Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina is sad and frustrated

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Taiji scolds Naina for trying to break radio. She warns Preeti not to help Naina in her work and asks Naina to get all stuff back that she broke.

Sameer is on bike, thinking about his mom’s words whether he ever fulfilled any relationship with honesty. He has an allergy from love. He then recalls Naina saying she cares for him and then their breakup. He reaches Naina’s colony unintentionally. He looks in her balcony and recalls how he used to see Naina there. Yaad Aa Raha Hai Tera Pyaar song plays.. He leaves from there. Naina is doing shopping. She is also lost. They come close, but fail to see each other. Shefali meets Naina and asks her about trip and all. Naina ignores her question. Shefali tells Naina that guy with whom Megha ran, he left her. Everyone is blaming Megha and society is thinking about throwing her out. Naina gets serious. Shefali asks why she got so serious? Sameer is not like that, right? Naina recalls Sameer’s betrayal and is quiet. Shefali again starts asking her about trip. Naina runs away.

Later in night, Preeti apologizes Naina. Naina recalls Sameer apologizing her and takes that frustrations out on Preeti. First do mistake, and then say sorry. She has no relation with her sorry and her. This shocks and saddens Preeti. She leaves.

Sameer is also sad and he takes out his frustrations on Munna and Pandit. He calms himself and goes to get food for them. Munna and Pandit decide to do Sameer-Naina’s patch up. They decide to call Naina’s home and when Sameer comes, give phone to him. Naina picks up. Munna and Pandit give phone to Sameer saying it’s his Nana. Naina gets angry hearing Sameer’s voice. Sameer understands it was Naina and gets upset and leaves. Munna says maybe she didn’t say anything. Pandit says and he still understood it was Naina? Munna says this is love and Sameer is not realizing it.

Naina is angry at Sameer. How can anyone do this with anyone? She tears his photo into pieces saying she doesn’t need anything related to Sameer around her. In that she cuts her finger as well. She goes in her balcony and throws pieces down and cries.

Precap: Naina gets admitted in a hospital. Sameer comes to see her.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Ansa

    Naina was soo broken and devasted frustrated ?

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Congo ansa fr first commeñt…yeah naina totally devastatsd

    2. Fenil

      Hello Ansa !! Congo first comment!!??!!
      Yaa Naina Ko Aisa dekhna bahut kathin hain.

    3. Congrats ansa

  2. What a damage a stupid bet has done to a pure soul Naina ??????…….. She needs to cry right now ??….. Precap has made me numb ….. literally crying after seeing ???????????

    1. Aarti32

      Ya..she’s become so irritated n her anger is coming out infront of others

    2. Fenil

      Jis jugad ne Mahabharat kar di yaha ek bet ne Naina ka Dil Tod diya …Sameer will pay for it !!

  3. Fenil

    Hello YUDKBH Family!!
    So sad episode and frustrating Sameer and Naina!! Megha’s case was roaming around Naina from that second she came back from trip poor girl???. Nice try Munna pandit ? do think big we know you both can do for NaiMeer!!??

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Megha topic to peecha hi ni chod rha uska???

      1. Fenil

        Hii Aayushi.,.ha yaar bechari Naina ne ke piche haath dho ke pada hain yeh kaarnama.

    2. Aarti32

      Bhai..kaise ho aap??
      Ye Megha behen topic ne jeena haram kr rakha h Naina ka..aur hamara bhi

      1. Fenil

        I m fine Aaru !! Ha nahi toh kya poor Naina aisi uljhan mein phas gayi hain .

  4. SammyD

    How many tears am I going to cry ? She’s totally broken & doesn’t believe or trust any relationship including family ?‍♂️So sad to see her like this. Sameer ending up outside her house without knowing cuz his heart lead him there, he too so lost without her & doesn’t realise yet he loves her ? Precap am just in flood of tears ?

    1. Aarti32

      We’re all crying buckets wid Naina ?

    2. Liz

      Loved that moment when Sameer realizes that he’s outside Naina’s house……. YAAD AA RAHA HAI, TERA PYAAR…..?????? ………. Haan yaar, Naina totally broken…… Preeti, poor thing, suffering & taking wrathful treatment from Naina…….

    3. Fenil

      Naina hil gayi hain andar se …kya Karu kaise Karu Kyun Karu kis liye Karu ???? Kuch pata nahi chal Raha usko sachhai usko Aisa dekha nahi jata.

  5. Samaira_khan

    Guys this is tooo much!! both r suffering a lottt aww munna pandit u can do more better.. pl help them.. yep SAMEEER MAHESHWARI IS IN LOVEEE!!

    1. Aarti32

      Yup.. MunDit pakka SamAina ko mila k rhenge?

    2. Fenil

      Ha Sam ? they both will do something for NaiMeer!!

