Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina appoints Swati as the in-charge of Ballot Box

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun hugs his father. Rakesh says don’t know what all is left to see. Arjun apologizes to him. It’s entirely my fault. Rakesh denies. It is the bad timing, fate that is to be blamed and not humans. Maybe this is what was destined to happen. I don’t feel bad about losing money. I feel bad that you couldn’t become Sachin or Jadeja. I failed with you today! He cries. Arjun wipes his tears. Rakesh tells him not to share it with anyone ever. Arjun promises him.

Naina sits up. Why should I call? He will call after realising his mistake? On the other hand, Sameer is also thinking on the same lines.

Lovers used to write back in the 1990’s or listen to cassettes. I was bored listening to cassettes during the sanyasi phase. I wrote a poem for

Naina which I still remember clearly and I believe Naina also does.

Sameer sits down to write something.

Next morning, Preeti reassures Naina she only will win. Naina says it isn’t because of that. We did our best. I am worried about Sameer and Swati’s fight. I am also worried for Bhaiya’s selection too. Preeti assures her that pain and happiness sometimes come in one go. She notices Sameer there. Naina tells Sameer she has no intention of fighting. He says the same. Preeti leaves them both alone. Sameer sits down next to Naina. I wrote something for you. Naina asks him why he dint call last night and say it back then. Sameer reads it out for her after seeking her permission. She compliments him on the poem. He teases her sweetly on her smile and appreciation. Our life is like this dark chocolate. It looks dark but is very sweet. Light comes from nowhere out of the dark suddenly in our lives. Let’s welcome happiness by eating chocolate. She thanks him for his support, his love and for trusting her always. He thanks her sweetly in return. A song plays in the background. They share an eye lock.

Everyone has gathered to know the election results. Naina and Sunaina come there. Most of the people are cheering for Naina. JBR calms everyone and asks everyone to stand in a queue to vote.

The election was no less than some big show. There were some people who were clear as to who they like while some voted for both the parties. There were others who were only focused on studies and dint care about anything else. They must be just moving their lips and recalling what they had studied. There was another category which only used to raise their hands in air. Finally the voting day came. Result wasn’t important but that day is unforgettable. I remember everything so clearly even after 25 years.

Sunaina and Naina are the last ones to vote. Principal Ma’am applauds everyone for maintaining peace. JBR cracks a PJ and gets appreciated this time. Principal Ma’am announces that counting will begin at 2. Results will be declared afterwards. Both of you can choose one friend to will stand near Ballot Box. Make sure nothing goes wrong. Sunaina takes Kartik’s name while Naina chooses Swati. Sameer is taken aback. Swati hugs Naina happily. Munna tells her to let him know if there is any problem. Principal Ma’am asks everyone to head to their classes. Sameer stands rooted to his place. Pandit looks at him (knowing well he is hurt by Naina’s decision).

Munna is super excited thinking that Naina only will win. Sunaina taunts them for day dreaming. Sunaina and her friends decide to celebrate their unannounced victory and go in another direction.

Naina’s friend ask for treat. Munna says Sameer will give party. He does not find Sameer there. Naina goes back inside and asks Sameer to come. Sameer instead asks Swati go with Naina. I will stay here. Swati wants to fulfil her responsibility. You guys go ahead. Naina asks Sameer to come but he insists on staying. Kartik says maybe the vice captain does not trust Swati. Swati agrees with him. Why will I stay here when Sameer does not trust me? She begins to go but Naina stops her. Naina asks Sameer what the problem is. Only Swati will stay here. Munna asks Swati to take his name with love if anything goes wrong. Naina shows faith in her. Sameer goes with Naina against his wish but he whispers something Swati’s ears before going (you cannot mend relations if they become week once).

Kartik asks Swati to mess with Naina’s votes as no one is here. We have very less time. Swat thikns of Principal Ma’am words and how much faith Naina has showed in her.

Naina is worried about the results. Her friends assure he she only will win. Sunaina asks everyone to wait and watch. Swati and Kartik come there holding the Ballot Boxes in their hands. Sunaina smirks.

Precap: Principal Ma’am shares the results with students. Sunaina has won the elections.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sunaina did the cheating on naina!

    1. Let’s see what happens next. Waiting for next episode. Hey San ,sid, devi, deb ,ab,ashu and all other commenters miss you . I want to read your comments.😊

  2. Acc. to my intuition Sunaina win the election but after announcements Swati feels bad that she tells principal that Karthik changed the votes to make Sunaina win

  3. Thanks Dinkar for mentioning all the names of previous regulars. Devi, was doing a great job, she had a very similar style of reviewing to me, so I was eagerly waiting for a good commentary review about the episode – good, bad and the recommendations. You are doing a great job too… Lokesh San ,sid, devi, van,ab,ashu are all missing, I do see Lokesh’s comments on other shows. Please all of you, accede to Dinkar’s request and continue commenting. Makes the show even more engaging. .. see you all soon.. wrote the post as Dinkar has kindly mentioned all the names.. good on you Dinkar. Please keep commenting..

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