Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina’s relation get stronger with exchange of letters

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rakesh asking Naina to tell the student’s name. Naina says I can’t tell the name as Shanti teacher gave me promised not to tell that student’s name. She made that student understand not to do such thing again and says if I am lying then I will leave the school. Rakesh gets angry. Principal says Naina is saying right and says today I came to know that even students can give us learning and asks Shanti teacher to go to her class. Swati goes to Shanti teacher and hugs her. Naina also hugs her. Rakesh sir tells Principal, you have done wrong. Principal says you are forgetting with whom he is talking and asks him not to do this cheap thing else he will fire him. Naina smiles. Haste haste song plays.

Munna and Pandit come home and tell Naina that Sameer is manju, ranjha, romeo in her love. Naina asks if Sameer gave me anything. Munna and Pandit look sad. Munna says our brother gave gift to our bhabhi. Naina sees earrings.

She comes home and wears earrings. She imagines Sameer sitting and smiles. Preeti is sitting behind her and asks what? Naina nods no. She writes letter to Sameer that earrings are good.

She writes your choice is good, and then writes even I am your choice. Rohan asks Sameer if needs pen. Sameer nods. Rohan gives his pen. Sameer thanks him. Vishaka smiles. Sameer writes letter to Naina and says even your choice is good for selecting world’s best guy. Naina’s voiceover tells that she didn’t stop writing letters to Sameer after whatever happened in school, but she had decided to hide letters so that it don’t land anyone in trouble, as they have to cross months etc, she is gold medalist even in hiding letters. Sameer writes that their love has become strong because of distance and they will remember these moments. Naina writes that their Jodi is best as their love is strong and true and knows to stand through tough times. Sameer writes that she taught him to stand up after falling down, and he knows whenever he will fall, she will give her hand and help him get up. It shows days are passing by.

Amrita gives him Naina’s letter. He is about to give her chocolate, when Deepika comes and snatches the letter. Sameer gives her chocolate and take letter. Naina and Sameer’s letter flies and falls near Tai ji and Dadi respectively, but they manage to get it. Naina’s voiceover tells that nobody found her letter after that day. Maine pyar tumhi ko kiya hai plays….naina is smiling. Preeti throws chilli on her.

In November 1991.

Sameer thinks he has to find job else he will go mad. Amrita calls him. Sameer says I am yelling. He asks her to come on terrace. When they reach there, Sameer tells her that he is searching job, but everyone wants graduates. Amrita says driving autorickshaw. Sameer imagines himself as rickshaw driver. Amrita tells her that she is joking and says they are going to Europe for vacation. She says my papa works in radio station, he needs assistants and asks him if he can do this work. Sameer says ofcourse. She asks him to go and meet her Papa AK sinha. Sameer thanks her and says he will tell everyone to meet Amrita. Amrita says no sorry and no thank you in friendship. Sameer thinks of Naina saying same thing. Amrita asks if he thought of Naina saying same thing.

Swati tells Naina that Shanti teacher wants to participate in inter school competition. Naina says she will participate. Swati asks her to fill form. Naina sees budi maayi (bird feather) and blows on it. Naina’s voiceover tells that it used to be called as budi maayi that day. Naina reads on the notice board about interstate competition in Delhi and says we have to contact Kumud teacher.

Sameer tells Vishaka that he is going to give interview for job. Vishaka asks what about your school. Sameer says first I will go to school and then to job. Dadi comes and says you shall have curd sugar before going on work, and says nobody worked outside before. Vishaka nods Sameer to have curd sugar. Dadi drops the spoon and asks Sameer not to go as inauspicious thing happened. Vishaka takes another spoon and feeds him and blesses Sameer. Samees touches their feet and goes.

