Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shan meets Chanda

Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan plays drums. Puchki hears it and dances. Ridhoy sees her. He says I will learn how to beat drum. Puchki wonders who was druming. She looks around. Shan sits in the car. Puchki’s child says are you scare? He says I am not scared of anyone. Pucki says then take me where you left me. Are you scared to go there? Shan starts driving. He comes to sona gachi. Shan recalls his childhood with Puchki there.

He walks in. There are customers everywhere. Shan sees women dancing. He walks near his old room. Shan says nothing has changed here. He is walking out. Chanda holds his hand and says where are you goin without paying sir? He is dazed to see chanda. He recalls nevi telling him he died. A girl says thaku ma I think he is scared. Chanda walks past him. Puchki is recordin everything. Chanda pulls her in and says how dare you record our bari. Shan says you.. Shan says in heart chanda ma is alive?
Chanda syas you can’t record anything here. Shan walks out. Puchki runs from there. Chanda sends her thugs after Puchki. She jumps from the window. Chanda says she has our recording. Go and stop her.

Shan sits in his car. He recalls what happened. HE says why I never had love of a mother. I always thought chanda was dead. And nevi doesn’t want to own me. Puchki is hidden is his car. He speeds, Puchki falls n front. Shan says you.

Precap-He says I saw you in sona gachi and realized what kind of girl are you. Puchki says why were you there?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I can understand Shan’s feelings when he met his mother at Sonagachi ,the place that he hates the most and whom he has thought to be dead since long….Seeing her as the new Thaku MA must be quite a shock ….the way he curses his ill fate for not getting mother’s love inspite of having two mothers speaks volumes about hs mental state….what a loner he is….the love and adoration of hs younger brother is the only bright spot in hs life….I hope Ridhoy’s obsession with Asmita doesn’t affect their close bond because Puchki can never be his….she can not love anyone else other than Shan….And what a mind blowing chemistry between the two….Vrushika seems to be an accomplished classical dancer….loved the way she did that Shivtandav…
    Coming to Beauty ,the way she was leering at Shan in the hospital was just obnoxious…..but it is not a surprise as she has never shown any finer human values….what is intriguing is the encounter between Beauty and Shan in the hospital…if this is the first visit of Shan to his home town in twenty years,how could she recognise him whereas his own mother Chanda couldn’t …. Whatever it is ,I hope Shan is not an infamous criminal that the police is suspecting him to be…that will be difficult to digest both for Puchki and the viewers as well..

  2. Is this the entire episode? Very short… This bond between the brothers will come to and end very soon because Ridhoy saw adult Puchki first and was instantly attracted to her BUT her heart beats for Shan and always will. So, even though Shan claims to hate Puchki, it’s really love in disguise, humans always have this emotion of hate for the one who has touched their hearts in the most profound and intense way.. How is Shan going to give the love of his life to his brother? That’s a huge sacrifice…i can see lots of intense drama happening amongst these three…fuelled by Nivi, I hope her hatred consumes her entirely one day…the chemistry between the two leads 😍😍😍😍😍…another couple to make my heart flutter!!

    1. Since beauty is politician, she might know about majumdar family & therefore shan.
      Whereas chanda is not aware about the world outside sonaganch

  3. Hmmmm….at least Shan has come to know that Nivi lied to him concerning his mother’s “death”…..

  4. Leisa s morris

    Hope shan realizes just how much nevi hates him afterall hed seeing his mother is alive wen nevi said puchki left her to die therfore installing hate in his heart for puchki

  5. I hope shan now realizes that his ‘hatred’ for puchki was based on a lie and puchki did not leave chanda to die. I simply love the grown up puchki and when she gives a proper reply to shan for his insults.

  6. I wish puckhi tell Shan that I am your best friend puchki and Shan maybe will be si happy to see puckhi again.

  7. Yes,Naz,yet another couple to make our hearts flutter and as you said in many cases initial hatred is the stepping stone to intense love ……thanks to the leads for not disappointing us … they are giving us something to talk about and reminisce the beautiful memories of our own past…I hope this love story will be something to remember even after the serial comes to an end like Raja and Rani’s….hope you have enjoyed Diwali sweets and fireworks….Here in India fire crackers are a low key affair now as air pollution levels have reached alarming levels particularly in cities….Can you imagine in Delhi people even on normal days go out wearing a protective mask….so Diwali ,now is all about Pooja,sweets and lighting the diyas…with the changing times .some traditions are slowly disappearing….Anyways I still have a lot of cooking to do for the evening dinner after the pooja..Mumtaz and her family will be with us this evening….Chat with you after tonight’s episode…. Inspite of this evening’s busy schedule ,I don’t want to miss it as the precap seems to be interesting…..As you said ,the written update is very concise….hope Atiba appreciates the fact that this serial is gaining interest after the leap and the viewers would like to have a detailed description like she gives for ISA…

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