Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina feels pain of love to understand Sameer’s pain

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina seeing the guys chopping the vegetables. She asks them to wipe theirs tears which they get by chopping onions. Sameer says his finger is bleeding and then says he was doing time pass. Swati asks Naina who will make rotis. She scolds Munna. Pandit says she is scolding as if she is your wife. Munna says she will in future. Pandit is about to put kerosene oil in food. Swati teacher says they want Dalda and asks him to bring. Principal says all oils are not dalda. Sameer asks Principal sir if he makes food for his wife. Principal says he makes sometimes, but washes utensils daily. He says if we don’t work with wife then how will we know how much efforts she puts in while making food. Naina thinks if Sameer will make food for her. Voiceover tells that any relations blossom with partnership. Naina rolls the rotis. Swati says if you makes round roti then Sameer will never help you in kitchen.

Sameer offers help. Naina says she will manage. Sameer says chefs in hotels are male. Kamya asks him to learn how to make sabzi. Naina stops him and asks him to make roti. Sameer says it is his left hand work to roll roti. He rolls roti. Naina smiles looking at the imperfect shape. Nazar ke saamne plays….His hand gets burnt with the stove. Naina thinks he is acting like he acted sometime back and asks him not to act and says you are not that good actor. Sameer says my hand is burnt, why you will feel pain. Naina asks him to show his hand. He goes upset. Naina looks at the rotis which he rolled.

As the boys play cricket. Sameer feels pain in his hand and asks the boys to play. Naina brings ointment to apply on his hand. Sameer refuses and says you thought I am acting, and says I felt the pain and not you. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer was hurt because she thought that he is acting and not because he is feeling pain.

Arjun waits for Shefali from his balcony. Shefali comes out of her house and goes. Arjun runs behind her. Shefali stops to buy vegetables. Arjun also comes there and asks about the price. As Shefali turns, he puts something in her bag. Shefali sees him putting something in bag and is about to stop him. Arjun goes. Principal tells the students that the food is ready. Shanti teacher asks them not to waste food and shall respect it. Principal says if you respect food then Annapurna devi will respect you. Munna asks Sameer where is the rotis which he rolled up. Sameer says I don’t know. Naina eats the rotis made by Sameer. Nazar ke saamne plays….Naina holds her ears and signs sorry. Sameer enjoys the attention and smiles.

Swati asks Naina to sleep and asks her to light candle at other side. Naina recalls Sameer saying that she will not feel pain as his hand is burnt and not hers. Mohabbat song plays….Naina keeps her hand on burning candle and gets her palm burnt. She feels the pain, gets tears from her eyes and smiles. Naina’s voiceover tells that she thought this is the way to understand his pain, and understood that the pain which she got in love is sweet.

Shefali reads the letter kept by Arjun. It reads that he should have fought with those boys, and tells that he respect women. He says he don’t have the courage to fight with them. He asks her not to leave cricket because of him and says cricket is your passion, and I can’t see you leaving your passion, and asks her to come and practice game tomorrow.

Naina hears the knock and thinks it seems someone is knocking the door. She comes out and sees Sameer knocking on his room. She asks what he is doing now? Sameer says he went for walk and when he came, it seems Munna and Pandit got drunk and slept. Naina says drunk? Sameer gets tensed.

Naina brings Sameer to her room, gives him medicine and makes him sleep on her bed. Next morning, Rakesh knocks on the room. Naina opens it and says Papa…Rakesh sees Sameer in Naina’s room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Full of emotions episode … It had laughter?,care ?,fun ,luv ?? …. No words to describe … Totally loved it ??????????????????????? precap SE ????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Jyoti… precap!!! horror movie…!!! steam engine…

      1. True aastha

    2. Shagun25

      Wah Jyoti..u comment at supersonic speed ???

    3. Hai jyoti congrats ? ? ? for u

    4. Aayushi_kul

      Congo fr frst comment…firse??our permanent frst commenter

    5. Aarti32

      I hate steam engine for coming at d most unwanted moment

      1. totally wrong time yeaa.. everytin going so well 🙁

      2. Liz

        Yeah… just in the night he had confessed his feelings to himself…. AATE JAATE, HANSTE GAATE……… HAAN HAAN, TUMSE MAINE PYAR KIYA……. Kaash, SE came in day later ????