Kumud teacher is in her class dance. Naina comes there. Kumud teacher tells you came in wrong room as this is not quiz contest room, but dance contest room. Naina says she wants to dance and can dance on any song. Kumud says it is a dance contest and not your Pooja didi’s marriage. She says if you get selected for dance competition then what will happen, you might go to help someone else like you went to help Sameer’s Nana ji. Naina asks for a chance. Kumud teacher asks her to go. Naina requests her. Kamya and her friend laugh. Kumud teacher says if you do any step wrong then you know the way to leave.

Naina falls down while dancing. Kumud teacher asks her to leave. AK Sinha asks Sameer to leave and fires him off the job.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to thank you for so promptly updating the written episodes. Have a great weekend!

  2. Another nice episode. Loved it totally. Happy to see the bonding between sameer-rohan-deepika growing. Hi-fi to vishaka. She gave a nice nose cut to Dadi. Now Sameer is regaining his mother’s luv. Mundit came for 2 minutes but rocked. Sameer driving rickshaw was also funny. By godsake naina escaped and saved Shanti teacher. I’m really happy ? for Shanti mam. Already they put a new promo about luv letters. Likewise aaj ki episode mein bhi luv letters important role play karthethe. Loved their letters. So cute. But really sad for naina and Sameer. Sameer crying ? not able to see it. I hope it would be a new chapter in their life.

  3. Lokesh

    Namaste to all !! , Thanx Hasan fir very quick update, looks like u r well today thanx man was just kidding.
    Nyc episode, so Naina did it, Shanti mam is back , that hugging scenes were adorable, Amrita is going very well as friend,I think she fall for him, and helping him all the time with no refunds.waiting for dance, i think , Shanti teacher will train her to dance , then they rock stage on fire, want others also to go to Delhi whole team Masti , all members .but I want new songs for dancing, which I know don’t gonna happen ever,but I wish of it could happen, i feel Ajeeb when old song plays, that moment u only feel y I m watching it, although my mummy says these all songs are superhit of that tym. Gud night guys.

  4. Good episode. It was lovely the way Sameer and Naina kept their love alive through letters, and their love is strong enough to face any problem. ❤❤
    Naina managed to save her teacher’s respect and also keep her promise at the same time. ? Rakesh’s expression was so funny??
    Munna and Pandit…Naina is lucky to have such kind of devars???
    And finally Vishakha standing up for her son..and Rohan-Sameer bond is also growing?
    And as for Kumud teacher…well..a teacher shouldn’t behave like that
    Precap… ?i hope their love gives them the strength to not give up

  5. The separation track gave a lot of pains n emotions to us but nowadays its actually teaching lessons for life n bringing back its charm….. None of the serial can make this much beautiful n praiseworthy separation track…… Letter scenes were more than enough to blush blush n bring back smiles on our face……. Vishaka rocked in today’s episode that spoon scene n dadis shocked expression ?this denotes that when our loved ones are by our side the impossible’s n hurdles becomes easy going n they’ll make our life happy…… But love to see sameer n deepika scenes they’re cute ?fun to watch two kids together in a frame…… Precap though it’s little bit emotional ok it’s alright samaina will overcome it n bring back happiness again n naina will definitely go to Delhi….. Good night guys

  6. hi guys,

    good to watch yesterday’s episode, ” Bonding” plays a important role between all the characters excluding Dadi and Rakesh portion everything is upto the mark.
    YUDKBH set a new benchmark for 90’s Love story…………….Keep rocking guys.

  7. Super episode

  8. Vishaka ab hamara nana ji sameer aur mundit ka bharosa tootne mat dena.Ab ham sameer ko tumhare hawale karte hain.Us k moti(aansun) samet kar rakhna.Unhe bikharne mat dena.Although hume ek maa ko ye sab kehne ki zarurat nahi padni chahiye thi but better late than never before.Where is deb these days by the way.Exams to mere kareeb hain.Use kya hua hai.Reminder kyun dena padta hai ab.

    1. Lokesh

      Exactly looks like deb is busy these days.

  9. Vishaka ab ham sab ka bharosa tootne mat dena

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