Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Two types of honeymoon plans

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina says it is because she I a mother. You know how my father left the wedding midway. He dint even do kanyadaan. Neither of us will be able to forget it. Would Sameer be so happy if mummy ji wasn’t there? Thank you for letting a mother to be with her son at this time. Vivek tells her to keep it with herself. I have been insulted so much that this wont work. Keep your mother with yourself if she is so attached to you. He begins to walk out but Sameer kneels down and begs him with folded hands not to leave. I am sorry for whatever I did to you. I will accept whatever punishment you will give me but don’t punish my mother for my misdeeds. She wont be able to live without you. Naina and Vishakha are crying too. Vivek walks back to Vishakha. You want to come with me? She nods. He keeps

a condition before her. You wont have any relation with Sameer after today. You will never meet, talk to him or even see his face! Your life will be different and his will be different! Do you accept? Sameer accepts it on her behalf. She needs all of you right now. I know you don’t want her to see me or talk to me and it will happen your way now. I promise you it wont happen till the time you wouldn’t want it. We will talk to each other only when you will allow us to. Vishakha starts crying again. Naina holds Sameer’s hand with both her hands as he cries. Vishakha notices it. Vivek tells Vishakha to bring her suitcase. I am waiting outside. Saying so, he walks out of the house. Vishakha looks at Naina and Sameer.

Vishakha and Naina are in the house temple. Sameer is sitting sadly on the stairs. Vishakha looks at him. He is really nice. I am sorry I have to leave him alone again. You have to take care of him now. I know he has many flaws but he is a diamond. He loves you very much. He fought with everyone to get you. I know there are many people waiting to hear that this decision was wrong. Don’t let it happen ever. Promise? Naina promises her and they share an emotional hug. Sameer hugs his mother and cries. Vishakha tells him not to cry. Your wife will take care of you. He hugs her again. Vishakha casts one more glance at Naina and Sameer before she leaves with Vivek.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Do you remember that argument between me and mummy before the wedding when mummy asked me to choose between her and Naina? I got emotional and asked her if both of them cannot be in my life at once. Mummy dint say anything but fate did that. Naina and Mummy couldn’t be in my life together. I couldn’t stop either mummy from coming in my life or from leaving.

Next morning, Mama ji calls and tells Naina that she has become Chachi. Naina is thrilled. He shares that the delivery was normal. We were in hospital last night and returned home today. Naina calls at her home.

Sameer and Naina come to meet Poonam’s baby. Pundit is already there. Entire family is in joyous mood. Sameer and Naina hold the baby one by one. Pundit sings Dhik Tana song. Bela and Anand come as well to wish everyone. Sameer chooses a name for the baby but Mama ji suggests naming them Ilaka. Anand asks them about their Ooty trip. Mama ji says they made preps for honeymoon long ago. Devang and Poonam tell them to enjoy their stay. Mami ji has gone to see some relative. Bela says I pray that Naina will also give the good news very soon. Naina agrees. Everyone looks at her in surprise. Naina says Sameer and I will clear the exams with first division. Everyone laughs. Bela explains to her what she meant. Mama ji tells them to go home to make preps for their upcoming trip but Naina offers to stay with Poonam. Bela seconds her. Mama ji is impressed with Naina’s decision and tells her thus.

Sameer takes Naina aside. She starts talking on her own but he shushes her. You are very smart. I love you. I will come to pick you at 5 tomorrow. She smiles.

Sameer is excited about Ooty. Pundit says I know you cannot control. Sameer says I got license after 4 years. Pundit talks about the preps that Munna has made. Roam around the city and see everything! Sameer denies. I will stay indoors only. There will only be love! He shows the nightie to Pundit.

Preeti and Naina are talking on phone. Preeti tells her to wear swimwear. Naina denies. They discuss the itinerary. Naina gives turmeric milk to Poonam. She also plays with the baby as he wakes up. Poonam praises her. Naina and Preeti resume talking. Naina recalls she missed packing Sameer’s books. Preeti asks her if she is going to study on honeymoon. You said this to me. Don’t tell it to anyone else. Naina says exams are coming. We will roam in the afternoon and study at night right? On the other hand, Sameer is only focusing on romance. Naina tells Preeti that only photos, travel and photos will happen on the trip. Preeti tells her she is forgetting romance. Sameer is super excited about the honeymoon. Preeti gives up on Naina. What time is your flight? Naina shares it is 7:30 AM tomorrow. Screen keeps shifting from Naina to Sameer.

