Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: A big duel between Anand and Tau ji

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer throws a vase angrily. Bobby is outraged. He warns Vishakha to make Sameer understand or he will slap him. You will then say that a stepfather slapped him! Sameer tells him not to remind him of this fact again and again. Forget about the slap, you have not been able to slap me till date; will not dare today and wont even slap me in future ever! You have instigated my mother! Just leave! Bobby asks him if he is asking him to leave. Sameer points fingers at every one of them asking them to leave. Vishakha slaps him. Enough! Sameer says everyone only knows how to slap be it you or Naina’s father. It is just Naina who knows how to wipe my tears but you have even snatched her from me! Mama ji asks him what he is saying. Sameer picks up a heavy thing and raises it mid-air in his direction. Mama ji gets scared. Sameer asks him why he did that. Why did you break my alliance? You promised to love me like Nanu but it was just a sham! Mama ji denies and calls him Sonu Beta but Sameer shouts that his Sonu Beta is dead. Vishakha asks him who has filled poison in his mind now. Sameer replies that his life has been filled with poison by your brother. I have seen it myself. He tells them everything. Vishakha looks at her brother in shock.

Everyone is seated for dinner when there is a honk. Naina tells Preeti it might be Sameer. Preeti turns to go for which Tai ji taunts them. No one will come! Preeti asks her how she knows this. Elders look at her. Preeti says last time also he came at night with his family. Tau ji says that night and matter is past now. They wont bend down before us! Tai ji seconds him. Forget about the alliance and eat food! Tau ji notices Anand sitting sadly and tells him to eat. Anand looks at Naina’s sad face and feels bad. He keeps his bite down.

Sameer questions Mama ji again and demands for an answer. Mama ji admits having done that. We had agreed for the alliance somehow but Naina’s Tau ji dint want it to happen. He called me himself. He told me to do anything but break this alliance! I thought who are we to force this alliance when her own family does not want it. I also said yes! Where was I wrong? It isn’t the last happy moment of your life. Another girl will enter in your life. This is just the usual first love. It is okay if you don’t get the first love. Life moves on. Sameer claps for him. Who told you to think for me or about me? You have no right to snatch my happiness! Vishakha demands to know why she was kept in the dark. Bobby says we dint think it was right. What could you have done in front of Sameer? You too were not happy with the alliance. Sameer asks him if he isn’t getting late. He tells his mother to tell him to hurry up. You will miss your flight if you stay any longer. I will be forced to see his face and I do not want it at any cost! I bear you just like you do. You are my mother’s husband. I don’t want to keep any further relation with you and I wont be able to respect you beyond this ever! There wont be anyone in between if you try to intervene in my life ever again! He walks away.

Bela keeps the shagun on table. Anand decides to return it. Bela asks Naina to return the ring too. Naina is in tears. Preeti requests her not to wait for the night. We have to return it tomorrow only. Naina says what will happen now. Nothing has happened till now. It is no point. No one will come. Anand holds her hand. I can face anything and do anything for your sake but this time my apology wont help. Bela again asks Naina to remove the ring. Naina looks at it. Anand looks away. Naina thinks of Sameer as she starts removing it slowly. Preeti is also in tears. Naina is about to pull it out when the doorbell rings. Preeti opens the door and finds Sameer standing there.

Sameer walks up to Anand who asks about his family. Sameer looks down. Anand politely asks him to leave. He turns to go when Sameer hugs him and cries hard. He tells them everything. There are mixed emotions on Anand’s face. He stomps out of his house followed by Bela.

Anand reprimands his eldest brother on what he did but he insists that he did it for Naina’s sake. Anand shouts that he played with their happiness. Tai ji reminds him that her husband is Anand’s elder brother but Anand does not mind. Even an enemy does not behave like this. Tau ji is sitting at ease. Truth is it was Sameer’s Mama who walked up to me. He folded his hands and told me that they don’t like Naina. Break the alliance or we wont let her be happy ever. What should have I done? Should I have sent our girl to a house where she wouldn’t be happy or respected? Anand calls him a liar. It was you who had called him instead. You dint want this alliance to happen. It isn’t my responsibility if Sameer’s family is not happy with the wedding but it is my responsibility if my family members will try to break the alliance. You have backstabbed us! Tau ji reminds him he is his eldest brother. Anand says I very well know who I am talking to. I am talking to a person who has killed my girl’s wishes just to satiate his pride; who says something else and means something else; who is jealous of his own niece’s happiness! Love is pious but your actions have proved you as a very wrong person! Tau ji shouts that he wont let it happen ever. I will do this or anything else 1000 times to stop the wedding but I wont let out daughter marry in a Maheshwari House. I wont sit quietly and let anyone disrespect my family!

Preeti gives a tissue to Naina and goes. Naina holds Sameer’s hand.

Anand tells his brother he may say anything today but none of his words can prove him right today. You are the eldest person of the house but you haven’t done anything that an elder does! Tau ji tells his family to take Anand away or he will do something. Anand tells him to be ashamed. You have killed their happiness! Tau ji shouts angrily but Bela steps in between. Naina is our daughter. We should think about her. Rama Bhabhi’s soul will not be in peace. It might be because of her blessing only that she got Sameer. We should get them married for Bhabhi’s sake. Tau ji and Tai ji refuse. We wont let our family’s name be disrespected. This relation was never accepted; neither do I accept it today nor will I do it tomorrow! Bela begs them to agree for Naina’s sake. Tai ji steps on her saree instead. Bela and Anand’s eyes widen in shock / anger.

Naina pulls a chair and makes Sameer sit down. She brings food for him. He makes her sit down as well and wipes her tears. She wipes his tears as well. He keeps his hand over hers and she holds it.

Precap: Sameer and Naina are in some room. They look at the bride and groom’s props. She asks him if their dream will come true. He assures her about it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. loved yesterdays episode ,it was too good

  2. randeep aka sameer has done his best acting today

  3. Another mind blowing performance by sameer ,streak continues for 2nd ,
    loved anand chacha ji performance as well , today naina and sameer didn’t have any dialogues but they spoke through their emotions ,which i liked

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