Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shan asks Puchki to go away

Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nevi says to Jamai you couldn’t even shoot properly? Why didn’t you make Shan like my son? Till he is perfect, every day he lives is a burden on me. I want to make him incomplete too. That is what I owe to my son. Why didn’t you do what I asked. He says I was shooting but someone shoved me and it hit Shan and girl’s arm. He says but Shan might die. Nevi says he has to stay alive. In a condition that he wants death. He should be incomplete like he made my son. He should also see the pain my son will feel. Lets see then who of these incomplete win then I wait for the day sir kicks him out of the house. After that I wont see his face again. Jamai says so much animosity? She says why would my son share all this wealth and name with that pr*stitute’s son.

Don’t kill him. Give him pain. He says I will do what you say. I am a dog, give giving me bone I will keep working for you. Poor shan.

Scene 2
Shan wakes up. Puchki says have water. He says go away from me. He shoves her. Puchki says why are you acting like this. He says dont’ touch me. Mummy was right. Sona kachi people are dirty. Because of you I am here. My family is this not Sona kachi. She says me? Bari ma? He says they were past. I have everything. Go from here. I have a new family now. He says nurse take her from here. Puchki says let me stay here pleaase. Nurse takes her from there. Shan recalls his moments with Puchki.
Aru says well done son. Thank you for listening to me.

Ravindra thanks media and says our son is better now. They ask about Puchki. He says that girl is better now. We will cover her expenses. Neel comes and says I am sure he will do everything for that girl right? Aru says thanks for ending this friendship. It was dangerous for both of you.

SHan says I will miss her so much. she always gets in trouble. How will she live without me papa. Aru says she will one you break her heart. He cries and says I can’t do ths. Aru says you are brave. She was shot today becaue of you. He life is more important that your friendship. Shan cries and says sorry puchki forgive me.

Reporter says just paying them money? Neel says no no he has agreed to get her admission in Shan’s school. Ravindra has has to nod.
Puchki says to Chanda shan was very mad a me. Neel calls Puchki and says there is a good news for you. You will study in Shan’s school. Chanda says is that right? He says yes she will study in Shan’s school. This is a golden opportunnity for Puchki come to school. Chanda wonders if Thaku ma will allow. Puchki is very happy. She says I will come to you Shan.

Ravindra slaps Neel and says I am your father. You asked me all that in front of media. Don’t act smart in front of me. Neel says I don’t. I just converted your charity drama in reality. Ravindra says I had to say yes in front of media but I will make sure she doesn’t get admission there. I will leave those people from Sona kachi.

Thakur ma does pooja. She says you are popular in whole city Chanda. Chanda syas I wanted to talk to you. Puchki got admission in Shan’s school. Beauty says she wont go anywhere. Chana says please Thaku ma. Thaku ma says I will let you take her to school. Chanda says thank you. Thaku ma says just do something. When you take Puchki bring Shan here. If one kid goes other has to come.

Preca-Nevi shoves Shan away from her. Aru holds him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why its mixed

  2. You are right Naz in your assessment of Nivedita….She just wanted a son in the beginning which she couldn’t give ….Even after coming to know that he was brought from Sona Kachi.,there was no change in her affection us the impression that she really had a big heart and a very compassionate person but her real colours started showing up from the time she came to know about Arindam’s deception…I would have accepted had she just been indifferent or rude towards the boy for a few days but conspiring to disable him shows that she is afterall a Mazumdar and as opportunistic and insensitive like the entire clan except for her brother in law,Neel…As you rightly said ,the children pay for their parents’ sins and Nivi’s baby is bearing the brunt of his mother’s narrow minded ness. There is really a beast behind this smiling face and this is the way God has delivered the justice…..Let us hope both the brothers will be very close and Nivi’s son will not be influenced by his mother…
    Coming to this episode it is an ok episode with Puchki in her normal fun loving mood …Ofcourse the hospital scene was a heavy one but Ayaan could handle it convincingly….I hope such scenes won’t be given to Puchki as she is too young for that….We don’t know the exact reason behind the drastic decision of postponing the leap but may be they want to explore more of the existing characters like Thaku ma ,Beauty ,Chanda and the mazumdars before bringing in the leap….A leap of 12 to 15 years will age all these characters for which a separate script is required….Whateverbe the reason ,they should not have been so unreasonable to Manish and Vrushika…

    1. Leisa s morris

      Yes I so agree I can take her being indifferent as u say but conspiring to cripple an innocent child is way over board. Her character flaw is finally showing and now im not wondering anymire how her husband could cheat on her. Cause if dis is her true nature then imagine how she must have been wen she couldnt beget a child. She must’ve sent d poor man crazy and his friends sending him for a lil indulgence must’ve been d reprieve he so needed and thus kept him goin back again and again

    2. Hello Lakshmi JI!

      Although I am not bothered about the show anymore but I do like to read your comments & thought may be I could share my opinion with you. 🙂

      For some reason, I still find Nivedita normal in her stand. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t support punishing a young lad for his father’s mistake. Specially when he was the only one who had the guts to urge the doctor to save Niedita’s life.
      But somewhere down the line, I feel it’s not only Arindam’s deception that suddenly Nivedita has become hell bent on destroying Shan’s life.

