Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rakesh drags Naina from the function

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mama ji compliments Naina’s performance. Mami ji says we have prepared a small drama for everyone. Tai ji murmurs that they have been seeing drama only since they have come. Mama ji and Mami ji share that the relation between groom’s side and bride’s side is a sweet sour kind of journey. We will not hold ourselves back today. Maheshwari’s have a tradition to abuse any new in-laws. We knows that Agarwal’s are different so we wont go overboard. They make fun of every couple. They address Sameer as 0 in terms of love. Everyone goes quiet. Mama ji apologize to Sameer. Don’t take it seriously. Be a sport. Next comes Naina, Swati and Preeti’s turn. Mami ji says they went to pundit ji to ask for a beautiful husband. He told them to go in a lane to find out their destinies. If you see a black cloud then you wont get a beautiful husband. Both Swati and Preeti see a black cloud but Naina crossed the lane happily. She started singing and dancing happily as soon as she crossed the lane. She saw Sameer there. Sameer was crying saying that he saw a black cloud. They tell the kids not to take it otherwise. It was just for fun. Naina and Sameer end up smiling too. Mama ji and Mami ji call Anand and Bela Jitender and gareebon ki Rekha. Rakesh’s turn comes. He looks uncomfortable as they taunt him on his low standards.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Mama and Mami had shown matchstick to gunpowder. A blast was bound to happen. I tried to divert Naina with my smile but I was sure that the blast was going to sound loudly for too long.

Photographer clicks Naina and Sameer’s photos.

Rakesh notices Vishakha and Bobby laughing. He asks them if they aren’t at peace by insulting him. You are still laughing at us! Bobby calls it a joke but Rakesh insists that it was all intentional. His anger goes out of control seeing Vishakha smiling. He speaks rudely to her. Bobby warns him to mind his tongue but Rakesh is in no mood to relent. Vishakha ends up lashing out at him. Everyone gathers there. Munna and Pundit go to call Sameer. The arguments continue. Tai ji says our family members are well read and well placed. It is no joke. Bobby calls it a joke.

Naina and Sameer’s friends tell them that a world war has started. They rush to where both the families are.

Mama ji warns Rakesh to look down. Speak slowly. How dare you speak like that to my sister? Anand reasons that both the sides have aggravated the matter. Let’s talk it out. Mama ji says it was just for fun. It happens in every wedding but you can think every word to be true. I challenge you! Show me what you will do! Rakesh charges at Mama ji but both the families hold both of them back. Anand tries to calm his brother but Rakesh shotus that they are at fault. Vishakha agrees that they are at fault. We fixed relations with your family just because Sameer was acting stubborn. You have no class otherwise! We wouldn’t have joined relations with you if it wasn’t for Sameer. Rakesh asks her if she has ever truly lived a relation. You couldn’t even be a good mother. You just gave birth to Sameer and left for Delhi with your second husband! Your son was raised here in Ahmedabad by his Nana. You were just enjoying in Delhi all this while! Mama ji and Bobby warn him to be careful. Sameer tries to calm them but in vain.

Mama ji taunts Rakesh for being a bad father himself. Your son turned out to be useless. He is so worthless that you dint even bring him here in your daughter’s engagement. It is your daughter who is getting married but it is your younger brother who is organizing everything. Your entire family has been a continuous burden on him since so many years now! You just don’t want to do anything! You just taught your daughter to trap a rich guy! Rakesh shouts at him to be in his limits. Bobby tells his BIL to let it be. A dog’s tail remains curved always. They are very disgusting people! Agarwals get hurt by his remark. Tau ji tells him to be mindful of his choice of words. We are well educated and hold good positions. We have come here only for the sake of our daughter. Anand tries to calm him but in vain. Mama ji shares that they have borne all kinds of insults till date for Sameer’s sake. We haven’t kept any demand in front of you till date. We organized such a grand party understanding the financial differences yet you are saying that we have insulted you? We just cracked some joke. Vishakha says they too joked but only they ended up feeling bad.

Sameer asks Naina if she cannot make her family understand. She asks him if he has been able to do it. He is sad to see his mother getting insulted. Naina reasons that her family is also meeting the same fate. They look at the elders worriedly.

Voiceover – Naina:
Our engagement function turned into a fight in no time.

Vishakha asks Agarwals to leave. Rakesh agrees. We wont return ever! Bobby gladly tells them not to do. Rakesh holds Naina’s hand and pulls her with him. Sameer is holding her other hand. He finally has to let go. Sameer and Naina look at each other sadly as she walks away.