Next morning, Sameer has fallen asleep on the sofa. He wakes up because of constant bells. Naina and Pundit enter. Pundit scolds him for being too lazy. Sameer asks Naina why she came on her own. I told you I will come to pick you at 5 am. He asks her why she dint call him. She retorts that she tried many times. The bell rang but you just did not wake up! Pundit reminds them they have to catch a flight. I hope you don’t miss it.

Precap: Sameer asks Naina if she kept camera. She realises she missed keeping it. Sameer tells Pundit to take u-turn. Pundit reasons that they are already halfway through. Don’t be mad. Naina tells Sameer to let it be. It is ok. Sameer and Naina threaten Pundit to follow their individual commands instead during their argument.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. A really nice episode. Naina is really looking nice in these permed hair. Whole episode was too good there was nothing which made me upset: –
    1. Sameer agreeing to Bobby’s condition showed his maturity. Not like in earlier episode when he asked Vishakha to choose between Him and Rohan.
    2. Vishakha hugging Naina & Sameer. It was emotional but really nice.
    3. Mama Ji telling Naina that she is Chachi now. And a bond was shown between Dewarani and Jethani which was damn cute.
    4. Sameer and Naina’s different plans for Honeymoon. In this scene I just loved Naina’s innocence of not knowing what does honeymoon means. And her dedication for studies 😂. In previous episode she mentioned that she even decided to keep books for honeymoon 😂.
    5. Naina taunting Sameer by saying “Tum theek Panch baje aane wale the” then Pundit supporting “Aur abhi theek Che baj rahe hai” 😂.
    6. Precap is quiet funny it will be interesting that whom will Pundit listen to Naina or Sameer.

    1. @vidha i think pandit will listen to naina , because agar naina , naina devi ban gyi ,to phir pandit ki shamat hai 😂😂

      hahaha pandit never fails to amuse me ,
      with his comedy

      like for instance ” aur abhi 6 bj rahe hain “😂😂

      and “tum dono baad main jhagda kar lena , flight bi pakadni hai “😂😂

      and one more thing ,i am also liking naina perm hair and one more thing of naina i like ,😊

      she does multi tasking very well ,ie talking on phone with preeti and preparing milk for poonam bhabhi ,😏😊

      hahaha preeti asking naina to wear swimming costume in pool 😂😂

      if you agree with me on naina multi tasking topic please reply 🤗🤗

  2. SsiyAa

    emotional + funny + sweet + salty…. mixture of all in today’s episode

  3. SsiyAa

    but i still don’t understand what the hell happened b/w them that bobby broke all ties?.. i know he is sameer step-father and don’t like him but aesa bhi kaunsa gunaah hogya sameer se ????????

  4. loved sameer brilliant performance today ,

    bobby is not that bad he was just insecure that he will lose his wife to sameer ,

    when vishakha was leaving and hugs naina and sameer ,i was also crying at that scene

    finally naina became chachi ,and sameer chacha ,bela chachi saying ab naina bi jaldi se khush khabri suna de

    , naina being too innocent says wo to jaldi sunna dungi , everybody is shocked ,then tells main aur sameer first division se pass honge

    then bela chachi says main haste khelte bache ki baat kar rahi hun

    omg naina blushes so much

    ,mamaji ne pehli baar naina ki tarif ki , when naina says main rukti hun poonam bhabhi ke saath ,

    sameer takes aside naina and praises her

    first time saw naina do multi tasking ie talking on phone and preparing haldi dudh for poonam bhabhi

    Preeti asking her naina to wear swimming costume at the beach

    hahaha never saw preeti too bold at that dialogue

    loved the precap very much , hahaha can’t stop laughing ,

    the precap goes like this

    sameer asking naina ” naina tumne camera rakh lia na ”

    naina ” wo to main bhool gyi ”

    sameer to pandit ” pandit gaadi ghuma ”

    pandit to sameer ” abe aadhe raste aa gye hain ”

    sameer to pandit ” tu gaadi mod ”

    naina to pandit ” tu mod ke dekh ”

    definitely honeymoon gonna be fun filling


  5. @vidha finally found the monument in Ahmedabad through which sameer house is shown

    bahut muskhil se mila
    Jamalpur Darwaja,72.5816,3a,75.0y,189.363h,17.751373t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAF1QipO_1ym-KHPLagzrxhq5xMvibrG0-W27lVHaF1cl!2e10

    in case it doesn’t open copy link and paste in browser

    and looks like honeymoon episodes are over too , naina came back to Mumbai and watching movie

    here is the link

    and here is pictures

  6. Bichara Pundit sure toh aakhit kiski😂. I agree with u Tarun he may listen to Naina as they may miss their flight due to Camera. Pundit’s comic timing is always awesome specially his expression when Sameer and Naina fight with each other😂😂.

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