    6. Thnkew Shagun,Anita n ayushi ??

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    Precap…more Dangerous then horror movie!! Pandit..Isse achchha toh main Bipasa Basu ko dekh loon…
    #Swathi…Scolding like a wife..Munna..!!!
    #Sameer…Making Srilanka-Africa-Australia map…Iss speed mein gaye toh globe jald bann jaayega..
    #Arjun…Got some guts…Good boy..
    #Sefali…Short but sweet scene…reading forgive letter…I am feeling like love letter.
    #Naina…Rutha premi ko manao…Drama endeed…
    #Principal…Sir bass kijiye…kaan pak gaya hai…your sayaries…

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Yeah precap more dangerous than annabelle???

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Aayushi…Hope its a dream of Sameer but Steam Engine came at the correct time. Still there is loop holes…Naina can say excuses as Swathi is also (may be not sure) there inside the same room and Sameer was awake..not asleep . Ok..God only knows..I mean cvs.

      2. I think u are over reacting abt steam engine. Yes he is orthodox and all tht. But if think as a father no father of 90s will expect a boy in his daughters room naa. Tht reactions will be geniune. Even today not just 90s no father will generally accept it
        Yes we know its a drama and it was a twist to show sameer how much he cares for her and realise his feelings.
        But i don’t find fault in steam engine for it

      3. I mean aayushii

      4. Riti1107

        Conjuring ka baap tha precap mai chilane lag gayi OMG OMG Steam engine
        Mummy ki aawaz aayi jaa ab sone bahut ho gaya

      5. Harshaa

        Neha I think u have a point. Yes no father will accept a boy in his daughter room. How much we write here but practically I ask all here Astha or Aayushi or Shagun what u all will say. Obviously no naaa. No father will be cool. His first reaction is not cool naa

    2. Shagun25

      Haha??..good one aastha

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Thank you Shagun25…

    3. Aarti32

      Accha summarise kr diya pure episode ko?

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Ha ha ha…i was feeling lazy to write long comments so….

    4. Wht astha i just joked and u took it so seriously tht calling me cool down and all tht.i thought as a i know u for atleast sometime may be not tht much time but ok. As i felt u are my friend i wrote and i compared u to vishnuji and not naradji .
      Sorry if u felt tht i took a more lenience.

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Neha…I will say you are reading in between two lines dear..there is nothing like that…May be I was in some other mind…This happens sometimes and I didn’t felt bad…I am one atheist type…No Vishnuji..No Narad..nothing..I don’t even know People created God for their use or God Created people…I am out side spiritual zone till now..

    5. Harshaa

      Hai Neha don’t overthink abt plp. And as far as I can get u didn’t say anything wrong to Astha. Here always I Ravi and many are also there. So don’t offend ur self.have a nice day

    6. Liz

      Yes Aastha…. isse legate hain GALAT WAQT PAR GALAT JAGAH PAR HONA…… both Sameer & SE ke saath yehi hua

      1. Liz

        Haan Shagun, Naina crazy in love… bechari ???

      2. Liz

        Kehate hain *

  3. Wow wht an episode. But worried abt precap. God steam engine is back again.
    But the episode was soo good. First the way sameer and his friends cutting onions and tears rolling. Naina is soo concerned abt sameer she gave him a kerchief. ???. Sameers acting as if his hand got cut and naina took it so serious. Then when his hand got burnt and when she said u r acting he got sooo angry and it took lot of time to cool him down. Sameers attitude ???.
    Then the last scene when naina asked him why he is out his answer he was sooo ashamed.
    Naina wht was it. She became mad in luv. She burnt her hand to check the pain of sameer naina???

    1. Hai anita how are u. After a long time. Yes its a nice episode. Naina and sameer are realising each other or shall i say they are bonding very well

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Yeah anita she became totally mad in luv…pyaar m kya kya krte h log??

