Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan and Asmita cry

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan comes in the room. they both touch Bua’s feet together. She says I hope you two stay together always. Shan and Asmita hug her and cry. Bua says you are married now. Shan I know you wont ever leave her alone. Shan leaves.
Both coupes sit for rituals. Shan looks at the sweets. Nevi says both couple wont sleep with partners. They will have to sleep alone.
Beauty calls Paro. SHe says I know how to bring my husband close to me.
Ridoy says to SHan I can’t wait to start my life with Asmita. Shan recalls the marriage. He recalls all that happened.

Shan is crying. Asmita is also crying in her bed. She wakes up. Shan goes to balcony. The song lambi judaii plays. ASmita recalls their moments together.
Beauty calls Paro. She says you have to make Shan yours. Do what I asked you. Paro takes out her nighty. Asmita sees her. Paro sneaks into Shan’s room and jumps on him. He screams. Ridoy wakes up. SHan says what are you doin here. Ridoy says bhahhi can’t wait? He goes out. Paro comes close to Shan. Ridoy comes to his room. Asmita is sleeping there. He goes near Asmita. asmita wakes up.

Ridoy says Paro wanted to sleep with Shan so I came here. Paro takes off her nighty. He says can’t we be close? Asmita says we should wait. He says but.. He says everything is fair in love. Please. He comes close to her. Paro comes towards Shann. He goes away from her.
Prcap- Ridoy says if paro and shan can come close why can’t us?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What nonsense! How can Shan expect asmita to let rhidoy come close to her, knowing she’s married to Shan and not him! Why is asmita taking all this, she’s so docile. Somehow I would’ve been more accepting of a cliched bride swap?! I hate shan, rhidoy and paro. How can asmita allow herself to be suffocated despite having been freed, becoming educated and living life without shan and the brothel for so long. She disassociated herself only to walk back into it on her own, having her life dictated by men. It’s okay that shan is completely brainless but what’s asmita’s need to be so compliant. Accepting all the nonsense thrown at her, she needs to fight back.
    First of, annul that marriage. If shan has a problem maybe he ought to handle his obsess brother himself.
    Second , find. Chanda and shan’s dad. Get back to her mission.
    Thirdly, she needs to re-establish her identity. Puchki, the brave and fearless girl, fighting for freedom and. Justice. Asmita, the independent woman formed of her freedom.
    Lastly, she needs to stop this crying, and not be a doormat for shan. If this is love then she needs to realize she’s better of without the real love, than being force to live a lie.

    1. What to go!! You summed up my feelings perfectly.. if this is love, no need for this nonsense, we r better off without it.. have some self respect and that Shan is a spineless guy!!

      1. Ashmita should stay focused on her mission rather than this drama which is going on at majumdar family,each and every fictitious character i hv seen are dumb,i mean what the script writer think? They think that the main role model will be sacrificing and doing all the nonsense things.Am watching this series just for vrushika nothing else and now for shan too.Script writer is so boring.

    2. Bravo bravo… say it louder for the infants that call themselves writers….no you know what i take that back even kids have a better imagination that the crap that’s being written on zeetv….they destroyed a lovely show better they left the show with the children longer and forgot about making them adults because as adults shan and puckhi are not making wise decisions

  2. How disgusting! So both Ashmita and Shan will be raped by their spouses? They will sleep with other people against their will? Its called Rape in the USA. In India what? they are married so automatically the man can have his “wife” whenever and however he wants? Sick thought. Disgusting!!!!

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