Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina realizes Sameer’s voice on radio, plans to surprise him

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer talking about love on radio. Naina, Preeti, Anand and Bela hear him, without realizing that he is Sameer. Preeti is about to switch off radio, but Anand asks her to let it be on. Sameer talks about his love which is far away and plays music. Naina tells Preeti that she is feeling as if he is Sameer. Preeti says jija ji. She tells Varun and Pooja might be hearing this. Sameer says I pray that all loved ones shall be distanced. He says we can experienced our love ones in the stars, reading each other love letters, seeing pics and looking at the flower which you must have grown for each other. Amrita’s father is about to tell his name. Sameer says his name is Prem. Preeti says he is not Sameer. Sameer says he wants to tell poetry which he wrote for someone and she must have read it by now. He tells poetry. Naina is sure that he is Sameer and hugs Preeti. Sameer and Naina sing saathiya song. Sameer dances with Deepika. Naina sings holding teddy and imagines Sameer with her.

Naina’s voiceover tells that it was her turn to express love, Sameer has expressed love to her on radio. Later she thinks of Sameer and hears Kamya and other girls listening to Sameer’s song. Kamya says she loves Prem. Her friend tells that he is not Prem. Kamya says she still likes him. Naina gets upset. Her friend says your Prem likes someone else, as it reflects in his poetry. Naina gets shy. Kamya says his voice seems to be familiar. Naina smiles. Swati comes and asks what happened? Preeti says it is prem rog.

Vishaka hears Sameer on radio and asks Deepika if she identified him. Deepika says no. Vishaka says if you identify him then I will take you to have icecream. Sameer thinks to call Naina, but thinks she must be in school now. Vishaka tells Deepika that it is Sameer’s voice, he has become radio programmer. Deepika gets happy. Vishaka says we will surprise everyone and asks her to become like Sameer. Sameer hears her and gets emotional. Vishaka comes out and sees Sameer. Sameer says I am going to school, and then to radio station. Vishaka asks why he has tears in his eyes. Sameer says as he heard her praising him. Vishaka says I don’t praise my kids, so that they don’t get any bad sight. She says Papa was right, my son is a diamond. Sameer hugs her and kisses on his forehead. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he had realized that his mum loves him a lot, and was upset that his Nanu couldn’t see that moment. Munna tells Pandit that Naina is upset.

Kamya tells others that Hema has learnt a new dance today. Hema dances and falls down. Kamya says it is Naina dance and laughs. Kumud teacher comes there and asks Kamya, Hema, Jyoti and others to come and present their dance infront of Principal. Naina says if you give me a chance then..Kumud says I gave you a chance, but you fell down. She says you don’t know classical spelling and wants to dance. Munna and Pandit tell wrong spelling proudly and asks her to give a chance to Naina. They promise to do as she says. Kumud asks Kamya and others to dance well and goes.

Munna and Pandit tell Naina, Swati and Preeti that when Kamya and other girls dance infront of Principal and tells something. Naina says no. Munna says people can do anything for love. He asks Naina to agree for Sameer. Naina refuses. Preeti asks Naina to think about meeting Sameer in Delhi and having a ride with him on his bike. Swati says Kamya will go there and meet Sameer as she likes him. Naina says no and says she will only go to Delhi.

Someone dance infront of Principal. Kumud teacher and Principal looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Totally loved it, Maaza aa Gaya, Naina have full trust that he is Sameer,gud to see school scenes and frnds bonding and cheering for Naina, that dialogue of Swati (ab ye sab Kam wo Kamya karegi Sameer ke saath, like eating ice cream at India gate,chole bhatura at Lal kila, and bike ride too ) that time I can see the jealousy of Naina. Keep rocking guys and thankful Hasan u r a champ, gud night guys and deb I just hope u r fine now, take care,get well soon deb.

    1. Nice comment lokesh?

  2. Wow sameer ki uniform dekh kar apni uniform ki yaad aagayi.Hamari bhi bilkul aisi hi thi.Missing my school days diehardly.Hnnnhhhhh oh god.But yes there is something missing in the show,either due to track or due to some problem in between randeep and naina as quoted by u guys but is there something really wrong in between them.Sameer and naina’s acting falling flat or probably stooping slow abruptly.Not good for u n better to remain grounded rather than flying high in the sky.Hope u take a note of my words n let it run smooth as before bcoz dear as it is very well said time n tide waits for none.

