. Don’t know why is he hiding…?

  8. I watched on YouTube that naina won dance competition and searching sameer in school but sameer is hiding from naina?…. Don’t know why is he hiding from her…?

  9. Definitely our aspirations r being eyed upon by the creatives bcoz somehow they r also aware of the gradual stooping of the show probably due to randashi differences.I personally feel u did a blunder by introducing delhi track.Sathiya song would have done miracles otherwise but unfortunately fall flat enough .It also couldn’t bear the burden of falling storyline individually.Disappointing guys,sameer,s acting a brunt for the show really.What happened to u randeep?Exactly wat is wrong with u.Beta Delhi abi bahut door hai aur apni aadton se shayad wahan tum kabi na pahunch pao,i fear

  10. Guys just read the spoiler don’t know if it’s true..
    Sony TV serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai latest news, YUDKBH upcoming twists

    In the upcoming episodes of Sony TV’s popular serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai (YUDKBH) we have seen that Naina (Ashi Singh) would come to Delhi for the dance competition.

    However, Sameer and Naina will have lot of hit and miss moments before they would meet each other.

    Naina would go to Sameer’s (Randeep Rai) house in Delhi to meet him. As Naina would be outside (at the gate), sameer would feel her presence around him. Naina would meet Dadi and enquire about Sameer. Dadi would lie to her that Sameer does not stay here. Naina would be sad as she could not meet Sameer. She would leave the Bungalow just when Sameer would come out to check for her.

    Further the lovely couple will have hit and miss moments during the dance competition.

    As per latest reports, Naina will wins the dance competition. She will have the trophy in her hand and would want to show it to Sameer.

    At the same time, Sameer gets a having feeling that Naina is near to him but they are having hit and miss moment.

    Naina comes to the exit door and she closes her eyes, She too feels that that Sameer is near her, but she is unable to find him. There Sameer comes to same Gate and talks with Peon. Naina’s back would be dacing Sameer and he Looks at her and passes from her left side without Seeing her.

    Further, suddenly Naina will see someone similar to Sameer and runs towards that direction. She bumps into a girl and says sorry. Meanwhile Sameer takes Big Banner in his hand and he walks towards Naina but that board is in between them. They are Again Have Hit and Miss Moments.

    Naina is looking for Sameer, however, Sameer is deliberately avoiding Naina and hiding from her because he doesn’t want to lose Naina. He thinks that he will lose her kike he lost his near ones . Hence he hides behind a wall and watches Naina who is running here to there.

    Tears come to his eyes when he sees Naina after so many days. He wants to go to her hug her but he stops himself. After some time he sees she is not there. He runs here and looks for her, He asks Peon about Naina but she is standing there praying to God to meet Sameer before she leaves Delhi.

    Will Sameer meet Naina? We will have to wait and watch

    1. Lokesh

      Thanx for sharing this, it will be grt to fun watch it. And at last we want both to meet at once.

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