Yeh Teri Galiyan 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanda is thaku ma

Yeh Teri Galiyan 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan says nothing is more than your happiness mama. Shan walks out. Ridhoy says dad where are you going. The security says your boarding is done sir you can’t go out. Ridhoy says please stop him. Shan walks out. Shan sees puchki (child) she says you broke your brother’s heart. He says better not talk about breaking heart. Puchki says you are boring like that. How could you be this selfish. He says I am not selfish. we have to compromise fo rour family. Puchki says that isn’t family that asks you to stay from them. Shan says I don’t know what to do. Why don’t you go away from my mind. i don’t wanna go there. I wanna forget my childhood.

Puchki is in Calcutta. She sees the roads and recalls everything. She sees Ravindra’s boards too. Puchki stops at the temple and prays there.

Nevi says to Ravindra there is so much injustice in this house. Ravindra says your son has everything you can buy from money. What is it that you don’t have? Nevi says you have given all rights to shan and my son is second number. Why? Ridhoy is our legal blood. Ravindra says both of them are my son’s sons. Shan is my blood. you can’t change the truth. Do what you want. Nevi says why are you doin this. Ridhoy is your blood. Ravindra says he isn’t as capable. Nevi says give him responsibility and test. Ravindra says where was his mind when he was in jail all night. Shan bailed him out. Did he ever help me in my business? He only cares about money. He is very irresponsible. Nevi says ridhoy will go great. Ravindra says I would do that too. Ravindra says if you make him a responsible boy I will give it all to him.

Puchki sees shan (child) everywhere. Shan says nothing has changed. Everything is same. Look at that bari gate. Same people. Look at that tree. Puchki recalls she used to come and pray there.

Scene 2
Ridhoy comes and hugs Nevi. She is in tears. He says when you are sad i am sad too. She says you never celebrate birthday with me. You are with other people. He says if you ask shan to come here I will celebrate here. Nevi says what is all this. Why don’t you ask him. He doesn’t come. He left me at the airport. You two never listen to me. NEvi says you will start working now. You have takeover business from Shan. Ridhoy is dazed. He says I would never do that. I wont take anything from him. Never say this again mama.

Puchki prays in the same temple. Shan feels something in the sleep. He says Puchki.. Ridoy sees Puchki but she gets lost in the crowd. Ridhoy looks for her. He can’t find her and leaves. A girl collides with puchki. Some thugs forces her to with them. They fire in the air. Everyone runs. Puchki takes out her gun. She says leave her r I will shoot. They point gun at her too. The thug says who are you. If thaku ma gets to know no one will know where you are. Puchki says thaku ma?
Thaku ma comes and says who is stopping bari girl from going back to bari. it is Chanda. Chanda is now thaku ma. Puchki is shocked.
Chanda grasps the girl by hair. The girl says thaku ma I am sorry. please have mercy on me. Chanda says how dare you dream of running away from bari?
Precap-Puchki comes to bari. Chanda is being cruel to girls there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. DannyComments

    Nooooo! Not my chanda maa! I loved that woman! I actually thought she would be somewhere living her life with Shan’s father! Why do you always do this to me Zee tv?why must you turn good people bad?

  2. Yes,Chanda becoming Thaku MA is unexpected and she looks as ruthless as her predecessor ….I wonder what happened to Beauty who had very high ambitions like getting married to Neel Mazumdar or stepping into her mother ‘s shoes to head the business….Anyways ,seeing her Badi MA donning Thakuma’s clothes must be quite shock to her….Can someone please tell me what happened to Arindam as Nivi was seen referring to her son as a fatherless child in this episode…As for Nivi she is as wretched as before ….in contrast ,her son almost worships his elder brother….it is evident that Nivi will do her best to make Ridhoy stand against Shan ,but I think she won’t succeed,….but I guess his love for Asmita / Puchki is going to cause the rift between the two……

  3. i hope puchki/ asmita will win mission on sonagachi

  4. Just like you Lakshmi, I would like to know what happened to Beauty and Arindham. I stopped watching some time back, was waiting for the leap to resume so I don’t know what happened to both of them. I was shocked to see Chanda as Thaku Ma, if I had to guess where she was after the leap, I’d say she probably died and I would have thought that Beauty would have been ruling the roost, after all she had high aspiration to take over from her mother, as it is, Chanda is in the unenviable position of running the brothel …while we wonder where Beauty is. Chanda does look ruthless in her role..its all about protecting yourself in such a domain, she wouldn’t have survived if she had been a coward because in the role as Thaku ma, she has to be unrelenting and unemotional in order for the women living there, to stay in line, I’m sure that somewhere deep down, her soft heart still beats. I think that writers carefully chose Chanda to be SONAGACHI’S successor because somewhere down the road, Chanda might be the the one to see to the demise of the brothel she is entrusted to run…it could be a way of showcasing that it’s possible to put an end to places like these, although it would never be as its a deep-rooted institution, Chanda could well give hope to the fact…. Coming to Nivi, she’s really a stepmother in the true sense of the word as stepmothers don’t want what’s best for her stepchildren, only her own offsprings, although Jhanvi in WAS was the example of a good one but because there’s a stigma attached to the title, her role in that capacity was given a sound licking by a lot of viewers who couldn’t accept that there could be a good stepmother after all… Lakshmi, it truly takes a woman with a magnanimous heart to not be bias towards her stepchildren but we see Nivi here being portrayed as the typical one who has a deep hatred for her husband’s son who has shown nothing but unwavering love to her since he met her… In my book, people in Shan’s position don’t have that degree of love for their step-moms being portrayed here as opposed to his own biological mother….i don’t think this is logical, maybe there are those out there who love their step-moms wholeheartedly but that’s in cases where their own mothers have abandoned or ill-treated them and the other woman happens to be blessed with compassion and love for that which is her husband’s so they grow up into the home environment to love and grow normal lives and happy one too..the thing is, Chanda never ill-treated or wanted bad for Shan but the wicked jealous Nivi, made sure she burnt the bridge between mother and son and at the same time, deprive Shan of genuine love ,of which he had come to accept as normal. One thing we are grateful for is the love Ridhoy has for his brother, remember we all hoped it’ll be so??

  5. BTW… I’ll pass your message on to Cathy. She’s on KKB forum, that’s where go to when I want to get some comic relief and drip some sacarsm ….its a hot-spot for that.

  6. Leisa s morris

    I really wasnt expecting chanda as thaku maa . How in d crap did dat happen and u isnt beauty thaku maa

    1. Me too, this was a shock..

  7. Ruby_MarNy

    “Expect the unexpected” perfect line for Palki mam’s creation… I think there will be a flashback on how Chanda has become Thakuma and what happened to beauty… Shantanu cares for Puchki… So, he is going to Kolkata as well if I’m not mistaken…

  8. what happen to old thaku maa

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Don’t know yet… Maybe they will reveal later what happened to her…

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