      Human emotion is complex as hell. But unfortunately ITV writers keep on showing 180 degree turn in its characters’ behavior only to pile up problems for leads.
      So far Nivedita has been the only one who was vocal about her & her family’s right. She showed her displeasure about RM dominating them, she went on to confront Chanda when she thought Arindam was being blackmailed & she openly declared she would get out of the house with both of her children when RM was opting to dump Shan in his orphanage.

      Now, as if deception wasn’t enough, suddenly RM says that a pr*stitute could give them an heir which she couldn’t do, indirectly claiming she wasn’t USEFUL. Then, even though it was an accident, Shan was present in front of her & I don’t think when you are already in trauma, you’ll have the sense to understand the kid’s innocence. Before she could even process, with the declaration of her baby being handicapped, RM instantly chose Shan over her boy. The lady received huge shocks continuously without having the time to process. And isn’t it maternal instinct to protect your child from all odds & ensuring their rights? Chanda was ready to kill RM for Shan’s sake. So suddenly when she realizes even her son’s rights (according to her) have been snatched by a boy whose mother even after eing a pr*stitute holds more power & importance in Majumdar clan than herself because of her fertile womb – isn’t turning to the negative side is more natural here.

      I am not saying what she is doing is okay. What’s wrong, is wrong. There’s no sugarcoating it. But I also believe negativity in a person often results from the activity of the surrounding people.

      Now, in real scenario, who knows, may be Nivedita would come to reality after witnessing Shan’s care for her & the boy.

      But as we know, it’s an series where the leads have to go through hell for gaining audiences’ sympathy, Nivedita will become more negative in the upcoming days.

      This was just my opinion ma’am. 🙂 I still just can’t blame a woman who has faced all these situations within mere a couple of weeks.

    3. Lakshmi, I think it’s high time, this leap takes place. Now that Shan is shunning Puchki, writers are setting up the premise on which Shan would turn against her, paving the way for his disdain and intolerance of the women of SONA KACHI. His views are changing quickly and it’s because of the biased influence of the Mazumdar family. From here on he would look at Puchki in a bad way but his memories of her and their childhood together would always sway his thoughts at times, I’m sure he’d be a confused man later on, we know that they’ll fall in love later but SONA KACHI would always be a dark cloud over their lives. Lakshmi…. You know that I’ve thrown logic out the window lots of times and here too I do so, although I sympathize with Nivedita and think a couple weeks is too early for her to come to terms with her son’s unfortunate physical disability, it wasn’t too early for her to think of ruining an innocent boys life, she wants him alive so that she can exact her revenge from him to the point of physically harming him. If she’s the compassionate and loving person we knew her to be, where did these dangerous inclinations come from? Is this her way of doing things? People don’t just wake up one day and think of being evil, these are thoughts which are hidden in the psyche, it only takes a push for people’s true colors to unfurl. Even though she’s been taunted by Ravindra, her true selfless heart should have remained untainted, as it is, she’s unmasked her hidden beast. I’ve witnessed a lot in my lifetime, and you see wealth, status and property, all of those can turn a person into a self serving, opportunistic and manipulative individual but if the person is genuine and goodness personified, nothing would sway the mind and material things would be of least value, relationships and loved ones would be of more importance. Maybe it would have been better if Ravindra had allowed Nivedita to move out with her son, seeing Shan and knowing that he would inherit as an heir, just brought out the worst in her, hence her actions. Now we wait for the time leap, I so wish to see an intense love story like Raja and Rani and Prem and Teja, something to make me unable to wait patiently for the next day’s episode.

      1. Leisa s morris

        Yes naz even wen she found out he was from sona kashi she still considered him her son even threatenin to leave d house with him and her unborn child…so didnt she know then he wud inherit his families fortune one day. So y now dat she knows that he is in fact an actual heir she talkin bout not wanting to share her childs inheritance with him. Yes hes her husband child from an illicit relationship but other than dat wst has changed, nothing, nevi is just showing her true color cause if u had lready formed a bond with a child at u htreatened ot leave home theres no way u can ever think bout hurting dat child no matter wat u been through. And to b fair she cause herself to fall while shunnin shan. Its like every other evil ppl we c someone else is always at fault for wat ever goes wrong in their lifes

  3. Atiba,you are getting confused and mixing the contents of Yeh Teri Galiyan and Guddan…Please take note…Thank you..

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