  3. good episode, speechless

  4. Hi guys. I hope now u are fine Deb. Today’s episode was nice. Samaina scenes cute ?. Naina blushing. Her jealousy is cute to look at.

  5. Thank you Hasan for a prompt upload. I am still unwell. I came onboard to thank each and every one of you for your good wishes for my recovery. It may be working and hope it accelerates. Its hard to be sick. It reminded me of the scene when Sameer was sick and Naina took care of him at Mt Abu, start of all this Samaina’ s ‘love’ journey.
    Yes I actually viewed the episode today as medication was a bit lighter. it was good. Lokesh, I agree, I loved the means to get Naina to accept the modum operandi (Jealousy) Sheikh Feroz – Since his ranking went up to 13 Randeep’s attitude had changed and he treats Ashi as newbie. You can see in each of the joint interviews, Ashi is so sweet and giving and he does not even spare a glance. (see gift segment) no genuineness in his appreciation or thanks ( my personal opinion) and I sincerely hope I am wrong. But it has been reflecting in their acting from his side. (flat and missing chemistry).
    Devi- yes it was a good episode (Visakha and Sameer’s scene was my favourite)- Sai, thanks to you all for your kind wishes. Episode was good, even imaginative ones, but like Sheikh Feroz pointed, something is missing. What? previously during wedding sequence each episode was watched several times by the viewers. Now ……………… no such compulsion at all.
    Please do keep commenting. Missing Mahi, San, Saz, Van and GhvPriya and others. Hope they all come and comment and put in what they want to see happen……

    1. Sameer and Naina’s meeting & Visakha sees their love and bond but they don’t see her.
    2. Dadi and her evil plan being foiled by Visakha, Sameer and Deepika.
    3. Rohan and Sameer’s bonding grow against Dadi’s wishes Rohan does what Sameer wants (LOL) can’t wait to see this.
    4. Keshav and Dadi been exposed in front of Somani.
    5. Somani now consistently siding Sameer and Visakha and Dadi tries everything which fails (LOL)
    6 Samundit and Swati Preeti and Naina’s bond grow stronger and intuitive..

    That’s all for now. Hope I can comment… if I don’t blame the medications……..Keep commenting and take care….hope to hear from others too remember 25 magic number for comments…

    1. Wow that would be a treat to watch and hope there’s a samaina meet too???

  6. Deb hopefully u r fine now.I sometimes can’t believe that it is the same serial which telecasted those pinic ,marriage etc scenes.Huhhhh oh god where it lead to.My sympathies with the show

  7. Hi. Deb take care….. ….. sameer uniform ok but he is going to school now his make thoda over. But song sequence he is natural…..naina expression is good.this pair is really nice to see …maa and son bond is fine…..friends bond in school extremely well..anything can do for friendship…no expectatios . We r doing everything for frineds kushi . In real life they are doing such . Whether it is right or wrong

  8. quite good episode..
    yea obviously yu guys rght some things is missing in the episode nowadays it’s nt much attractive..

    hope u a well deb nd gt well soon, take care…

  9. hi Deb, it is good to see your comment always and i believe YUDKBH team should view all your comments and consider you as one of their creative writer since you are the one exactly represent the viewer’s expectations. might be if I get a chance of selecting the creative writes for YUDKBH my vote is for you’re viewer’s choice -please take care and i pray for speedy recovery.

    Hope should not be any misunderstanding between Samaina……….
    else the serial will lose is charisma……….

  10. Yes atleast Vishakha should know about Sameer and Naina

  11. Loved the episode. The dream sequence was also cute? And it was great to see the growing love between Sameer and Vishakha. Munna and Pandit, always there for their friends, and always do their best to cheer Naina up. Everyone should have friends like that?❤

  12. Samaina ?????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Sameer talking about love was amazing ❤️❤️?????????????. The dream was khidkithod awesome and the song as well ????????????????????????. Waiting for Samaina reunion. Love samaina ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????????????????????????????????????.

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