Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naina might be pregnant

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina meets Sameer downstairs but he walks away. He instead plays with the kids. Naina tries to talk to him again but he does not pay heed to her. Preeti looks on from far. Naina walks away angrily as he ignores all her pleas. Ball falls near Preeti’s feet who walks up to Sameer. He asks her what she is doing. She asks him the same question. Did you both fight? Why aren’t you both talking? He shrugs. She advises him to talk to Naina. She needs you. Sameer goes to his home. he asks Rakesh about Naina but he does not reply. He ends up shouting. Rakesh tells him not to shout. The workers leave as it is 5 pm. Rakesh shouts after them but in vain. Naina steps out of the washroom just then. He notices that she has been crying. She hugs him. He asks her if someone said anything to her. What happened? She whispers something in his ear. His eyes widen in shock.

Preeti and Tanvi are looking for the receipt. Tanvi finds pager’s receipt instead. Nirmala ji takes the receipt from Preeti.

Voiceover – Naina:
Back then, DIL’s had a different rule. They could give gifts to her in-laws but not to her family members. Preeti knew that there will be a very big problem if anyone finds out about the pager at her home. Time is changing today as husband and wife are considered equal nowadays but there are some differences even now. I wonder when it will be fully accepted.

Naina apologizes to Sameer. I knew you will be shocked to hear it. I am sorry. I came between your dreams! He ends up smiling and swirls her around. I think we should tell Chacha ji, Chachi ji, Munna and Pundit. They will be thrilled! We need to buy a bigger house. He starts talking about future as he makes her sit down. Naina smiles a little hearing his plans. I was worried. He tells her not to worry. From now onwards you have to be happy always. This is the most important time of our life. God has sent this gift to help us fulfil our dream. Let’s go to doctor. He speaks to the baby. Now we have to think about junior too! She smiles.

Preeti looks back at the receipt tensed. Tanvi says I hope TV channels could come all day long! It would be so much fun.

Voiceover – Naina:
Tanvi’s wish got fulfilled soon but Preeti was only concerned about the receipt. She knew that a bigger drama was about to ensue in her life!

Doorbell rings. Nirmala ji asks Preeti if she dint hear it. Preeti nods and goes to open the door.

Sameer and Naina feed each other sugar to congratulate her. He tells her that she wont have to leave her CA exams in between. Our both dreams will come true. She corrects him. 3 dreams will come together. Rakesh asks them for help. Sameer notices him shifting his mattress. It gets warm here. Sameer suggests buying a table fan but Rakesh suggests them to save money sometimes. Sameer finds logic in his words. Rakesh keeps asking Naina to help him lift the dressing table whereas Sameer keeps telling her to sit. Rakesh asks her if she has mehendi in her hands. Sameer says no. It might be a prince or a princess. It isn’t confirmed yet.

Preeti opens the parcel. It contains photos of some guys. Tanvi asks them if they aren’t happy to see her here with them. Preeti thinks of an idea. We have to start from today. She busies her MIL, Dadi Sa and Tanvi in scanning the photos and manages to pick the receipt. Cooker whistles. She excuses herself and goes to the kitchen. Preeti throws the receipt out of her balcony which falls on Gauri. She opens the paper and is shocked. Dadi Sa calls Preeti by ringing bell. Tanvi does not like any of the guys.

Sameer tells Rakesh everything. Rakesh gets tensed for a second and then jumps happily. Sameer reminds him of his foot. All 3 of them jump together. Rakesh is all smiles. I am thrilled at the news! Sameer requests him to wait for doc to confirm it. don’t tell anyone anything till then. Rakesh refuses. I am tired of all these lies. They tell him to share the news with everyone once doc confirms the news. Nirmala aunty shouldn’t know about it too. Rakesh holds them on each side and jumps happily.