  6. Devihaa

    Hey yudkbh members… I’m new to this site… But I’m watching it from epi 1..
    Today’s episode was really emotional…
    Hope sameer realize his love soon…
    Hope u all will accept me in ur family…??

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Wlcm devihaa…no need to ask…jst keep commenting??

    2. Aarti32

      You’re most welcome to YUDKBH family dear?
      Start se dekh rhi ho to yahan ane mein itti der kyu ki?
      D episode was rilli emotional yaar?

    3. Fenil

      Welcome and keep commenting!!

    4. Wlcm devihaa

  7. Joy29

    Heartbroken and sad Naina. Totally confused and upset Sameer. Great try Munna and Pandit. Samina should overcome all the problems and unite.

    1. Fenil

      Yeh un Dino ki narajgi hain itni jaldi nahi mitnewali dear so keep waiting and enjoy how Sameer will manofoy Naina!!

  8. P_lata

    This Naina breaking me also, very sad to see her state

    1. Aarti32

      Haan yaar..dil chur chur ho gya SamAina ko aise dekh k

    2. Fenil

      Kyun jooth bol rahe ho Premji !!?

  9. P_lata

    Naina is broken and breaking everyone around her by taking out her frustration

    1. Fenil

      Inner tormoil will eat her whole hope she shares with Shefali !!

  10. P_lata

    CVs need to be praised at this moment as how beautifully they have shown the state of innocent girl getting hurt by her loved one. Same time Aashi Singh is fabulous to portray the sequences

    1. Aarti32

      Yes, kudos to d makers for showing it so realistically

    2. Liz

      Totally agree Lata….. all the characters in show, playing their part to the best & the dialogues r just fabulous….. Narrations by Naina & Sameer r just out of the world ?????

    3. Fenil

      Finally aapne koi samjhdaari wali baat ki keep going ?

  11. Mansi

    Very emotional episode?????This all bet drama has done damage to the pure soul Naina??And she is broken from inside??Loved MunDit trying to patch SaIna but??Precap??

    1. Liz

      MunDit…… love these guyzzz to the moon & back…. how they r trying to get everything sorted…… Sameer attending the phone call & even without hearing any sound or voice, realizing it’s Naina on the other end ?????????? …..his expressions……. awesome ………. Humare Rahu-Ketu samajh gaye yeh Pyaar hai, Sameer kab Samajhega ???? hopefully soon

    2. Fenil

      Right Dii bet had ruin everything!

  12. Aayushi_kul

    Heartbroken naina…totally frustratd…felt bad fr preeti when she scold her..b it was not her fault…ek bet ne kyA kya kr dia???….bd this megha topic is like zakhmo pr namak?…
    Sameer unintentionlly came infnt of naina’s house..realise soon boy that u luv her….now i guess munna pandit will help him in manaofying naina

    1. Liz

      Exactly….. this Meghaben ka issue….. Hale par namak ?????? ……..isko bhi abhi bhaagna tha……..haan Aayushi, humare MunDit zaroor kuch karenge……

    2. Fenil

      Wah wah kya comment ki hain jale pe namak. Sachi bet ne humari Naina ka nature change kar diya poor Preeti got shikar of her anger ??

  13. What a episode! I started crying when they remained silent in phone conversation and sameer expression after knowing it was naina ?n that balcony scene… Both are awesome they are not so like acting the characters they are into the character…. N the precap don’t know why taiji is slapping naina, really felt very bad seeing that precap……. I think taiji comes to know about the mount abu incidents don’t know but eagerly waiting for monday

    1. Fenil

      Yaa woh khamoshi dono Ko khaye jaa Rahi hain..aur pura street scenes achha that.

    2. No San… Taiji slapped her cuz she slapped pralay

      1. Tq jyoti for your comment

      2. Sanveer

        That’s actually an stupid thing to slap someone for. Maybe Parlay did something Bad and deserves that or He was disturbing naina