Precap: Sameer requests his mom not to go anywhere. She agrees but keeps a condition – you wont take Naina’s name ever again. Tai ji also announces that the alliance is over with Maheshwari’s if this is how they will behave with them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. To be very honest I really like the episode such a dramatic episode ?. Specially when they were fighting like Tom and Jerry only one song was playing in my mind “Tayab Ali Pyaar Ka Dushman” ?. In normal marriages also their is a function in which either ladkiwale or ladkewale make jokes on each others personality so I was really enjoying it and every word said about Safari Suit was so true. This time Safari Suit nailed it when he showed mirror to Vishakha (it was true that she left him alone and Sameer was taken care of either in hostle or by his Nana Ji or Mama she was there for him only in Delhi track). Similarly Mama Ji did by saying that his own child’s (Naina) upbringing is done by Chacha Ji and he was not able to take care of Arjun’s career due to which he is so unconfident (can’t find the right word).
    Now what I feel is Sameer will choose Naina again and this time Sameer and Naina will try to convince their family in a quite different way, where Naina will show Sameer’s family that how perfect she is for him and Poonam Bhabhi will help her out in this. Similarly Sameer will try to convince her family (just like he convinced Naina for forgiving him during Pooja’s wedding). And then both the family will accept each other half heartedly or full heartedly forgetting all the fight between them.
    There are many things in which makers should focus on apart from Naina & Sameer’s love story like, their college studies as that will only make them independent and strong enough to fulfill their dreams. And then no one can say that they are not eligible to get married and take each other’s responsibility specially Sameer, his career should be focused now what profession he opt for, why Poonawala was as important as Shanti Teacher in their live (ones Naina said if anyone remembers), Preeti’s love story (either with Rohan or Pandit), what inspired her to be a hairdresser (as it was not a great profession in 90s) & if makers remember that they were going to show Arjun & Juhi’s love story apart from Sameer & Naina. I just want that our favorite show YUDKBH should not lose its positivity, uniqueness & real life wali feel.

    1. @vidha in today episode i only liked mamaji praising naina, and naina and sameer pre – wedding cute photoshoot ,jo aaj hua wo nai hona Chahiye tha ,but that how makers make user glued to tv screen ,”are aage kya hoga ”

      i remember naina saying “poonawala college life main meri bahut important role nibhayenge jaisi shanti teacher school main ”

      but dont remember preeti saying about becoming a “hair dresser “

    2. In very first episode when Preeti was cutting Naina’s hair then she said “Aaj ki Jani Mani hair dresser Preeti Aggrawal ka pehla bakra mein thi aur tab voh Hawa mein kachi chalti ek 16 saal ki ladki hi thi” ?

    3. oh wow vidha you remembered the first episode ,so cool ,i just remember the some special episodes ,you are so cool, i just became your fan @vidha ?

    4. Yes I remembered it because the first episode was so good and I just loved the way Sameer and Naina’s love story start with the help of Chewing Gum ??. And actually in a radio show the RJ was narrating a story in which the girl was tensed about how to hide sign of her love and Preeti teases her “Sahi hai Tere is pyaar ki nisani ko kaise chupaya Jaye” (Maybe wrong with words)

  2. OMG!! Today’s episode was amazing. It’s good everyone let of their steam. They kept on making little little taunts to each other so I am glad they had a massive blow and everything just came out and everything they said to each was absolutely true!!! I think Sameer will choose Naina as in the recent spoilers it shows Vishaka has gone back to Delhi and mamiji refuses to give Sameer money for the wedding, and your right Vidha they should show Sameer and Naina finishing their studies and maybe working part time along side to be more responsible. I mean a lot of us have done that in our life worked and studied together!

  3. I cant help but say Naina Aka Ashi is sooooo gorgeous… She is my dream girl right now..literally.. and by the way Sameers family is indeed one of a kind.. even for a rich family. Vishakha, Mamaji are sooo negative minded. for their antagonistic acts I would keep them above Sunaina and her bf ,,whatevr his name is I forgot.
    and Sameer should try to practical than heroic. He owns the entire Maheshwari mansion, so I think instead opting for hard labour he should just try talking with some lawyer and kick the parasites (that is mama ji his family) out of the house.Its much simpler than what makers are making it look

    1. @Kk i can’t say ashi is a dream girl for me ,but definitely a role model for me ,
      because ashi aka naina has mastered acting to such an extent ,i would not restrain myself from calling her beautiful ,she is beautiful,
      she deliver her dialogue with such passion and confidence ,i am big fan of her acting ,

      other favourite preeti ,swati ,kamya

      munna and pandit because of their comedy timing

      sunaina bf name is kartik

  4. They also forgot the pregnancy drama of Poonam that loop also needs to be closed neither the daughter of Mama came in such a big function.

    Makers pl do consider all these angles as all the Unn dinon ki baat lovers watching the serial in detail

    keep up the positivism part on top

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