Gauri tells Nirmala ji to throw the garbage in the dustbin. Don’t throw it away just like that! Nirmala ji is confused. Gauri shows the receipt to her. Nirmala ji says it is the same one which Shubham was looking for in the morning. I kept it on the table though. Shubham comes home just then. She shows him the receipt. He shares that his receipt was in his bag. He looks at it and realises that it was bought by Preeti. Shubham holds out the receipt for Preeti when she enters. Nirmala ji asks her if she also bought a pager. Gauri asks them why Preeti bought a pager. She is very modern. She dint even inform anyone. What problem should I have? She is your DIL. I think we shouldn’t give so much freedom to DIL’s. I am going home. we will meet in the evening.

Nirmala ji asks Preeti again if she bought a pager. Preeti nods. Nirmala ji says Shubham has a pager already. Shubham complains of his economics. Nirmala ji says you could have asked me once if you wanted to buy it. who did you buy it for? Naina? I knew it! You are ready to do anything for them since they have come here. Preeti says they were living separately. I thought to bring them close this way. Shubham argues over economics again. From where did you get this much money? Nirmala ji says she must have taken it from home. I cannot tolerate it! Who is right now, Amma ji? Dadi rings her bell but Shubham tells her to stop. I am talking. He calmly asks Preeti from where she got money. She replies that she saved bits of money from here and there. Nirmala ji calls her a liar but Preeti swears she isn’t lying. Why will I steal money from my own home? Nirmala ji says you don’t consider this house as your own. You can give them everything. you dint even ask me once! Let me know if they cannot manage their house. We will all work too. Preeti shakes her head. NIrmala ji says Naina must have asked you nicely so you would have given it to her. I know her well. Sameer tells her to stop. He keeps the pager on the table. Here it is! Naina and I don’t need a machine to communicate. We can converse without it. Shubham explains that his mother dint mean otherwise but Sameer cuts him off. You wont understand the relation that these sisters share. Even I took some time and so will you but you should understand it! I don’t need it. Preeti is in tears.

Precap: Sameer makes Naina sit and cooks for her. He cries while cutting onions. She wipes his tears and pulls his cheeks sweetly. Romantic song plays in the background.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Bechari Preeti phas hi gayi. But to be honest I didn’t dislike the scene only because it showed the authenticity of 90s after so many episodes. In nowadays DIL is not even asked about their expenditures which is a good change. I like the way Sameer returned the pager and didn’t fight with anyone. But I didn’t understand his one line that mujhe bhi time laga tha samjhene mein Kab aur Kyu? Sameer is the best Jija ji the way he supported her and her relationship with Naina.
    After so long we finally witnessed Sameer holding Bat in his hand last time it was before separation when Naina and Sameer said I LOVE YOU to each other.
    Everyone is so happy with the news but I m just imagining if doctor said that she is not pregnant and all the symptoms are due to hormonal changes then what will happen. Everyone will get so sad although it’s good in one way that they don’t need to hide anything but still it will be so bad.
    If any commentators have any update of upcoming week then do share.

    1. @ vidha i think answers lies in not just one episode but variety of episodes , i explain you one by one ,

      1 st ) when sameer by mistakely says i love you to preeti during pooja didi , preeti instead of speaking everything out ,he calmed down the matter and asks naina to forgive Sameer .

      2 nd ) during navratri when naina and sameer were caught in principal office ,it was preeti who saved them along with munna and pandit

      3 ) when sameer and naina were caught by rakesh sir and tauji and they eloped ,it was preeti who saved them by sneezing and giving clue to naina

      Preeti is Hanuman ,of naina , and naina is sri ram

      Preeti has also peculiar comedy

      , yes i have updates about next week , sameer would be cooking something for naina , and it’s confirmed that naina is pregnant ,they not gonna show doctor part ,

      and rakesh would be distributing sweet to everyone in society , and sejal will call naina for kitty party , rakesh sir will tell naina ki tabiyat kharab hai ,that upto next week Wednesday i guess updates

  2. Manisha Sharma

    20th June episode is not uploaded please upload.

    1. there was nothing special in 20th June episode , except sameer and Aditya selling samosas ,now 21st June episode update have come ,i don’t it will be uploaded in middle

      1. Manisha Sharma

        So sad. Can u plz tell wat happened in the starting bcz I missed that part. When naina heard sameer and Preet talking. She became angry. What happened that time.

  3. Nice episode

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