  14. Aastha_Reddy

    She is too innocent is good but she is too vulnerable is not…She did all the things people are saying about Megha and those things are pricking her soul coz some where she is suffering the same but have no one to share her heart break with… her sorrow-pain-heart break is coming out as anger on every one around her…even the pretty sister Preety.
    Sameer on the other hand has no one to express his turmoil,he to does the same like Naina is doing,venting frustration and sorrow through anger but this time he is angry on himself…and like he throws his frustration and sorrow at other in anger form,this time, Sameer is worst enemy of Sameer Maheswari… before law of mistake,every guilt must be punished same way rule…
    Sefali…the fresh breeze in whole colony…A real fresh one.
    and this Tayiji, who gave her permission to slap Naina!! kis haq se thappad mara Sameer ki Naina ko?? The girl must have done some slight mistake again…
    Its high time all should curse Tayiji for Naina’s health issue…Attack that women family members…”Bhagwan jhoot na bulaye,meri bachchi ko kuch hua na toh main bhool jaaunga ki…!!!”- threat from chachiji at least… as there is no hope from Rakesh Steam Engine,or may be he should also react harsh to Tayiji this time. But I am leaving precap peacefully as they are a weeks precap and not of a day. many twists and turns will be there. But seriously I want someone to badly do tandav on Tayiji’s head,kab se dimaag ka dahi karke rakha hai sabka…Isse achchha chance nehi milega uss aurat ko koshne ka…lolz(ha ha ha…chance pe dance maar le).
    Sameer-mujhe bhi yaad aaraha ki yaad aaraha hai…kab dekhne ko milega school ka scene…Sach main yaad aaraha hai…But it seems school gang is tired of mount abu shot and all want to rest for few days lolz…

    Unn dino ki coin ki spinning capacity maan na padega…dukan se chowk tak!!! good spinning velocity coinji…

    1. Liz

      Aastha……. I too was wondering the rolling ability of Coinji…?????……..ludak ludak kar Sameer ke almost paas pahunch gaya tha…. Shefali ko mila phir……… precap is really sad…. Naina getting slapped ???

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        What is ludak ludak?? poor Naina getting slapped…This Tayiji ergh!!! cvs have chosed the perfect Tayiji from Abha Parmar…
        You too are saying coinji!!! ha ha ha…Coinji ka respect aur bhi badh gaya by this…

    2. Fenil

      Superb views Jerry and sachhai Taiji Ko kosne ka achha mauka hain but hum thehre innocent ?.yeh coin tha yaa megnat that went to Sameer???

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        That was the north pole that went to her south pole but are of two different bat magnet…Attracting each other…lolz!!! ha ha ha…
        Hum innocent hain Tom but khudki suraksha karna toh banta hai…Hum kahan kisika murder kar rahe hain…Tayiji ka.

    3. Fenil

      Hahahah Jerry ??

  15. _Nikki_

    Oh my god… that bet has totally broken Naina???
    First things first, what fabulous acting by Ashi.. she is so good at emotional scenes???

    The whole episode was so sad.. but the way Sameer unknowingly rode to Naina’s house❤

    And I felt really bad for Preeti yaar??the way she apologised so sweetly and Naina destroyed the cassette.. although its not at all Naina’s fault but still.. bechari Preeti?

    And that was the best… when Munna and Pandit gave Sameer the phone saying it’s Nanaji.. Naina didn’t say a single word, but despite the silence he knew its her❤❤❤❤

    Precap… Omg noo? Naina in hospital.. but hope that Sameer realises his love for her soon..

    Eagerly waiting for next episode!!

    1. Fenil

      Superb views!! Exactly Preeti Ko muft me Prasad Mila Naina ke anger ka!!

  16. Oh this precap so painful yaar..totally in tears
    Both of them are so disturbed..precap is affecting my sleep ??

    1. Liz

      Haan, & Sameer’s expression when he’s watching Naina thru the glass door …. full of concern & care & worry….

    2. Fenil

      Right precap- ne hach macha diya hain sabko.

  17. Riti1107

    Naina needs to cry. She is too frustrated and angry that she isn’t letting her emotions out. She could have opened out to Shefali but she is so angry with her own self that she is punishing herself. Dard ko dard se kaatne ki nakam koshish! She broke her no-touching policy for Sameer. After hesitating for a long time she touched his back and rested her head on his shoulder. She regrets it now. She is angry with her own self. As the song said “Tujhe bin jaane bin pehchane maine hriday se lagaya” it suits there situation so much and the last scene where she cut his photo and her finger too made me teary.

    The precap and Sameer coming to see Naina made me cry properly. Now my running nose is in a worse condition

    1. Liz

      Riti…. beautifully described….the narration by Saadia & the BG songs r just amazingly awesome ???????………………. I too wished Naina to open up to Shefali, but ……… Un Dino eisa karna mushkil tha…..but am sure Shefali will help her once she comes to know

      1. Riti1107

        Shefali un dino ki ho ke bhi un dino ki hai nahi she’ll make her spill the beans soon?
        And haa wo fanfic likhne ki iccha hai inpe par time hi nahi mil raha iss liye saare emotions comment me nikal gaye with description

    2. Fenil

      Right I like it your views dard Ko dard se kaatne ki nakam koshish.?

  18. YAAD AA RAHA HAI TERA PYAAR ????? SAMEER Naina ki Gali…… looking at her balcony…….haaaaiiiii………. wish Naina cud share her grief & problems with Shefali….. par Un Dino eisa nai hota tha ?????