  4. Shagun25

    Crazy naina..burnt her hand???…n munna pandit ne peeli without Sameer,,a bit strange as munna wasn’t ready that day…episode was a bit slow today..nothing much yar..very few dialogues..even Shefali Arjun convo bhi thru letter..chalo at least Arjun is understanding Shefali n appreciating her ??..

    Precap is dhamekedaar ??..steam engine has arrived . ..

    1. Liz

      Haan Shagun, Naina crazy in love… bechari ???

  5. Shagun25

    A change everyone should notify :::
    Swati is PANDAT
    Pandit is PONGA PANDAT now

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Yeah i too notice that… Ponga pandit???

  6. Munna was just soo funny. Today munna and pandit showed their funny side again. Pandit saying she is scolding u as if she is ur wife and munna saying she is afterall my would be wife???and swatis reactions.
    Then so sameer stopped all this but munna and pandit still are on.???.so emptied the bottle and slept???

  7. Naina burns her hand to feel sameer’s pain n also ate his burnt rotis ….that was ???? she is a gem ?????

  8. Munna and pandit are soo funny today???pandit saying she is scolding u as if ur wife and munna saying she is afterall my would be and swatis reactions???.
    So munna and pandit are still on. Sameer was thinking just abt naina and didn’t need any drinks but these guys emptied his bottle???.

  9. Shagun25

    Sameer acts as if he owns naina???..wamts too much attention from her n enjoys it …

  10. So atlast arjun had gained courage to write letter to shefali. They are soo cute??? today. The way he expressed his helplessness was nice. But i think shefali will teach him to stand for himself.❤❤❤.
    But it is the uniqueness of the show. Every pair had their own story. Sameer naina,munna-swati and arjun-shefali all are sooo good ❤❤❤❤

  11. Precap is little horrifying..most probably it will be sameer’s dream sequence only ??..sasur jii tho sapne mein bhi samina ko akhela nehi chodenghe..

    1. tere mooh mein ghee shaker Liya 🙂

  12. Aayushi_kul

    Amazing episode?????….nazar k samne?? haaaye loved that song nd naina eating rotis made by sameer nd sameer enjoying d attention??? …ns munna ki future wife haha??….then naina burns her hand…pyar m log kya kya krte hain??
    Precap- steam engine?????

    1. P_lata

      Same pinch Ayushi, Nazar ke saamne is so melodious song……………

    2. loved nazar ke samne… beautiful melody .. amazing choice of song 🙂

    3. Liz

      My favorite song from Aashiqui… NAZAR KE SAAMNE…… I don’t know how they find these apt songs for all the situation…. lovely ????

  13. Fenil

    Hello YUDKBH Family.
    All emotions in one episode!! ????

    1. P_lata

      Itna chotu sa comment Fenu…………

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Hey fenil bro…gud to see u back here

  14. O bete ki!!!!! Precap dekh ke mere hosh ud gaye. Saakshaat Dhoomketu urf Rakesh Sir!! Whole episode I watched with a silly smile on my face and was transported to dreamyland and precap ne berehmi see asal duniyaa me laa ke patak diya. Now all I can do till tomorrow is chant ” Jai Jai Jai Hanuman gosaain, kripa karahu gurudev ki naai…”

    1. hahaha Diyaa.. ur comment picturization too funny can just imagine 😉 😉 😉

    2. Liz

      Exactly Diyaa…. from Dreamland to reality mein PATAK diya…. exactly my feelings ?????????

  15. Shalni_Varun

    Yea… Sameer felt so bad as he thought Naina didn’t care much.. He has fallen head over heels for her. I just hope the bet ka khulasa twist doesn’t disturb their cute lovey moments..
    And OMG Rakesh!!! Y y y! Bechare acha khasa romance kar rahe the surgery love..

    1. P_lata

      ha ha ha……..Surgery love……..Shalini …..what is this?