    1. Fenil

      Bahut pyara song that…ha yeh un Dino ki narazgi hain Jo aise nahi mitnewali bahut Maja aanewala hain.

  19. Dear friends
    Yesterday episode main naina ka voice over suna tha kya jab wo sameer ki photo cut kar rahi thi thab.”patha nahi kis kam bakthne ye kaha tha pyaar ka dard meetha hotha hai.mujhe yakheen hai ki USS INSAAN(SAMEER) ko kabhi sacha pyaar nahi hua hoga.kabhi pyaar ka dard ka ehsas thak nahi hua hoga”.jab episode yesterday dekha tho main naina ka ‘uss Insaan’ teek se suna nahi tha.main tho surprise hua older naina sameer ko USS INSAAN bulaya tho.ab thak main ye believe kiya tha SamIna ek hua hoga.but naina ka wo ‘uss Insaan’ word tho mujhe surprise kiya yaar.main iss liye zyada surprise hu because sameer ko ‘USS INSAAN’ small naina nahi older naina bola hai.sameer ki jagah ‘uss Insaan’ word use karne ka mathlab tho aap log samajh gayi hogina.wo bhi 1990 ki naina nahi 2017 ka naina.
    Main tho ab sach main confuse hua hai ki ye dhono ek hua hai ya nahi.
    Ek wo scene Jiss main sameer naina tree pe apna names likha hai dhono ko dhek kar laga bhi hai The are in love.warna heart shape ki andhar name nahi likhtha.and older sameer uss ko touch kiya naina ki name ki upar haath rahka.main socha wo bas older sameer ka imagination hoga.younger SamIna apna name tree pe banathe dekhna.but jab wo unki name ki upar haath rakha tho samajh gaya wo moment hua hai.usse samajh aatha hai SamIna ek hua.but Naina ka voice over main sameer ki jagah ‘USS INSAAN’ use karna it’s very surprise for me.
    Naina tho sochthi hai sab jhoot hai sameer ka acting hai.but sameer usse apna best friend accept kiya hai wo bet complete nahi karna chaatha tha ye naina Ko patha nahi.sirf khaan pakadke sorry bolne se problem solve nahi hoga.sameer Ko apna baath clear karna hoga.naina ka gussa kam hua tho thoda matter solve hoga.i think sameer ko apna side clear karna chahiye and naina Ko patiently sunna bhi hoga.pehle bet Ko lekhe serious tha phir wo bet bool gaya tha,usse hurt nahi karna chaatha tha,usse rulana nahi Chaatha tha sab bathana hoga.hope maker’s SamIna ka union achi se kare.
    Naina Ko sameer ko maaf karna chahiye.but wo sirf ek sorry word se nahi. sameer naina ki friend ship ko dil se accept kiya tha uss ko hurt nahi karna chaatha tha iss liye wo khud bet ki baare main bathane wala tha and sameer naina ki baare main pehle kya socha tha phir kya socha tha sab naina ko bathana chaahiye.nahi tho phir unki beech trust strongly nahi hoga.naina ka angry mood cool mood hone ki baath sameer ko sab kuch clear karke maafi maangna chaahiye.patha nahi kithna episodes hoga naina sameer ko maaf karne main.patha nahi kab sameer apna feelings samjhenga.
    Sadiya siddiqui ko Jiten lulwani replace karengi Suna hai.naina ka voice over tho cool hai.but Sameer ka voice over main full on guilty pain sad filled hai.sameer ka happy voice over ka wait hai ab.hope naina ka voice over kabhi stop na ho jaaye.sameer ka feelings samajhne naina ka feelings samajhne ye dho voice over very imp hai specialy naina ka.makers naina ka voice over kabhi stop na kare warna show ka wo enjoy kam hoga.
    Take care and stay safe ?

    1. Us insaan use bol rahi hai jisne bola ki pyaar Ka dard meetha hota hai not referring to Sameer.

      1. Acha main socha sameer ki baare main hai
        Thank you for clearing my mistake?

  20. Aarti32

    Guys, I’ve got u news update of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

    Naina is cheerful again?
    Preeti is hilarious ?

  21. Aarti32

    Guys, YUDKBH cast had their Christmas r the pictures

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Yeah i saw these pics aarti…did u saw those videos aashi posten in which taiji nd tauji were dancing???..btw merry christmas to u?

  22. Aayushi_kul

    Merry Christmas to all guyzzz?????????????????????????????

    Or ye kya.. Jst 69 comments on weekend?????

    1. Aarti32

      Merry Christmas Ayushi
      Ya, bohot hi kam comments hue h us weekend

  23. Aarti32

    Merry Christmas guys??

    Ek aur Khushi ki baat..Monday aa gya ??

  24. Alps

    Aaj parlay babu chhata khayenge… ?

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