      1. Shalni_Varun

        Lolz auto correct u c 😛

  16. SammyD

    Sameer helping Naina with cooking & burning hand then showing attitude & upset she didn’t feel his pain or give attention to it?His enjoying her love & attention which he never got before, his going to miss her so much when they break up. I feel really bad for him his quite a alone person so how he will cope without her ? Naina burning her hand to feel his pain?‍♂️Love makes you do strange things. It showed her love was so pure & deep for him❤️ Precap blo*dy scary ? I read somewhere steam engine will slap Sameer & Naina will give him jumper after & before she compeletes I love you, he walks away ? Let’s wait & see what really happens tomorrow ?‍♀️

    1. ohh no sammy… baap re baap… just hoping against hope …wish the precap was a dream

    2. Liz

      Again Slapped by SE….. bechara Humara hero ???

  17. Varshni

    Nooo PRECAP part shouldn’t happen !!! It was such an amazing episode ??? I really love Sameer the way he got upset !!!

  18. SammyD

    Randeep & ASHI 2015 first time they worked together & even then Randeep was called Salman Khan & had to say ILY as a dare?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Kya fark padta hai yaar? agar wo dono ek saath kaam kare na karein…Kuch nehi…Its simply their profession..

    2. Liz

      Sammy…..Aashi was one of the 3 girls na ….. cool yaar… how did u find this video???

      1. SammyD

        It’s on instragram Liz there are some more pics n video there too of it

  19. Tanishq

    Hii guys…I have just joined with this website…….It’s my first comment…
    Cute scenes…Naina trying apologise to Sameer so innocently
    And Arjun’s leetter to Shefali (Looks like arjun’s thoughts are changing#getting progressive#not narrow minded)…
    But please someone tell me …whatever i saw in precap was naina’s imagination only………
    Otherwise ….DANGAL hoga…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Tanishq…keep commenting..

      1. Aayushi_kul

        Hey tanishq…keep commenting

    2. Dear Tanishq
      Welcome to our YUDKBH family???keep watch YUDKBH on TV and keep comment in YUDKBH family
      Take care and stay safe ?

    3. Mansi

      Hii Tanisha???Welcome here!!!…

    4. Mansi

      Hiii Tanishq???Welcome here!!!…

    5. Hi Tanishq ….wlcm to yudkbh family …. Keep commenting

    6. SammyD

      Hi tanishq welcome ?

    7. Liz

      Hey Tanishq…. welcome on board ?

  20. Hai all yesterday was a filler episode. Just filled in the gaps. Sameer as we thought is a very possessive boy friend. When naina said he is acting he actually was soo angry. He didn’t even apply the ointments i mean tooth paste.
    Tht scene was soo good when nauna asked sameer why are u out here and he saying becoz they are drunk???and nainas expressions were awestruck.and sameers expressions are cute.

  21. So arjun gained some courage that he could write a letter abt his hhelplessnes. Thts was great atleast a little improvement in his behavior.

  22. P_lata

    Loved the episode, grasped it after so many days and now here for comments…..Loved the meal making scene and the boys were chosen for onion cutting, so cute……… Roti making was good scene…………….Swati is too gud yaar, kya bolti hai fatak se……munna ka shut up immediately….will be dominating wife for munna, hai na pandit………..Shefali is now doing good with Arjun…………He has to be hit for awakening his own senses………..good going Shefali……..and now the precap…………….how can be steam engine there………….Rang me bhang daal diya ………..what will happen today…………..let us hope it to be nightmare only……….

  23. Mansi

    Sameer helping out Naina with cooking????Poor he bunt his hand?Naina too bunt her hand to feel his pain?Arjun wrote a letter for Shefali?????MunDit????Precap???

    1. Hai mansi how are u. U and ur short cute comments always make my day

      1. Mansi

        Hii Anita???I am super fine☺What about u?Awww????Love u??❤❤❤❤

  24. Manana padega steam engine ko.. Jab bhi ata hai dhamake k sath ata hai… ???… Swag se krenge SE ka swagat.. ????

    1. Shagun25

      Steam engine ka apna hi swag hai alps..uske swagat me sabke rang udd jaenge including shanti teacher and principal..
      I really hope that it is a dream sequence..hvnt seen any video spoiler of this scene too…fingers crossed..

  25. Even im expecting the precap to be sameer’s dream

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